Kingfisher’s novel says, "Here is the key."

"What’s the matter?"
Russell curious eyes wide open "what’s the big deal? Let me have a look! "
"It seems that a lot of big things happened last night and people died."
Delphine said, reaching out and holding down the news video being played, gently throwing it to Russell and sharing it with Russell.
"….. according to the latest analysis of the action track of the icon destroyer, the damage traces of the cameras around the school streets are highly coincident. Through the integrated analysis of other phase data, it is concluded that the possibility that the main executive members of the icon destroyer are high school students is over 62% and the incident is a werewolf.
"Once again, severely warn the’ werewolf’ imitators that they have arrested more than 30 imitators last month, and praise the meeting and have decided to impose a higher punishment level on imitators from now on.
"Continue to broadcast today’s important news. Last night, the central food warehouse in Hessia District was destroyed again. Some fermented food in it was polluted by injecting sewage into syringes. After frequent activities in this area, the killer whale gang once again announced that they were not responsible for this matter and wanted to assist the executive department to jointly trace this bad incident.
"This is the sixth time in three months that the food warehouse has been destroyed, and it is also the first time that it has been destroyed twice. Two months ago, the’ werewolf’ claimed to insert sharp objects into the bread, and finally more than 200 steel needles and 2,000 toothpicks were inserted into the bread, resulting in a total of 42 people being stabbed.
"Suspected imitators made the abandoned disposable medical treatment polluted by the central video warehouse in Demeter last month, and nearly 100 people were sent to the hospital, which caused a vicious incident. Today, about% of coke has not been recalled, causing extremely bad social impact. This time, the central management manager of Hessia District has sent all the food for inspection for the first time. The research department of Sogo Group will analyze the specific sewage area sampled by the destroyer through the concentration of bacteria in the sewage."
Chapter 53 Icon Destroyer
In front of Russell, there is a female announcer with a good appearance and a solemn religious decoration.
She looks more like a bishop, priestess or saint than a host, with enough dignity and no lack of affinity
She said that every word is extremely clear and powerful, and she can easily listen to it even if she is distracted from other things. The tone is not slow, the tone is friendly and clean, which makes people feel extremely comfortable.
"Not bad."
The kingfisher commented that "even by the standards of the grace group, he is a very good host."
"Treasure drill elder sister ….."
Russell, on the other hand, smiled, "She should do well."
"What do you mean?"
"Because she is not human."
Russell replied.
She was called "Ms. Baozuan" and twenty years ago she was called Miss Baozuan.
But a few people know-maybe not so little, but less than one tenth, even one twentieth-that there is actually no "Ms. Bao Diamond"
From her appearance at the age of seventeen to her appearance at the age of thirty now … even her gag with other hosts, daily gossip including some gossip or life photos are all virtual images drawn by artificial intelligence calculus.
She is a completely fictional ghost in the virtual world newscaster. She is not even artificial intelligence. People have to reflect the picture in their own brains through the chip to see her. But she still touches her. Her every move comes from video modulation, and her words and deeds come from the dramatist’s pre-written countermeasures.
Just like the game real-time calculus CG.
Since most of human’s contact with the world comes from the news network, if you create a "human image" in news, photos, videos and networks, it is not only incomplete, but also has no intelligence of its own.
All the important news departments in Sogo Island are broadcast by her. It can be said that she is accompanying this generation, but she grew up as a "childhood".
Will people grieve for Bao Zuan when she dies?
If people "treasure diamonds" are actually artificial intelligence, how will they react?
Then at that time, tell them that the diamond is not artificial intelligence, but a "virtual character" built by programming and editing feet. How will people react?
At what stage will mankind stop being sad? Or will the "sadness value" drop significantly? Will this sadness about the death of a virtual character make any difference to the sadness about the death of a real friend?
An ordinary person has access to the same generation, and all feedback lines are "living" people-will the fact that she is "true or not" completely reverse people’s cognition of her?
"this is one of many social experiments made by the three sages."
Russell explained, "There are quite a few such social experiments … or the whole Sogo Island is a large-scale social experiment field.
"For example, those three sages of gangs will allow some different types of gangs to observe their influence on other residents and whether they are profitable. The same is true in other fields … just like the’ people’s faith’ where a hundred flowers blossom, in this respect, they are more than human rulers and managers."
"I see …"
The intelligent kingfisher soon understood this matter. "She is actually programmed by human beings to create a virtual personality, just like a character in an animation. In reality, the operation team is also responsible for operating her’ social account’ and responds like a real person.
"So that’s it … false artificial intelligence."
"Yes, it’s not real artificial intelligence, but it’s manipulated by human beings, pretending that they are a virtual program playing human artificial intelligence, which is as complicated as a doll. They want to define’ artificial intelligence’ by this means."
All three sages are artificial intelligence, but they are not ordinary artificial intelligence.
But from the very beginning, it imitates the moral concept of "human beings" and creates "cognitive bionic high intellectual artificial intelligence"
But even so, they are not sure that their cognitive concept is exactly the same as that of human beings. They have conducted this decades-long social experiment to discuss how people think about this situation-and also want to know how people think about "true and false" artificial intelligence.
Russell has watched her grow up since she was a child
Today, Miss Baozuan has become Ms Baozuan.
She became the most popular host in Sogo Island. She played guitar videos, skied videos, stopped to pray in front of icons, and had dinner with colleagues … and even broadcast them live several times.
As for her colleagues or any other celebrities, they know that "Bao Diamond" is not the case. They are equipped with such a person to calculate it in real time, so there is really such a person in the picture, and they can really talk.
Only by shooting can the phantom be revealed. It is the "ghost" of life.
"But if you want to talk about ghosts," Russell sighed thoughtfully with his eyes closed. "Does the’ werewolf’ taste like a ghost?
"People have never seen a’ werewolf’ from reality, but there are only traces of it. Is it that the three sages or other ordinary people regard the’ werewolf’ as an established fact … so it turns out that the werewolf will only flow when he says it, and it will not taste like a’ treasure diamond’ general group illusion?"
"What do you want to say?"
Delphine vaguely realized that Russell’s idea was still uncertain. "Did you notice anything important from that news clip?" Tell me about it. "
Russell corners of the mouth slightly Yang turn sat up.
He tied his hair in a ponytail behind him and casually asked, "Let me ask you, Lottie."
"if people say that such a shining statue has always regarded it as sacred, spotless and clean, it is people’s spiritual sustenance and worship, and people who believe in God carry out various sacrifices around the statue to deter people from having very high moral standards and orderly society.
"But one day, a fanatic kicked the idol down, and the idol was broken and illuminated. People saw that the idol was irreversibly destroyed. Since the sacred idol department was already a rat’s nest and ant nest, it was full of dust and mud, and bones and jewels were hidden.
"All the solemn and sacred crimes are revealed in an instant. People can accept this fact and return to the former world full of order as if they didn’t see it. In an instant, moral decline has never happened. People cheat, betray and kill each other, and the once beautiful and peaceful world will never come back.
"-so is this man who kicked down the idol guilty?"
Chapter 54 Have a drink with me
Delphine doesn’t know if she should answer.
She frowned and curled up her calf slightly, concentrating on thinking.
Guilty … or sin?
Destroyed the order and brought chaos; Eradicate lies and bring the truth.
No matter which way you choose, it seems that you have recognized the other road, and the other road should also have at least half of the good things.
"I …"

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