With the increase of vision, Lin can see that things are becoming more and more extensive, and the earth is almost covered with black like muddy liquid.

The violent explosion will ring in some places from time to time, and with the explosion, huge waves composed of silt will also wreak havoc everywhere.
Tianlin also saw some creatures, who ran away from the splashing waves in the water, but they were not fast enough, and soon they were caught in.
The creator moved at an extremely fast speed, and Lin followed it to see more situations.
It seems that when the world collapses, the pompoms move with the creators for a long distance, and they see many different environments, such as mountains and valleys, and all kinds of different creatures.
But they are almost the same, that is, they are covered with black mud, except for the higher terrain, but the mountains are almost black because of the huge waves.
And there is this black rain everywhere …
See Lin is almost white now.
It seems that almost everywhere is in this strange situation, and these black waters seem to have some toxicity to the creatures here, and they will die slowly.
But the death rate is not fast, and it looks quite painful.
Maybe this is the reason why those species with division of labor are separated? Because they know that the world will become like that, they may go somewhere else … for example, in the virtual world.
And almost all the remaining species here have been destroyed
Lin and the creator have been to many places for a few days and nights, because it seems that they can speed up quickly here and soon they will almost circle the world.
The whole world seems to be flooded with black mud.
How did this happen? Mud comes out of the ground? Or from the sky?
It seems that there is no way to study it, because it mainly describes the story of the brain.
And brain spirit is also one of many creatures in crisis.
But they have the advantages of other organisms. They are not afraid of the toxicity of black water. They are worried about explosions and other events from time to time.
In addition to black water, strange explosions will happen all over the world, and in addition, the ground or mountains will collapse
If you can hold on, the brain spirit is the most likely creature to survive, but they may also be the last creature in the world.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Encounter
This world …
After drastic changes, the world has become a strange appearance.
Black as a mire, the water subsided a few days ago, but the whole world didn’t seem to recover.
The water flowed into the ground in large quantities, and cracks appeared in the ground, and it stopped falling. The black rain seemed that everything had changed back to its original state.
But there are not many creatures left in this world.
After the black water recedes, you can see the remains and bodies everywhere and the ruins of the original black water.
Some creatures here seem to have built similar urban structures, but they were all submerged and all the creatures inside died together.
And the black water didn’t disappear completely. They were all in the world’s largest water … the ocean.
If the sky flies, you can see that the whole ocean is black, but if you go in, you can’t find life, but the main reason is that it is too difficult to find, not that there is no life.
Because it’s dark inside and there’s no other way to detect it here, if you only rely on eyesight to find something, you can hardly find anything …
However, in a few places, you can see clearly that the original flooded land has also been exposed due to the retreat of the black water, but the land is full of debris and ruins everywhere.
Lin found that the creatures here should all be similar to multicellular creatures, so they are used to parasitizing their brains and spirits, and they can also parasitize virtual people
However, the biological form here is very strange, and there are almost no common biological forms of pompoms or dummy cue balls. Most of them have asymmetric bodies, and I don’t know how this form comes about.
But there is no way to study them now. They are almost extinct, and no similar plant creatures have been found here. Most creatures have brains, but it seems that there is no skeleton structure.

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