"Go ahead, Lao Zhou Naikema also said something shameful." Liang Yuan picked up the glass and took a sip, a little curious and asked.

Snecma copied bb’s old example, jointly researched the advanced culvert and pushed it in the middle. Although it is a relatively important news, the importance of this news is not worth Zhou Yuanhang’s special trip from Europe to the headquarters to tell it himself.
Liang Yuan guessed that Zhou Yuanhang could let go of the busy workers in Europe and come back in person to communicate with himself face to face. Seventeen should be what the French said that they could not see the light or news.
"Less really didn’t guess wrong." Yuan-hang Zhou also picked up the cup and took a sip. He just wanted to talk, only to see that Ning Wanjia was still faithfully performing his secret duties.
Sleep Zhou Yuanhang suddenly paused and looked at his side Liang Yuancai someone is still in a state of dedication.
Liang Yuan is funny. Take out the fountain pen from the girl’s hand bit by bit and say with a smile, "Are you asking for trouble?"
"Ah," the young girl blushed lightly, knowing that she was too focused on the role of secret. She said it was shameful, so how can she keep a written record?
Zhou Yuanhang is used to Liang Yuan’s attitude towards Ning Wanjia. Looking at the boss, it is rare to show the young man’s look and interact with the wife of shop-owner and I can’t help but smile.
"Less Marcel? Gomez wants to seek our understanding, "Zhou Yuanhang said with a dignified look.
Although Zhou Yuanhang said this sentence without head or tail, Liang Yuan’s relaxed expression after hearing his face also kept silent with his fingers tapping on the desktop.
I can change my profession and go to fortune telling. Liang Yuan is self-deprecating and thinking about the IQ tax just passed with Ning Wanjia. As a result, things have not passed in the past one afternoon, and they have smashed the head of Yuanjia.
The IQ tax actually originated from Liang Yuan’s plane, a method to verify the online news. The main idea is that Bay Bay has made a sky-high rebate on the arms sales case, and it has been heard that the Sixth National Congress of the motherland has made a spoonful of malicious money.
Someone has always been very interested in this kind of unearned thing. When chatting with Ning Wanjia early, he was half joking and half yearning for it. I didn’t expect it to be a surprise.
"Arms sales to Taiwan …"
Liang Yuan confirmed the sentence.
Throughout the decade, Liang Yuan brought the f14 fighter back to the Republic. Before Dassault France produced the Phantom 2 fighter, it was the fighter model that had the most gossip with the Republic.
At one point, China and France pushed the negotiations to bargain for the contract amount. Unfortunately, the cash-strapped Republic met with the death of France, and the order was always in an embarrassing state of listening to the stairs and not seeing anyone coming.
Before the f14 fighter entered the Republic, it was always a hot topic in Mirage 2. It was similar to the news that Liang Yuan’s plane Republic purchased Su-35 fighters, and it would be turned out and discussed once in a while.
Then someone came, and then the big cat thundered, and the navy of the Republic circled a lot of iron powder, and then the Republic was in chaos. Time entered the 1990 s, and the last glimmer of hope for Phantom 2 to enter China was as slim as smoke, and it slowly disappeared into the dust of time.
After brewing for more than ten years, the business flew away, which made the French angry, so they jumped across the strait from 2000 and the authorities sneaked into the factory department of Dassault Paris.
Zhou Yuanhang nodded and said, "France’s economic growth is very pessimistic. French state-owned enterprise D Shipbuilding Group and Thomson are working together to promote arms sales to Taiwan in France. Marcel has received reliable news. The French Foreign Ministry has been moved by the lobbying teams of these two companies. Unless we can give the same order, things will soon enter the fast lane of law blocking."
"So Snecma’s so-called seeking forgiveness should not only mean that we have hinted that we will inform …" Liang Yuan pointed to the ceiling.
Yuan-hang Zhou agreed to nod his head.
"Marcel revealed that Dassault Group had communicated with Snecma on the production plan of Phantom 2 fighter power system 53p2 single-rotor machine. Marcel said that Snecma risked his goodwill to inform us that in addition to giving goodwill and having to endure it, he also expressed his optimism and attention to the 1 passenger plane project."
Snecma, this Marcel? Gomez’s technical director is really wasted. This product should really go to diplomacy. Liang Yuan thought deeply.
53. Holding the order of the aero-engine, secretly informing the Republic that the archway is standing, the source is both right and left, and the Snecma is bought around, which perfectly demonstrates the standard sample of sliding without leaving hands.
In terms of the industry and scale of Yuanjia, some things are unavoidable, even if you go to get into trouble or not, you will take the initiative to find you.
For example, this time, Snecma sent a message to the Republic through the hidden channel of Yuanjia, which can explain both the early warning and the threat to the Republic. If you don’t buy it, I will sell it across the strait to see if you are in a hurry.
Liang Yuan estimated that the channel for the French to convey their hidden intentions to the Republic could not be one of many options that they should be French.
"Well" Liang Yuan nodded his head.
Liang Yuan grabbed the f14 fighter back to China with his tail, and then after eating the sweet fruits of Nansha World War I, the bitter vice finally appeared.
Ning Lei’s near-fate record oppressed the island authorities to seek a new generation of weapons and equipment, and his ambition was far stronger than that experienced by Liang Yuan.
According to the news from Snecma, the island authorities handed in a huge order for up to two aircraft to Dassault like chicken blood.
Of course, the island authorities have asked France for such a big contract, and a large part of it is for the United States to try to use economic means to knock on the door of US arms sales to Taiwan.
At this time, Liang Yuan’s contradiction lies in whether to promote the island authorities’ purchasing intention for Dassault fighters.
Even if Liang Yuan came through, his influence on the other side of the Pacific Ocean would be almost as great as that on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Because of Ning Lei, the strength of the US armed forces across the Taiwan Strait may be stronger than the original plane in the future.
If we can help two shrinking Mirages 2 to enter the Strait, it is better to deal with Mirages in the future than to deal with the same number of Mirages. Although the authorities on f16 Island are rich, they are still far from the local tyrants in the desert. There are more Mirages 2, and there will inevitably be fewer f16 in the future.
However, this kind of memory from the future is that Liang Yuan, a citizen of the Republic, has made great efforts to promote France’s arms sales to Taiwan. No matter how it looks, it is all about pulling out the shooting rhythm. Maybe the undercover road will be directly rewarded by the two old comrades at home.
Can give up this matter, Liang Yuan also feels unwilling. France’s sale of phantom is doomed to be a hammer sale. Putting pressure on future logistics and other aspects to play with flowers is simply several grades lower than thinking about America.
Not to mention Liang Yuan’s almost anti-God kickback on the arms sales case is quite drooling. If you can really get a piece of money from it, Liang Yuan feels that it will definitely be extra different to be continued.
Chapter 191 IQ tax (2)
Generally speaking, when it comes to Wutong Bay, China people don’t fight China people’s blood is thicker than water, etc., and public opinion accounts for a large share. Strictly speaking, this kind of public sentiment is right or wrong.
Later generations talked about the island’s political situation with symbols such as Blue Camp, green camp, mainlanders and locals, but it seems to Liang Yuan that the evolution of the island’s political situation is more appropriate to say that it is the struggle between blue and green after Taiwan Province’s democratization than the sequela of K division on Wang Jingwei’s departure.
In China’s modern history, K, once the largest political party in modern history, every split will deeply affect the future direction of the Chinese nation. For example, the split between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party caused by the failure of the policy of uniting with Russia directly created the historical situation of the Three Years’ War and the confrontation across the Taiwan Strait.
Wang Ching-wei defected from the Party to form a pseudo-government, and the surrender day and the formation of green camp by Iwari Masao defected from the Party came down in one continuous line. Drowning in the same river has always been K’s exclusive stunt.
Green camp’s most time-base disk and backbone elite have always been the adherents of the Japanese Puppet Army or the mixed-race legacy of Japan and Taiwan. The so-called blue-and-green struggle in the island’s political situation is more an alternative and exclusive K-type war of resistance than a continuation of the puppet army in that year.
Although the party and government movements of the Republic in the Qing Dynasty were cruel, we have to admit that all those who were entrenched in history were unwilling to withdraw from the historical stage, and the Ministry of the Republic had already been cleaned up and all of them were thrown into the slag dump.
K, on the other hand, is different from Ningji Gangcun, commander-in-chief of the Japanese invaders. It is nothing to become a guest of the government of the Republic of China and become a K department again.
For example, during the World Anti-Fascist War, Chen Xingcun, the grandmother of Narita Ren, a well-known Chinese politician in later generations, donated two planes, Xingcun No.1 and Xingcun No.2, to build the Paradise of the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Circle.
During the war, although the government of the Republic of China listed Chen Xingcun as treason, after the war, Chen Xingcun made a lot of money. In the end, Chen Xingcun was really a party agent who entered the Japanese Empire, and the accusation of treason was erased. The bald headmaster also exported bananas from Taiwan Province to Japan, which made the family business go up a storey still higher, and the younger generation Narita Ren laid a solid political and economic foundation in politics.
Narita Ren has never lived up to her grandmother’s expectation that she has repeatedly expressed her support for green camp’s remarks after taking office and is regarded as a staunch ally of green camp and Japan.
Chen Xingcun’s family experienced K and Wang’s puppet forces, which are typical representatives of the island’s blue and green struggles. The bald head principal recognized that Wang Jingwei had established a puppet government to better cover the agents of the World Anti-Fascist Alliance and then buried it when he signed out the banana exclusive license.
It is precisely because of the complete incorrigibility of K and the firm determination of Wu Tong that Liang Yuan is naturally interested in everything that weakens the combat effectiveness of the island authorities.
It’s better for Liang Yuan to spend his time partying and being loyal to the country, or the distance affects the qualification of the Republic’s national politics. At this time, Liang Yuan already has the ability to modify history and promote his ideal. If he gives up Liang Yuan because of some technical difficulties, he won’t say anything willingly.
Reasoning, Liang Yuan decided to do something big.
"Jiajia, what do you say if I become a traitor?"
"Someone else must have made a mistake."
"What if others are not mistaken?"

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