Shen Tianxin reluctantly looked at the figure that retreated with the army, and the oath of marrying a red dress in King’s Landing was especially new.

She is waiting for that day.
Little MoXiang period suddenly surprise shout out.
Maybe it’s because of the blood connection, maybe it’s because her black eyes have been staring at the snowy day and the setting sun, and she saw two figures stepping in.
That’s the old man Bai Zhiqiu.
Mo Xiangqi was very happy to wave his little hand at Grandpa Cat.
Jiang Manlou was overjoyed.
Silly holding cher silent Luo Changfeng slightly raised his eyes full of blood ShaQi.
"It’s not necessary to save her by being sophisticated." Cher, who has lived in the palace for a long time, said that the old man was holding a dust stroke and smoothed his beard.
"The predecessors have conditions?" The old man’s injury improved after the cat was shot. Luo Changfeng’s eyes were hiding deep blood, and the light flashed.
"Resurrection technique is freely speaking so simple? What’s more, the old butcher’s return to repair the big loss is to do his best and not be satisfactory, "said Mo cat."
"If we can save Cher’s life, we will gouge out Luo Changfeng’s heart! Please say … "Men have gold on their knees. Luo Changfeng knelt behind the old man and begged.
"You don’t have to gouge out your heart, and you don’t have to worry about it!"
Los Changfeng looked up at that figure.
See the old mo cat turned a pair of deep and vast eyes staring at Luo Changfeng and said, "You need to be old-fashioned."
"Ten years! You can’t look for this woman for ten years! "
"Save this woman’s life!" The old man’s twinkling eyes suddenly dimmed.
Luo Changfeng is reluctant.
He doesn’t want Cher to be separated for half an hour. How can he endure not seeing her for ten years?
But he is not qualified to bargain in front of a real saint.
Because he wants Cher back to life.
It’s like a hundred years for Cher to live for ten years, and it’s like never seeing him again in this life.
The next morning
Heavy snow
A gray carriage drove out of the city outside the White House.
The driver is a saint.
Saint Bai Zhiqiu drives a carriage.
Sitting cross-legged in the car, next to the old man lying peacefully, Cher.
Luo Changfeng River is full of people and so on, seeing the carriage drifting away at the gate until it is out of reach …
A month later, on a sunny day, the gray carriage drove into the deserted desert of Tianxi broken world.
In the desert, there is a lively and prosperous town named Longmen Town, which is very famous in the broken world.
There are many foreigners living in Longmen town, and the folk customs are mixed.
The carriage crossed the crowded street and stopped in front of an inn.

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