I can’t have anything. I’m also a normal young man.

The other party is obviously some injustice.
[Because I think you are more tall than your peers and have never touched the bottom]
In kingfisher’s cognition, such things as "desire to win or lose", "self-esteem", "desire to express" and "feeling" seem to be Russell’s fate … This kind of workplace leader can easily come and go. Bai Piao just graduated, and the hot-blooded young man can’t get rid of the sweet pie, but he can’t feed it to Russell’s mouth. No matter how he feeds the cat, he will twist his head and say that he can’t put it in.
But now he clearly shows a desire to prove himself than to be clear about "self-esteem" and "pride"
Now the delphinium finally suddenly …
Russell is not completely indifferent to fame and fortune, but because what he cares about is not in the workplace, fame and fortune.
He didn’t want to be famous to become a hero, nor did he want to be better than others to show his extraordinary talents.
Nor is it the hole reason of "proving yourself" or the high pity of "the strong will help the weak"
But simply than … Lift up your head and look at the sky.
Unswervingly March towards higher heights
Who did you surpass and what did you surpass on the way … These are the "goals" that people attach most importance to, but they are not in Russell’s heart.
"… so that’s it"
Delphine murmured
She finally understood what she always felt that Russell seemed to be nothing, but he was not a bad guy.
Russell has always had a very clear goal.
But he will not boast of surpassing others as achievements.
She finally understood why she would like Russell.
….. because they are fundamentally the same type of people.
Delphine is not greedy for the position of minister and does not want to enter the board of directors.
She never goes to the company cafeteria and doesn’t listen to flattery. She doesn’t like shopping at ordinary times because she doesn’t want to be stared at with fiery eyes, and she doesn’t like being accosted.
But besides, she works hard every day … Even after the two angels entered the special execution department, she is still the most serious employee in the execution department. Although she has never seen anyone, she always gives herself makeup and skin care every day, and her body accessories are always carefully selected. In her spare time, she will buy some clothes and makeup for herself from the Internet. If she eats unhealthy food or eats too much, she will seriously go to fitness to maintain her figure.
Delphine is not the kind of figure that you can’t get fat by eating … Just by looking at her father’s figure, you know that the doll cat gene is still playing very stably.
Although she is greedy, she keeps exercising.
And she keeps herself in shape, dresses herself up and makes up seriously, never to please others-but to please herself.
She works hard every day and sacrifices herself for the people … It’s not to be famous or to be promoted. She is doing what she thinks is right and will see that she has to finish her daily routine every day.
No, it’s nothing to surpass. Beat what?
No, the certificate is not. Show off.
That is the way of life of the lonely and the strong, and everything is taken for granted.
The biggest difference is the talent gap between them. She is already a very good person, but she still can’t compare with Russell.
If delphinium is a man, then her perfect form will surely become Russell.
Psychologically, it’s called "animus", and the male image in women’s minds is the same.
But they are not exactly the same.
This is also the confidence and self-esteem of the kingfisher-she can’t be a mirror image of others.
That’s why she Russell is similar enough, but different.
The biggest difference between them is that Delphinium is less dependent on others. She is the type who can feel peace of mind without saying a word every day if necessary, and concentrate on doing what she wants.
Russell, on the other hand.
His ability to analyze others’ heterogeneity in an instant proves that he yearns for true friends … longing for being able to "understand" himself and identify with the recipient.
Delphine suddenly looked up when she thought of this.
While she was connected, Alice looked up with her eyes open simultaneously.
She found Luo Suying through Alice’s virtual image …
But that’s not an illusion
-Alice changed back to the original Russell only in the eyes of kingfisher.
When the kingfisher understood Russell, it appeared in Russell’s body and her eyes suddenly became clearly visible.
It’s not Alice sitting in front of her.
But Russell in that mask of Alice.
No, that still doesn’t seem to be over …
Delphinium stared at Russell’s eyes and vaguely felt as if she had fallen into the abyss of chaos.
She seems to have come to the bright temple and looked like a window, a portrait, and a mirror.
From that, she seemed to see another person at a deeper level.
A boy she had never seen before …
With black shoulder hair, narrow shoulders and thin figure, thin and thin temperament, quiet and timid … A teenager with orange cedar fragrance and his own beauty.

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