"roar! !”

At this time, the black-striped one-horned leopard, which had been hidden in the dark, suddenly appeared at an alarming speed and rushed towards Liu.
"Hey, I almost forgot about you, the beast. If I still care about you at this time, don’t forget that I can fly." Liu Shen pulled up a little bit of the original newsletter and ran to the black-striped one-horned leopard and suddenly jumped on it.
"Don’t worry, I won’t favor one over the other. Let’s send you this beast first."
Liu Yunqi has little divine power left, and he flies out with one shot and one strength.
If the speed of the black cat on the ground is not to mention this strength, even his big handprint in the sky can’t catch the black cat, but now it is different from the black cat, and it borrows from the roots of the sky.
The black cat’s body was instantly covered with blood and finally plopped down to the ground, twitching in pain.
"Haha, interesting and interesting" Liu laughed and looked very happy.
At this time, a murder sound suddenly sounded "beast, I want your life."
In the middle of the speech, a green light appears at first sight
After seeing it clearly, Liu’s face changed greatly. "Do you have a flying knife?"
In order to reflect Liu’s body and mind, he leaned back and the flying knife brushed his nose.
"I had a narrow squeak. I reacted quickly enough, otherwise this flying knife would have passed through my head." Liu Dasong felt the tip of his nose in one breath and shed a lot of blood. "It’s a scratch that doesn’t matter."
Li Yan saw Liu’s nose bleeding and immediately smiled, covering her eyes with tears and laughing face upwards. "Did the black cat see that I avenged you?"
"It seems that I can’t stand the blow." Liu sneered. However, he had to admit that there were some things in this person, otherwise he wouldn’t have made himself so miserable. He was assassinated twice and almost killed.
"You are very good, and I have gained a lot of knowledge. Even the monks who practice Qi can threaten the monks who refine God’s condition at a certain time. I will remember this later, but now you are dead." Liu Gang wanted to start work, and his face suddenly changed into a severe pain.
"ouch!" Liu vomited in pain. He was horrified to find that his vomit contained his own lungs, liver and spleen …
"goo! Hey! " Then his pores kept spewing blood, and his muscles shrank rapidly and seemed to turn into blood.
Liu growled angrily, "What did you do to me?"
"Poisoning that flying knife, I quenched the poison, and it’s highly toxic. It’s a kind of highly toxic poison that even a friar in refining the gods can poison. I’m sorry that you lost in the end." Li Yan grinned.
"Give me the antidote." Liu angrily rushed over, but he had not walked a few steps, but his body struggled and rolled up because of severe pain, and the whole manpower fell from the sky.
Li Yan smiled miserably. "I have the antidote, but do you think I will give it to you?"
Liu’s face looks ferocious and horrible because of severe pain and distortion. He points to Wang Xinmei and says, "I’ll kill this woman if you don’t give it to me."
But he just wanted to do it, but he changed his mind. "No, you said you had an antidote, so you must have asked me to kill you and solve everything."
Fighting for the last bit of strength, Liu hit a divine power and ran to Li Yan.
"There is power to resist? But if you kill me, you won’t get the antidote. "Li Yan’s face is calm. He doesn’t want to hide, but because he just blew all the gas, he can’t hide now."
Chapter 10 Jiao blood bath
"Keng ~!" A metal crash sounded as if something had broken.
Will be killed Li Yan suddenly found himself in front of a claw covered with golden scales, which shattered that divine power.
"Golden dumpling?" Li Yan was shocked. I didn’t expect this guy to save himself when I pressed the key.
Gold dumpling ran out of strength and fell heavily panting. A pair of dumplings looked at Liu with a hint of banter as if to say that you wanted to kill dumpling and wouldn’t let you kill it.
"Beast hurts me" Liu didn’t want to roar for a while and then he lost his breath. It didn’t look like he was poisoned, but he looked like he was grieved.
That kind of venom is extremely overbearing, even after Liu’s death, and its toxicity continues to corrode his flesh and blood. In just a moment, the original body melted into a pool of blood, leaving a black skeleton.
"Finally dead" Li Yan plopped down and gasped.
"No, it’s not over yet. It’s not far enough from the body discovered here. In case the monk who refined the gods was killed by a body discovered or was killed, we’ll be unlucky." Li Yan took out a pill for restoring qi from the ring of things and reviewed a seven-clever heart-clearing pill until the medicine was drawn, and then recovered a little and left.
"Li Dage, are you all right?" Wang Xinmei’s pretty face is full of tears. Only after this incident did she know what is sinister, what is the bait hides the hook and what is truly worthy of trust …
Li Yan said, "It’s okay. I got up with a broken hand to see how the black cat is doing. I feel that it still has breath, and I’m afraid it’s seriously injured. I have healing medicine here, so it can’t die of injury."
Wang Xinmei helped Li Yan to the one-horned leopard with black stripes. Sure enough, it was seriously injured and not dead.
Li Yan breathed a sigh of relief. "Before, you said you couldn’t deal with this guy. If I had listened to me earlier, I wouldn’t have been seriously injured, but the injury was really broken. Fortunately, I was ready to buy a box of jet intermittent ointment for bone healing."
The plaster was carefully applied to the wound, and the broken spine was restored with naked eyes.
After a while, the black-striped unicorn regained consciousness and Li Yan was relieved. He was afraid that the bone would be connected and paralyzed.
Put a seven-clever heart-clearing Dan in the black cat’s mouth to restore its spirit as soon as possible.
"blare! Hey! "
I feel like I’m moving. The black-striped unicorn can barely walk when it turns over, but it’s still a little unstable.
"Brother Li, I’m sorry that I got you into trouble this time." Wang Xinmei bowed her head and admitted her mistake.
Li Yan said, "Now I know I’m wrong? In Amen, I would advise you not to be with these people, but at that time, you didn’t know that people were sinister and were carried away by hatred, and you didn’t listen to a word. I’ll forgive you for once this time. If you still don’t listen to advice regardless of right and wrong, I won’t care about you. Please help yourself. "
It is false to say that you are not angry about Wang Xinmei’s stupid action.
Wang Xinmei also understood after these experiences that she knew how wrong she was, because she trusted others and almost killed Li Dage. It was okay, otherwise she couldn’t imagine how she would blame herself. Or, more likely, it was a death apology.
"Don’t say an apology. You just need to be white in your heart. If you feel guilty, practice hard and strive for an early breakthrough to refine your mind. Maybe you will have a chance to repay me at that time." Li Yan is not really trying to reward Wang Xinmei, but to give her a little encouragement. Don’t give up on yourself because of remorse.
Wang Xinmei secretly vowed in her heart that she must break through the realm of refining gods and become a master, not only to avenge her eldest brother, but also to repay Li Dage with her heart.

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