"two dog can finish filling luxury and paperback at the latest. How to price these two kinds? I listen to you! "

When it comes to pricing, Pi two dog said Wan Jie, after all, the winery director should listen to her opinion. Thought of here, he kicked the ball and answered, "Wan Jie, what do you mean? How much is appropriate? "
"Luxury and paperback are 500 ml. I suggest that luxury is 199 yuan per bottle and paperback is 69 yuan per bottle! What do you say? " Wan Shanhong set this price because the former white wine was priced at 39 yuan, and it could not be sold. Although the wine in two dog was comparable to the spear platform, the fatal place of the wine in was that it was not famous. She specially held a meeting of winery management to vote on the pricing. These two prices were the result of unanimous voting by winery management.
"No, no, this price is too low!" Pi two dog shook his head like a rattle
"ah? Luxury clothes are nearly 200 yuan, which is not low. The most important thing is that we are not famous for going against the sky. It is difficult to open the market because the price of wine is too high! And you don’t know how fierce the competition in the current tobacco and alcohol market is! " Wan Shanhong couldn’t help worrying for him. You know, the white wine factory was bought by two dog for 20 million yuan. He was gambling. If the wine doesn’t sell well, the 20 million yuan will be wasted.
"200 yuan is too low. Luxury clothes cost at least 1,000 yuan!"
He threw the goods out of the big bang and blew Wan Shanhong so hard that his voice changed. "Shrimp is a thousand dollars? Oh, my God! "
Seeing Wan Shanhong scared like this, Pi two dog laughed and said, "Sister Wan, I’m going against the sky. Do you look down on yourself too much?"
"two dog you don’t have a winery don’t know how deep the water inside! I’ll tell you what, I dare to set the price to only a few thousand yuan countries, and that must be a famous brand of wine! Who will buy you if the price of a small brand of wine is so scary? I can’t agree with your pricing strategy! " Wan Shanhong attitude firmly way
"Wan Jie is not my boss’s spectrum pricing. You have to listen to me!" Pi two dog a non-negotiable tone way
"two dog, you are the boss, yes, but I can’t watch you fool around, can I? You are a small brand of wine with no fame and the price is so high. This is not acceptable! " Wan Shanhong simply fought with him.
"Ten thousand factory director pricing this matter I have finally decided that luxury clothes must take the high-end route. You made the fate wine in staple goods from the beginning, which makes it more difficult to open the market! That’s it. I’ll think about it again! " Pi two dog hung up when he saw that he couldn’t say a piece.
After talking to Wan Hongshan, he touched the dog’s head and thought about it. He felt it necessary to ask Liu Wen for advice. After all, she gave a huge financial support of 10 million.
I was just about to talk to that girl when I heard a sudden ringing. When I turned around, I saw Liu Wen riding a heavy locomotive and came over excitedly. "Brother Dog, are you going out?"
"Wenwen, I’m looking for you!" When he invited Liu Wen to the living room to serve fragrant teas, he discussed the tone, "Wen Wen, this batch of wine can be filled without accident. Now the pricing problem is divided into two factions. One faction is the factory director Wan Shanhong who advocates 500 haosheng luxury packs of 199 yuan and paperback packs of 69 yuan. The other faction is me. My pricing strategy is to take the high-end route, luxury packs of 1,000 yuan and paperback packs of not less than 300 yuan! Which side do you support in the pricing of these two factions? "
Liu Wen was surprised to stare big eyes and said, "Brother Dog, are you discussing with me?"
"You are an important shareholder, of course, I have to discuss with you!"
"Well, I’m going back to the company management to discuss this matter. It’s urgent to discuss the problem! Brother Dog, how much are you going to give me? " Liu Wen watched his way
Speaking of the problem of division, Pi two dog had long thought about it. When he met him, he said bluntly, "Divide into two!"
"Who’s two?" A listen to is this into proportion Liu Wen face full of incredible.
"Of course it’s me and you two."
Alas, where is he? Pi two dog, look at the original Liu Wen, who fell to the bottom of the table and got up. He just kept sucking the chill for a long time. "Pi two dog, you have a big appetite?" I paid 10 million for it, and you only paid one million. Why do you take it? "
"wander, you are out of ten million, but I have an exclusive fate rice, and then I have to plant sorghum without my fate technology. No matter how much money you pay, it’s no use, isn’t it? I have a unique secret skill, of course, I want to take the big head! " I didn’t take 90% as a favor to her.
"No, no, Liu Wen, if you bargain again, do you believe me?" This guy with a straight face to say
"Don’t you dare!" Ceng Liu Wen went to wang hong’s petticoat to tell on him if he didn’t fight.
Chapter 136 To see Jin Lan.
At this time, wang hong Shang just came back from school class and just jumped forward with Liu Wenyi, who met at the gate of Liu Wen Hospital. "Big Miss can’t wait for two dog!"
"What happened to Wenwen two dog?" Wang hong petticoats see liu wen a desperate posture what great things have happened?
"two dog that soul light give us twenty percent share out bonus! We paid 10 million, he paid 1 million, and we paid 20% dividends! Isn’t this a day? It’ s irritating, I’ m so angry! " Liu Wen was so angry that his eyes smoked
"Girl this have what spirit? Pi two dog has a unique technology. It’s not bad that he gave us a 20% dividend! " Wang hong petticoats are full of posture that a prime minister can punt in his stomach.
"But!" I didn’t expect the big lady to pay a dividend of 20% to Pi two dog, but she was actually very satisfied. Alas, how much money will be lost every year if she gets a dividend of 10% less? Miss Silver really doesn’t care about money!
"All right, just do as two dog says! By the way, how much is a bottle of wine? " Wang hong petticoats steep curious looking at Liu Wendao.
When it comes to the pricing of anti-fate wine, Liu Wen’s opinion is even bigger. He is so angry that he stamped his feet. "Miss, it’s so annoying that you don’t ask about the pricing of anti-fate wine!"
"why?" Wang hong petticoats is one leng.
"People’s mayor Wan specializes in wineries, and the luxury is set at 199 yuan. two dog just overthrew it and said that he would carry it to 1,000 yuan. Oh, my God, the price of a small brand of wine exceeds that of a spear platform. This is really dead!" Liu Wen criticized a good meal
"Shrimp? Thousand dollars! This won’t work! " Wang hong petticoats are busy when they see something, but they put bags all the way to Pi two dog’s house.
Call a dog or two when entering the door. Without responding, she broke into two dog’s bedroom in one breath, but she was shocked by the sight!
Pi two dog is helping himself, and he’s making a little voice in his mobile phone!
"two dog, what are you doing?" Wang hong petticoats blushed and said, God, Pi two dog is so impure that he should do such a thing!
"ah? Sister Hongshang, what am I doing? " He’s so embarrassed that his heart says meow is over. I’m finished. The good impression in the eyes of red dress elder sister is completely ruined!
"Dirty man, put your pants on!" Wang hong was so ashamed that she put her hands over her eyes and didn’t dare to look.
"Well, it’s all your fault who told you not to knock!" Pi two dog suddenly got a tingle and got dressed.
"You this guy don’t want to a woman all day! If you really want a woman to be normal, you should step up your efforts. When you have the strength and make a serious girlfriend, you will not be like this when you are justified! " At some point, wang hong Chang felt a little sympathy for him. The goods said that two dog was full of blood, and it was the most energetic time. Isn’t it too difficult for me to give him conditions? After all, it’s really difficult for a relative of Da Nai Village to bring him down in the short term, because the skin cannon is the head of the town.
But she can’t degrade herself when she’s released her words, can she?
What’s more, it’s only a matter of time before two dog can bring down the leather cannon.
"Red petticoats elder sister said is I must step up efforts to wait for me to bring down the leather cannon will help you! You will be my girlfriend then! " The thought of this goal getting closer and closer to Pi two dog is a burst of blood boiling.
"Talk to me calculate words! If you want me to be the village head, I will be your woman! " Wang hong petticoats vowed to look at his way
I saw that wang hong’s face was as shy as a peach, especially when she was so proud that she suddenly looked at Pi two dog. This guy was so hot-headed that he said, "Sister Hong, I miss you every day and dream about you in my sleep. I want to kiss you now. Can you enjoy a kiss?"
Listening to his glib mouth smeared with honey, women usually pick up what they like to say. For a moment, wang hong almost gave him five fans and three songs. Her heart suddenly jumped and gave birth to a send warm impulse. When she thought about her, she said, "two dog wants to kiss, then you promise me one condition!"
"Okay, what are the conditions?" This guy immediately good way
"My condition is fate wine pricing mining mayor pricing scheme! If your wine goes against the sky again, it will be a small brand of wine. If it is not famous, it will sell for 1,000 yuan. That is lighting a lamp in the toilet-looking for death! "
Seeing wang hong Shang and Wan Shanhong arrive at a group of Pi two dog, they can’t laugh and cry. "Daughter-in-law, I can take the high-end route and sell luxury wine for 200 yuan. I will never get out of it!"
"two dog that you don’t agree with my condition? If you don’t agree, I won’t kiss you! " Wang hong petticoats saw that he was a head cow and couldn’t pull it back, so he suddenly became angry.
"Then don’t kiss! Alas, you women just have long hair and short knowledge. If you listen to you make two dog go against the sky into staple goods White Wine Factory, it will go bankrupt! " He this cargo language way
"Pi two dog you are a small card? If you sell an unknown wine for 1000 yuan, everyone will scare away! According to your pricing plan, it will go bankrupt faster! Besides, Liu Wen is the one who pays the most money. What if someone gives you 10 million to support you? You should listen to her! " Said wang hong petticoats is holding the staff for two dog.
"No one can want to get involved in the pricing of anti-heaven wine. Liu Wen can withdraw her capital at any time if she is afraid of losing money!" He said that doing business with a cat is no different from gambling. This time, I will win a bet and take it all. If I lose, it will be a big deal to tighten my belt and eat chaff for a year!
Listening to his tone of voice is not negotiable at all. wang hong is very square. My heart says that 10 million is my money. Liu Wen is my servant girl. That is my own money! If I lose, I can’t find a place to cry! Thought of here, wang hong petticoats is adamant. "I don’t agree with your plan. It’s too risky! Liu Wen is my good friend. I can’t watch you kill my good friend! "
"I’m afraid I’ll hurt your friend, so you can make her withdraw!" Pi two dog said that Xiaohe Group still needs to rent 50 mu of land. Anyway, it makes no difference to borrow money and then borrow 10 million.
You!’ Wang hong petticoats saw that he was so stubborn that he was so angry that he grabbed him and said, "Where are you going to find ten million?" Don’t forget that you rent a hundred acres of land and the rent of 5 million is borrowed! "
"This I have access! Daughter-in-law, take a message to Liu Wen to ask her to withdraw her capital at any time! " Pi two dog is full of a strong man’s broken wrist.
"You! Pi two dog will give you a day to go back on your word, or you won’t be able to kiss me! " Wang hong petticoats turned away in a fit of pique.
This young lady couldn’t bear to watch two dog’s suicide. She just called Huang Yan and told her to find a way to persuade Pi two dog to make him come to their senses.
Huang Yan was shocked when she learned that two dog had raised the price of anti-heaven wine to such a high level. "It’s hard to open the market for big ladies and small cards with such a high price!"
"It’s that guy who won’t listen to what he says and can’t pull a cow back!" Wang hong Shang was furious.
"Don’t be angry, Miss. I’ll talk to two dog later!"
After calling Huang Yan, wang hong’s petticoat still doesn’t trust to think for a while, and then another word calls Bai Xing, a super guest in two dog. If Bai Xing comes forward, it may be able to play the role of Bai Xing listening to Bai wang hong’s petticoat, but it is also scared by two dog’s high price. "Why do you want to buy an unknown small brand when others have a small brand of spears for one thousand yuan?" I’ll talk to two dog about it later! "
Besides, just after Pi two dog wang hong’s front foot left, he received a message from Jin Lan, the wife of Tiankeng Village, "two dog, where are you?"

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