Looking at a room, Li Yan shook his head and smiled, then sat on a wooden couch and closed his eyes, but his field was also rapidly expanding, and he was alert to what was going on around him. After all, this is not a wilderness, and there must be many potential dangers here.

"Handmaiden shi children rest" XiaoRu gently on the man’s arms with a shy way.
Li Yan casually put his arm around this charming body and laughed. "If you want to rest, you have to see where it is. This is not a safe place."
"Well, the handmaiden knows." Xiaoru squinted and enjoyed her children’s big hands touching and then rested contentedly.
The night in this city, like the other world, can be determined by day. It is dark at the other end of the huge gate, and the bright stars can be seen vaguely.
"I haven’t seen the stars for a long time. I remember drinking and enjoying the moon in the backyard of Yuanfu with Yuanxiang." Li Yanwang said with some regrets at the other end of the gate.
Xiaoru’s charming body shivered slightly. She looked up and said, "Does your son-in-law miss you?"
"Well," Li Yan did not deny that he nodded. He really thought that it was difficult to give birth to missing feelings with Yuan Xiang, a beautiful wife, for so long, and he didn’t just want Yuan Xiang, an embroidered bamboo, Xu Youyu, Wang Guzhuang and Wang Xinmei. He wanted to.
It’s that men shouldn’t show their affection for children. He always keeps this missing in his heart.
Xiaoru looked at her son-in-law’s thoughts and couldn’t bear to do judo. "My son-in-law is somewhat similar to a young lady, so it’s better for him to tell her about her as a young lady today. My son-in-law has to suppress his feelings." Then two jade hands touched the man’s heart.
Li Yan laughed. "I’m not so fragile. It’s just a moment of melancholy. I know your mind."
Xiaoru looked at such a gentle child-in-law, and her face was full of sweet color. Immediately, her eyes turned and she stood up and looked up at her child’s ear to learn the tone of the young lady and called "Li Lang!"
Deliberately imitate Xiaoru’s body and play it to the fullest. She has lived with Yuanxiang for a long time. She knows Yuanxiang’s tone of voice and the feelings she carries in the accent are not weaker than others. This makes Li Yan’s eyes not flash and take up Yuanxiang’s figure in her mind.
"You are becoming more and more casual. You should play." Li Yan slapped her ass and shook her head and laughed.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and seventy-two Magic visited
Xiaoru wanted to try to dress up as a young lady on a whim, so that her children’s hearts were not enough. I didn’t expect her children to slap her hard, but this seems to be a punishment. Xiaoru doesn’t seem to reveal her children’s love for herself. If this is a call, she still wants her children to give herself more.
"Hee hee, I remember when my son-in-law was in the former capital, so I played miss. At that time, I asked miss why. Miss always blushed and didn’t say that the total number of handmaiden now knew the reason." Xiaoru gave a crisp and sweet smile, which was not like a mature woman at all, but like a young woman. It seems that this golden muscle jade bone brought more benefits than a fragment.
Li Yan asked, "Oh, why do you say that?"
Xiaoru put her arm around her children’s neck and leaned over and said, "It’s very comfortable for children to punish handmaiden, so is it for young ladies. I’m embarrassed to say that if my children don’t believe me, touch them." I said that I grabbed my children’s hands and pressed them.
"Do you know that you don’t want to learn to embroider bamboo more and more?" Li Yan took back her palm with a little water stain and gave me a smile.
Xiaoru smiled shamelessly, then wiped her son-in-law’s dirty hands. "The handmaiden is a servant girl. Naturally, it’s better than not having a good family, but the handmaiden will be so in front of her son-in-law. If she doesn’t like it, the handmaiden will not be like this."
"It’s not as good as embroidered bamboo." Li Yan laughed.
Xiaoru saw this face with some bitterness. I didn’t expect it to be really exciting. It seems that I really can’t compare with Yuan Xiang and embroidered bamboo.
"Show me what I did. Did I bully you?" Li Yan said.
"Handmaiden also wants to be bullied by children-in-law?" Xiaoru muttered.
But this voice is very small, but Li Yan didn’t hear it. He immediately smiled and asked, "You are a little different today from the past. I don’t know if there is such a change? Have you thought of anything unsatisfactory? "
"I’m sorry that my uncle’s handmaiden was wrong." Xiaoru immediately admitted, "Today may be the last day for handmaiden and uncle to stay here, so the handmaiden thought of waiting on my uncle again and wanted to make my uncle’s heart feel like that before seeing him, but there was no way for handmaiden to be so old-fashioned."
"Is this the case?" Li Yan was silent for a while. It’s really hard for this girl to think that it would be bad to be rejected by her own feelings at the thought of all kinds of efforts.
After admitting her mistake, Xiaoru kept her head down and didn’t talk, sorting out clothes for her children and doing what she should do.
"Don’t tidy up, let’s have a rest." Li Yan said softly, and then held the round bar to lift this pretty face.
Xiaoru looked up very well, her eyes narrowed and her eyelashes trembled slightly, with excitement and joy. Her small mouth was slightly gathered together, and the pink and fragrant tongue was sent to her children’s mouth to enjoy the pleasure of being tasted vigorously.
Li Yan was so interested that his hands were still familiar with it, and he reached into Xiaoru’s skirt to play with those places that people could not put down.
Although I have been in love with Xiaoru many times over the years, this ice muscle jade bone figure is still fascinating
Xiaoru’s breathing became more and more urgent, and her eyes were sparkling and almost dripping with water. She gently hummed and savored this familiar but fascinating feeling.
However, at this time, Li Yan suddenly stopped and quickly left Xiaoru’s eyes and suddenly became dignified.
"What’s the matter with children? Is the handmaiden not good at serving? " Xiaoru is disheveled and clings to a man’s body and speaks with a gasp. This man is soft and has no bones.
Li Yanyin said, "There’s a monster coming into this room. This is the ancient tongtian residence. Supposedly, there shouldn’t be a monster. It’s a good chance to think it’s an enemy or a friend. Just now, I took care of bullying you. I didn’t realize it until I walked into this stone house. If it were a monster of destiny level, the situation would be bad."
Xiaoru quickly perceived that one did come in. Although the magic weapon was not high in repair and there was a virtual realm, it was a bad signal. She also knew that she had killed more than a dozen magic handsome men before the ancient days, and made many enemies. Once discovered, the consequences would be in her eyes and her children might become scapegoats.
"I’m sorry, my son-in-law is a handmaiden. I don’t know if I’m uneasy here. I’m still pestering my son-in-law." Xiaoru felt guilty and couldn’t help but slap herself in the face, but this hand was just lifted and caught by Li Yan.
"Didn’t you say you belong to me? You can’t practice yourself without my command. Did you hear that? "Li Yan glared at her." It’s just an imaginary monster. I’ll make a fuss if I kill it. "
He knew some bad habits of Xiaoru, such as slapping himself in the face when he made a serious mistake, and suddenly kneeling down. These are all tragic memories brought by the original capital. I didn’t expect to stay after these years. Although I can’t see it on weekdays, Li Yan was exposed at this time. He didn’t want this Xiaoru to be a servant girl. He wanted to change Xiaoru’s personality and make her as supercilious as Yuanxiang.
After Xiaoru broke through the destiny, she could also perceive her son-in-law’s idea, and immediately she was even more ashamed. I didn’t expect her son-in-law to expect so much from herself.

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