Before he met his mentor, Russell had a kind of almost malicious "joy" in his heart. The great differences in personal background and talents of his main friends were not due to Russell’s changeable personality and merger package, but based on a postal-or "pictorial" attitude.

It doesn’t have to be good enough to stand out from ordinary people and become a friend recognized by Russell … For Russell, it doesn’t matter whether an individual is good or not, but whether he is unique enough.
The singularity is a good example.
Russell realized at that time … I’m afraid he would feel extraordinary pain after being different and awkward.
In a degenerate era, he hoped that everyone would abandon evil and do good, but he was unwilling to give compulsory means to restrain and punish. This was a kind of mentality of stagnation and expectation of miracles. He didn’t want to give up anything or compromise. He wanted to save everyone perfectly, but he suffered failure because of the law, so he simply stayed where he was.
Just with goodwill and justice, you can’t do anything or do anything.
Russell was curious about how he would choose when his mentality was out of balance-he finally gave up one side from the choice of "goal" and "result" and fell to the Chinese side.
-now it seems that he chose "eye" after all.
What he has come into contact with is not strictly a secret. If he has access to the island’s network security department, he may learn this information … even if he doesn’t, he may infer it.
The reason is very simple … Even if a person dies in the island era, it is impossible for him to end the dispute of interests with grievances.
Property distribution, secret commitment and status transfer include debt inheritance … Everything they come into contact with will be "information" and given new value.
For example, ampoule biomedical can retrieve all their records from the "dead" who have been dead for 20 years to review their living habits; Sogo Science and Technology Group can also retrieve all the deceased’s diaries, notes, photos and videos from their private places, because they deleted them themselves, but still kept the passwords for recording various platforms to gain greater control.
From this perspective, the dead are more valuable than the living.
Because of their laws and their resistance, their life has become a pile of stagnant data lying quietly in the host named "Dragon", waiting for the subsequent motivation-based retrieval at will.
"In terms of the possibility of action and the ability to gain benefits, I think it is most likely that someone sneaked into the computer room of Sogo Group and copied a batch of classified’ dead’ personal information, so that they can look through the chat records to find out who is the most deceitful and rich in the group closest to the deceased."
I stood out and looked at everyone. "I don’t think you received the news either?"
"There really isn’t"
They shook their heads repeatedly.
Russell is slightly narrowed his eyes.
He has a keen eye for a detail. If it is a lie, even if he can look through the chat records to find Rydram, he should make lycaon’s banned account send a message to Rydram.
Either Ledram lied about it or he didn’t pay attention to whether it was lycaon’s account.
Or …
"… was it a lie?"
Liedrum slowly looked down as if he was lost.
But when Li Er tried to comfort him, the giant cow quickly took a deep breath and looked up firmly and said, "Forget it."
"I don’t care if the money wants him to be alive, or if Toya isn’t dead-I didn’t call him for money. I didn’t expect to see him again … if he really came back to life, I’m afraid it would be difficult to appear again.
"In that case, it is good for me to think that he has come back to life …"
It’s a stubborn but firm sound.
"But …"
Cinnabar frowned and wanted to say something.
But Radram suddenly said, "Renee, do you believe there is such a thing as a soul?"
Smell speech Russell picked his eyebrows.
He exchanged glances with the kingfisher.

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