"Can you be integrated?"

The answer is self-evident.
Not all coders have the same purpose.
Since they have different eyes, it is natural for them to unite together.
"… then what went wrong, godfather?"
"It’s this world."
The godfather said gently, "our enemy has never been the city, the company or the angel, but this twisted world."
"I don’t want them to be enemies, we want the enemies of the world-"
His voice is deep and warm, like the winter sunshine, but it gives people a kind of confidence.
That’s really a great cause.
The mercenaries were excited by this, but then they felt depressed.
Husky sighed, "but in that case … even if it can change the world, no one will know the merits of us coders."
"The ultimate credit must be the company or the church, the heroes or angels."
"We will get a fair evaluation after death."
Another mercenary comforted an old friend.
They were healed before this greater shock.
But the white-haired mercenary asked, "But aren’t we already’ dead’?"
Another person is right.
The strict meaning of these coders is that "the dead" are not from this world.
"-then let’s come back from the world after death."
The godfather smiled from his heart and patted them on the shoulder. "Let the people who are still alive see the dead awake."
"I’ll accompany you back to personally talk to the top of Yongjie’s reincarnation about it … you’ll give it to him first and you … come to your brother for help if you feel dangerous.
"But don’t quarrel again, okay? You are friends of life and death, and you should not turn against others because of their mistakes and greed. "
"It’s the godfather."
Two people with different mouth replied.
Not out of fear … but loyalty.
Chapter 25 convert fanaticism
When the barber sat between two people, he really knew … Grandma Lan had finished more than half of it for herself.
If these two people want to know the "godfather" barber, they will rarely be able to listen to themselves.
If you talk about a barber, you can take two people to negotiate with the eternal robbery as you are now;
If you accidentally talk about it, the barber can also take two people to complain about the eternal robbery.
Finally, if we can turn the topic to "take them back to the city", it will be a victory.
How do you say home visit?
Anyway, he is going to go to the city … Know the curtain and eternal robbery cycle have to go.
Before sitting, the barber didn’t know what they were arguing about, what their past was, and who they were. What he said was that he looked at the expressions and expressions of the two people.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with the truth in that sentence
It was the barber who deliberately hid something and didn’t say …
Because his purpose is not to inspire the two dogs to think independently-they don’t want to think and the godfather is not their mentor.
These confused mercenaries want someone to come out and tell them what to do … They want to know what they have done, and their lives will get better. They don’t care what caused this situation and what is the principle for them to change it.
They are a projection of the city.

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