One minute later, both of them collapsed to the ground, looked at the fruit of the tree and said, "I’m so hungry. If I had enough to eat, I would have beaten you."

"oh! Thank you, thank you for letting me go, but I don’t need your humility. Let’s call a truce and come back when you have a rest and are full, "Wu said by leaning against a tree."
Luffy, who was beaten black and blue, got up again as if he couldn’t kill Xiaoqiang. Because Wu Tian spoke, his goal was no longer Wu Day, but the trees were hung with fruits that looked delicious.
"Ka La Ka La" is the sound made by Luffy when he is holding the fruit wholeheartedly, but Luffy thinks it is too slow to eat like this without five minutes.
Then Luffy opened his mouth wide with one hand and hit the tree with a rubber pistol with the other, and then the hill-like fruit fell into Luffy’s mouth and made a "sniff" sound.
After a while, Luffy turned his head and asked, "Hello! What’s your name! "
Wu Tian took one look at Luffy and then said, "My name is Wu Tian, and I will be the freest person in the world."
Luffy sat up and said with a serious face, "My name is Monkey D. Luffy and I’m going to be a man of One Piece."
"According to your strength, it is difficult to become a One Piece, but I believe you will be stronger in the future. I look forward to watching you become a One Piece." Wu Tian is a support for Luffy’s dream. After all, Luffy, but Captain Nami beat Luffy suddenly out of jealousy of the other protagonist’s aura
"You are not very annoying to talk!" Luffy scratched his head and said with some pride
Then Luffy remembered something, and his face suddenly turned bad: "But you arrested my partner, otherwise I really wanted to invite you to my boat, but it’s a pity that you should be able to solve everything by flying away, although you don’t know what you want to arrest my partner."
Luffy finished posing for the fighting posture "second gear" and immediately the surrounding steam overflowed.
"Rubber Rubber Whip" Luffy’s feet stretched and swept to Wu Tian. Wu Tian held out his hand with milky light. The palm of his hand directly caught this attack. If Wu Tian didn’t stop it, the tree that made Luffy feast might be destroyed by Luffy’s kindness to bite the hand that feeds him. After all, this forest is Wu Tiangu.
"Rubber, rubber, beating" Luffy’s hand is fast enough to count the phantoms. Wu Tian consciously evaded several attacks and was hit several times, but he was not hurt at all, but a tree behind him suffered.
When Luffy was getting ready to fight again
A woman in the distance said, "Lufei Jun, where are you?"
Luffy heard it. It’s Vivian.
"Luffy, where have you been?" Another woman sounded out.
This sound Luffy will not forget, nor can he forget, because it is the sound of his navigator Nami.
"It’s enough to have such an unreliable captain. Let my great Wu Suopu lead you!" A man complained that it was stop talking and know who it was.
When I heard these words, Luffy froze. He looked at Wu Tiandang strangely. When he saw Wu Tianna holding his arm and looking like a koo, he was speechless at the moment.
Chapter 60 Collapse Shan Zhi
When Wu Day crossed, a hot word came to shape, and the expression must be very appropriate, that is, Meng Force.
Nami came to Nami when Luffy was forced, and saw Luffy send it directly. For this unreliable captain Nami, who often runs around alone, he can no longer treat it softly. "Luffy, you idiot are here! You hurry up and come here, or I’ll make Qiao Ba tie you up and run around again. "
Luffy turned his head to look at Wu day and then turned his head to look at Wu day. Nami turned back and said angrily, "So you lied to me! Bastard, you didn’t take Nami and Vivian. "
Luffy’s brain may have been rubberized because of eating rubber fruit. It is obvious that a question has been thought for so long before the answer is said.
Wu Tian smiled and said to Luffy, "I’m sorry I cheated you."
Then Wu Tian asked again, "But if you don’t say so, you shouldn’t fight me, right?"
Before Luffy could answer, Wu said to himself, "If you don’t do this, Luffy, you won’t do it. If you don’t do it, I have no reason to repair you so well."
"Nani? What are you whispering about? But since you have apologized, I will forgive you, but you have to invite me to dinner. "The foodie Luffy gave up hatred.
"No problem, you can eat as much as you want, and you are afraid that you can’t eat." Wu Tian said that his confidence comes from this huge forest that is constantly growing.
"Yes, I’m looking forward to it, but I can’t right now." Then Luffy pointed to Nami and they said, "I’m going there now. My partner is waiting for me. Do you want to come with me?"
Luffy finished and went straight to Nami. Of course, Wu Tian followed them there.
Luffy directly used the fruit ability to bounce himself to Nami, who was less than 3 meters away, because of the strength! Luffy hit Wu Suopu and they rolled into a ball.
Wu Tian also sped up. Although a few dives chased him, it was a little more, but it was similar. Wu Tian’s way was more decent than Luffy’s way. After all, Luffy was fast, but the landing way was not very good.
"Nami, this is my new friend. He said he would invite me to dinner. What’s your name again?" Luffy pointed to Wu day and introduced them to Nami.
"It’s too hasty for Luffy to treat others as friends after a meal!" Chef Shan Zhi said.
Qiao Ba, a ship doctor, looked at Wu Tian with a puzzled face. Wu Tianshen felt the danger, but at the same time he was worried that Luffy was bruised because of Luffy.
Wu Suopu is also a face of approval. He agrees with Shan Zhi’s speech. His chest is so high that he just needs to write his face: Look! Look! What an unreliable captain this is! Let me, Captain Wu Suopu, lead you!
Sauron also looked at Wu Tianlong Road with a frown and felt the danger. Mr. Captain, regardless of how bad it is, the anthomaniac chef has no other ability except anthomaniac (Sauron recognizes), and he still owes money to Miss Voyager, and Miss Voyager, Qiao Ba and Wu Suopu are almost all scum. All possible dangers need him to guard against.
Wei Wei looked at Luffy with a worried face, not worried about Luffy’s worrying IQ, but also afraid that Wu Tian is the enemy after r·2· Feng Kelei. After all, there are many enemies that Wei Wei has never seen.
Nami looked at Wu Tian’s face and felt familiar, but there were some differences, and she couldn’t believe it at the moment when she learned that he was missing some time ago.
"My name is Wu Tian." When I heard Wu Tian’s affirmation, Nami cried with joy.
Wu day watching tears Nami smiled and said: "Nami long time no see, you should miss me? Come and hug. "
Nami came straight at me, and then.
How come it’s like this again? Once again, Wu Tiantou was hugged by Nami and pushed to a place full of soft feeling, and his little brother felt a little different and tried to suppress it. It was so painful.
"Well, let me be seen by others, and I still have a lot to tell you." Wu Tian was small enough for two people to hear the sound muttering.
"What is it? No matter what it is, I don’t want to leave you again. Listen to Nojiko. They said that when you suddenly disappeared, I cried and was very sad, "Nami said."
Shan Zhi, a spoony chef, is muttering while drawing a circle: "Miss Nami has a crush on someone."
"I want to say it’s about money." Wu Tian struggled for a few more times, but he still didn’t break free. So he said something because of his geographical location. Please forgive me.
"Don’t you have a lot of endless money?" Nami loosen wu day with tears eyes suddenly turned into berry glittering looking at wu day said.
"Well, I seem to have a lot of money, but it will take me a while to get here," Wu said awkwardly while wiping Nami’s tears.
"Oh yeah! Great. It turned out to be Miss Nami’s brother. Sure enough, Miss Nami and Princess Vivian are all me. "Is the anthomaniac chef excited and waving his fist?"
"Really?" Nami asked with a grain of salt. Sure enough, Nami still likes money.

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