Zhou Yishou, these people are all elites. Zhou Yi knows that their execution ability is outstanding, but he gave them a few words to pay close attention to whether Masato entered Hangzhou. If Masato is aboveboard, it will be easy to find him. If he doesn’t want others to know, it will be difficult for these people to find Masato because of a martial arts master.

"Well, don’t take the initiative to attack Masato after you find him. This is a terrorist, and you can’t handle it. Don’t cause casualties. In our personal life, Zhou Chi and Chen Hu have the strength of World War I, including that I am not Masato’s opponent for the time being. Of course, Masato is also the best player in Japan. He still has some status. He still wants you not to attack him, and he won’t make moves to you. This time, he is coming straight to me. My grandfather Zhou Shan will go out of the mountain and Masato will fight for my safety. You don’t have to worry
Zhouyi slowly nodded and said that although he is still young now, he has been somewhat arrogant when he spoke.
"yes, boss"
Jing Ge and others should have responded together. Just now, they were also faintly worried about Zhouyi, because they all knew that Masato’s fame knew that Masato was not so easy to deal with, but they were relieved to hear that Master Zhoushan wanted to go out and deal with Masato personally, because they all knew that Grandpa Zhouyi was the first master of the army and master Zhou Chi was almost the enemy, so Master Zhoushan must be more powerful than that.
"Brothers, I’ve been thinking about the name of the underworld gang that we are about to set up these days. Do you have any good names? Let’s discuss them. It’s a good idea."
Zhouyi continued
"Boss, why don’t you call Huaxia Gang? This name is loud enough."
Yang Silang said foolishly that his idol was that he knew him well. At that time, he was a casino in Sugiyama and was recovered by Zhou Chi, who now speaks and acts a little like Zhou Chi.
"Huaxia gang atmosphere is very atmospheric, but the name is still a little vulgar."
Zhouyi wanted to think and asked his brothers, "What do you think? Now it’s Si Guangyi. If you have any opinions, you can speak out. It’s an art to refer to the name together. There is nothing right or wrong. "
"The boss said yes, Yang Silang’s name is a bit vulgar."
After thinking about it, Laobai replied that he and Yang Silang are very close brothers, but this time is not the time to pay attention to brotherhood, but to choose the best name
"Old white what I said you feel vulgar?"
Yang Silang some not angry to old white said.
"You are a layman. You don’t believe me when I say you are vulgar. The boss says you take a vulgar name. You should realize that you are vulgar, right?" Laobai smiled and told Yang Silang that the two of them often quarreled, but Laobai often won.
Old Bai took Zhouyi’s title and pressed Yang Silang and Yang Silang, which made it difficult to talk. In fact, he didn’t have much ink in his stomach, but he was a good hand in killing gangsters.
"Laobai, you said that my name is vulgar, so what name did you think of?"
Yang Silang didn’t dare to say that Zhouyi was wrong, but he still grabbed the old white sentence.
"What’s your hurry? Isn’t that what I want?" Old white smile happily told Yang Silang that Yang Silang was so angry that he didn’t talk.
Zhouyi knows that these two people often say what is in all this.
"Eldest brother called dragon help such as? We Chinese people are dragons and dragons, and nine days means that our gang is thriving. I think this name is good. "
King smart scratched his head which big bald said
"It’s a good name, but San Francisco already has a dragon to help me and Long Aohai, the leader of the dragon gang. It’s not good for me to get another dragon gang out."
Zhouyi replied that he denied the name King Smart.
"Well, the young master said yes, we can’t gang with him." Chen Hukou said, so the name Dragon Gang was rejected.
"If the dragon gang can’t do it, is it called Dragon Humen Ru?"
After thinking hard, Jing Ge said that he liked the film and found a little inspiration.
"Jing Ge, you have a lot of small pictures, right?" Dragon Humen "is an adaptation of comic book, formerly known as" Little Rogue ".We are doing earth-shattering events, but we can forget the name" Little Rogue ".
Zhou Yibai took a look at Jingge and laughed
"Eldest brother, what name do you say? I know you should think it over."
Jingge smiled shyly and laughed
"I’ve been thinking about this question these days. What do you think of the brotherhood? We are different from the general underworld. Everyone of us is like brothers. Of course, this is my personal opinion and I want to hear something from you. "
Zhouyi wanted to think only way
"Brothers Alliance is a good name. We are here to get together and dare to do something earth-shattering."
Zhou Chi, who has never spoken, also spoke after listening to Zhouyi’s words. He very much agrees with the name Brotherhood.
"Big Brother, you are still talented. I’ve been thinking about it. Although I thought of a name, I didn’t think it was as good as you did." Laobai followed suit. Obviously, he thought Zhouyi said the name was very good
"Little master, we can call you the leader. The brotherhood alliance not only embodies the characteristics of our gang, but also has a strong sense of domineering. I am good," Chen Hu agreed.
"Do you guys have any other opinions?"
Zhouyi asked Jing Ge, Qin Feng, Yang Silang and King Li Dao after listening to Zhou Chi, Laobai and Chen Hu.
"That’s the name of the boss. I don’t think there’s a better name."
Jingge et al. humanitarian
"After that, our gang is called Brothers Alliance. Everyone wants Qi Xin to work together to expand the forces of Brothers Alliance to unify the underworld." Zhou Yi got up and was heroic. generate held out his hand and said.
"It’s the leader. We will follow the leader to the death!"
Zhouyi hand seven people also got up and put their hands together with Zhouyi hand and said together
This moment is a historic moment when people hand in hand, because there is an organization called’ Brotherhood’ in the underworld, which is bound to write a new underworld hero. Chapter 63 Killing God.
"Brothers, there is a saying in the ancients, that is, Together Brothers has broken the gold, so I will change this sentence a little bit, that is, the brotherhood has broken the gold. I say this sentence in the hope that all generations will be brothers, always treat each other with sincerity, and never forget that today we have formed an alliance with a predecessor who has not achieved his goal. If anyone dares to violate the brotherhood, I will personally teach him []"
Personal hand in hand, Zhouyi also said with some excitement that because a new era of his life is coming, of course, he did not forget to warn his brothers that they must unite sincerely.
It is extremely difficult to unify the underworld. If our brothers are not United and can’t speak to each other sincerely, then it will definitely not be done.

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