"Ha ha ha good! Zun has now been promoted to dzogchen! " Zhang Yuan laughed with a smug expression.

The old man’s face changed almost without stopping, and he was about to slip away without stopping.
"Hum! Now you think of running away? Late! "
Zhang chop yuan, a cold hum, a pinch and a French seal.
The black wind blade formed a whirlwind and twisted away toward the old man.
The old man was shocked when he saw it, but he still flicked his finger and a brown shield rose in the wind, covering his back with an instantaneous variable.
And the old man’s figure is no stop to fly forward.
"Do you want to go?"
Zhang Yuan’s hands should definitely pinch the black whirlwind, and one of the three strands immediately slammed into the brown shield, while the other two strands went around and rolled directly towards the old man.
Faster and swifter than when the old man reacted, several wind blades had wrapped him up.
"ah! No-"
In the mournful cry, I saw the old man’s body shining with mana and carrying a mask to protect himself.
Boom, boom, boom!
Thousands of wind blades cut this mask. Seeing that the mask is getting dimmer and dimmer, it may burst at any time.
"Zhang predecessors to forgive! There is something wrong with the little old man. He is willing to kowtow to his predecessors and ask them to bypass his life. The little old man is willing to be a cow and a horse to repay his predecessors! "
Look at the escape and hope that the old man will immediately throw his dignity for mercy.
Zhang chop yuan face satisfiedly expression a flash.
"Ha ha ha … high old son didn’t expect you to have today? Originally, you led your brother to hunt me down, but it was a hard hunt! If I don’t give you some color today, won’t it make people respect and bully? "
Zhang chop yuan laughed and decided to tighten the law.
The high old son in the piercing scream was immediately cut into dust by several black wind blades, and even Yuan Ying failed to escape.
When the light flashed, it was a ring that fell to the ground and turned round and round.
Zhang chop yuan sleeve robe with a wave of his hand that NaWu ring has come to hand.
Then it circled a circle and put away all the corpses, objects and magic weapons that fell everywhere.
Check your face a little and smile at once.
"good! I didn’t expect that this is a good place for some big families in Guangling County to gather, and there are still many good things. I believe that the owner will be happy, hahaha … "
"well! It’s the turn of Guangshenfu. It seems that it’s not too far away for the monks of several big families in Guangshenfu to get together, and the strongest in that stronghold should be that a Yuan infant bodhi old zu of Yu’s family covers his hands and destroys things. "
Zhang chop yuan said the shape of a meal into a time toward the distance.
Goo toot!
Bubbles appear in the muddy swamp, which looks like nothing unusual in other swamps.
A figure was staring at the muddy swamp in the suspension of colorful robes.
"well! This law is really extraordinary. If it’s not Zhang Yuan’s information, I’m afraid you can’t find it here unless you happen to pass by and explore God’s knowledge … "
This color robe monk is naturally suspicious. After he learned the positions of several strongholds of Terran from Zhang Yuan’s mouth, he split up with Zhang Yuan to let Zhang Yuan deal with those strongmen who are not in the strongholds, while others are out to deal with these powerful strongholds and collect precious materials and magic weapons after pulling them out.
At this time, Gou Huan’s face was grinning, and a huge palm was printed on the ground in the surge of dharma-printing mana.
The huge shock wave instantly lifted the whole swamp with great power, and the muddy swamp turned into mud all over the sky.
The light flashed.
Followed by a "click" is a defense circle broken sound.
Whoa, whoa!
Followed by a series of streamers from the ground maser.
"What person?"
"Who dares to attack my final South Purple House array?"
Drank for dozens of figure hanging with the color robe monk confrontation.
Look at these dozens of figures. Two of them are particularly powerful. It turns out that they are Yuan Babies. More than a dozen others are monks then, and the rest are monks Tsukiji.
It is conceivable that the powerful forces can be dispatched to fix the truth in an instant when the circle of Falun Gong is attacked.
And there is a road figure is constantly escaping from the ground.
However, if the ring in the sky is not at all, it looks calm.
"This is your final south purple mansion lair? I think that you were willing to take out an artifact to deal with the tide of beasts. I want to think that the background is very rich. What treasures are there now? If you can satisfy the statue, you will not be saved. "
The dozens of monks across the street can’t feel the breath of Gou Huan, but they can destroy the strength of the mountain protection law with a single blow, and they are still fighting back their anger.
A fat monk Yuan Ying came out first with a respectful ceremony.
"This elder doesn’t know that our sect has offended the elder to get angry? Our martial uncle Tianyuan is now closed. Why don’t you apologize to your predecessors after Uncle Tianyuan comes out? "
The fat monk’s attitude is extremely low, but it is obviously a demonstration to Tianyuan.

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