Perhaps the only difference is that all the building bricks in the underwater ghost town are dark red, but here they are gray-black.

But what is this? What can be so similar to that underwater ghost town here? Jia Lanxiu said that the Haidi City is the site of my ghost family, where I can find everything. I want to know. Well, even so, what is it? How can this Baobaolong home be a concentrated miniature ghost town?
What’s the connection between Baobaolong’s house and our ghost family?
Is it Qiu Ju? Is it Darth? Or Xu Jun? So who was frontispiece who was tal to me that night? What kind of aquarium thunder will also appear here?
What the hell is going on? What’s going on!
This is terrible! When it seems as if someone is giving directions, Yang Ye suddenly thinks about everything, but his doubts are more intense. At the moment, he is more concerned about others besides the baby, the house and the ghost family. What? Everybody’s missing!
Yang night lost his mind, and everything greatly surprised him. At this moment, he has flown out from the corridor window on the third floor, and the house group is flying around, looking around the grass and jungle for clues.
Suddenly, a shadow in the jungle not far from my eyes flashed quickly and ran straight to the baby’s house.
Yang night in the mind a tight horse make enough strength in your feet with a fierce pedal instantaneous bent over and rushed to the ground shadow.
That speed crackle
Blink of an eye Yang night has arrived from the dense forest is shot in front of the shadow straight down to adjust a posture stretched out a foot and kicked in the past.
This is already the case. Where will there be any doubt? Yang Yexin is anxious to conclude that everything may be a big conspiracy. Kick it out no matter who the other party is, knock it down first.
From the direct flight to kick Yang Yegen, you can’t see that the human figure is as fast as a rocket.
I can’t believe that the black shadow is not an idle generation. I suddenly felt that there was a sneak attack on my head and stopped the galloping steps. I tried my best to flash to the side and barely hid from Yang night.
After Yang Ye landed on one foot, the root didn’t stagnate, and the other foot lifted and bounced out with the inertia force of landing on one foot, kicking sideways to the shadow again.
This black shadow didn’t dodge, but it actually kicked him in the chest, and when he called, the whole huge black shadow staggered out one after another and fell to the ground.
Yang night feet point to soar is almost the shadow fell to the ground at the same time has come to him.
Just a steady step right against the face should have hit a ball of fire and went straight to Yang Ye alongside of.seem Yang Ye was surprised, and his side head flashed a burst of hot and searing, and he scratched his cheek rapidly.
And avoid the fireball moment Yang night has thought of the shadow identity that hit him fireball he is too familiar with! So the side head dodged and Yang night looked straight at the past, and the shadow was not others.
"scorching sun!" Yang night shout out.
At this time, the scorching sun also saw clearly who this crazy person was in front of him. On that night, the gas around his body was slightly turbulent because of his rapid gas friction heat.
"Mother! Are you eating too much that nourishing essence and nourishing blood? " After the scorching sun saw Yang night, he was stunned, and then the horse became angry and swearing. "You really have the strength to have nothing to do. Why did you sneak up on me!"
Yang night face serious panic before a pull the hot sun pulled him up from the ground and said "ok you! Hot sun! Everyone is missing! Qiu Ju Da Si Xu Jun is gone! Muyangzheng also disappeared! I can’t find even Baby Long and Nanrong Fantasy! "
The sun one leng suddenly grinned "what are you talking about? Just now, I saw the night attack with the baby flying in the sky. The two of them just returned to the baby house. I saw it with my own eyes! "
Leave Muyangzheng behind to raise the room and follow Xu Jun all the way to see the baby’s mother, Das.
Yang Ye asked a few questions behind Xu Jun all the way, but Xu Jun didn’t answer a few words as coldly as usual.
This is to let Yang night have a feeling of being flattered. This Xu has always been indifferent. I haven’t seen Yang night for several times. At this time, some of them seem to have some patience to answer Yang night’s stupid questions.
Yang Ye didn’t dare to ask deep questions, that is, "What are we going to see the doctor’s wife for?" "Why did the imperial doctor leave Xiaozheng?" "Where is the imperial doctor’s wife?"
Xu Jun didn’t look back and responded one by one, but he was also very hesitant, which means that he didn’t answer "I’ll know when I went", "I don’t know" and "the horse will arrive soon"
Yang night worried about leaving Qiu Ju room Muyang was wondering what Qiu Ju wanted Xu Jun to bring himself to see that Das was walking with Xu Jun Loulou no longer talking.
Unexpectedly, in the end, Xu Jun walked out of the baby’s house with Yang Ye and went out behind the house.
In a dense forest behind the house, there is a small house surrounded by a row of wooden stakes and branches, and there are two wooden houses side by side.
Yang night after some accidents came to the baby’s house, it seems that I really didn’t notice that there is such a small courtyard behind this house. When Xu Jun approached the courtyard with Yang night, Yang night looked around and felt a little puzzling.
Xu Jun came to Zhongyi wooden door with Yang night and gently knocked on three doors.
The door opened, and the baby’s mother appeared. There was no surprise. There was no accident. It was calm. She nodded to Xu Jun, then smiled at Yang Ye and slowly sideways indicated that Yang Ye and Xu Jun went in.
Yang Ye and Xu Jun stood side by side. He didn’t move. Xu Jun didn’t move as if waiting for him. So at this moment, both Darth and Xu Jun stared at Yang Ye and waited for Yang Ye’s next move.
Is there something fishy going on in this cabin?
Yang night became suspicious, looked around with a narrow eye and spat a sigh of relief. He decided that Xu Jun and Darth couldn’t and couldn’t do anything to him, so he nodded at Darth and stepped closer to the cabin.
Xu Jun then turned around with a smile and took a step backhand to the door.
The slight noise of the door is like ringing in Yang night’s heart. The gentle "pa" makes Yang night tremble slightly. This feeling is inexplicable. Yang night’s heart has a kind of fear. Although it is not strong enough, this intuition in danger suddenly flashes and Yang night’s heart expands rapidly.
That’s the truth. Yang Ye came into the cabin, but Xu Jun didn’t follow, and Das did close the door, but she closed the door from outside the cabin.
That’s right, except for Yang Ye, Xu Jun and Das didn’t come in, and Yang Ye just stepped into the back door of the house, and a sense of foreboding just came into his heart. At this moment, Yang Ye hasn’t come back, and it’s not completely white. When he entered the back of the house, Das stepped out of the door, the shadow in front of him had already come.
Blinking is fast, right? But this process takes half as long as it takes you to blink, which means you are going to blink, but your eyes have not been opened for that moment.
Everything has happened.
Shadow came to Yang night hunch bad consciousness bent over and then jumped to the side! At this time, he realized that he had been cheated. Neither Darth nor Xu came in! This wooden house is a trap!
Thinking about these bodies in my mind, I came again in response to the sight of a black shadow. Yang Ye leaned straight back and fell to the ground. At the same time, my feet quickly stared out at the black shadow. I didn’t expect that the black shadow changed its posture again and hid Yang Ye’s feet!
This surprised Yang Yexin because he is not resisting with his body now, but has already shipped the ability to repair officials!
This is an agreement between him and Nanrong Phantom and the scorching sun. Since he felt that there were many suspicious places in the baby’s house, Yang Yebian and Nanrong Phantom and the scorching sun discussed to keep the body in a state of being able to repair officials at any time, so that he can defend against sudden visits by those officials sent by a black domain Lord at any time. Secondly, according to these strange and suspicious signs in the baby’s house, he can keep his ability to repair officials and cope with emergencies at any time.
Just like now
Although Yang Ye simply maintained the ability to cultivate officials, the red seal also extended from the left wrist to just the elbow, but if he played against ordinary people, his ability to cultivate officials was more than enough. I don’t know how many times it exceeded that of ordinary people.

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