Although Hao Telei wrestling is good and powerful, he is not as accurate as a southerner, but he is also a hero. Fighting back to the death is a saying in martial arts, "Three doors to a ghost gate". This is exactly the case with Hao Telei.

At this moment, Hao Telei suddenly made a low head and slammed one or two people who were very close to each other. This collision crashed into the practice of rainbow rising, and the practice of rainbow rising was not prevented. This trick concealed the face and regressed Hao Telei’s defeat, and the top leader grabbed him, but at this moment, a sap was used to practice rainbow rising, and his head and brains were smashed to practice rainbow rising, and he died.
Mongolians’ eyes are as wide open as two bells, practicing rainbow rising and practicing rainbow rising. They cried as if they had lost their bones. They went to Hangzhou to sneak attack and succeeded in laughing. Mongolians pointed to Hangzhou and scolded him angrily.
It turns out that Mongols are naturally bellicose, but they don’t lose their manhood. Because they saw the rainbow rising and brave, they secretly attacked and killed Hao Lei’s opponent Hao Lei. I don’t know what he said to look at Jin Taiwang.
At this time, in the bloody battle of Lian Junxian over there, he still listened to the square eyes. At first glance, his brother died, and he was angry and rushed to eat a whip and an elbow to sweep the silver hook, which also hurt one person and rushed to the back of the Mongols.
Hang Hao-trey’s opposite eye glanced at this just to warn him, but he saw Kim Tae-sen shaking his head in a heavy way. Hang Hao-trey swallowed back the words he had shouted to his mouth.
It turns out that when Mrs. Kim saw Hao Telei, she stopped Han Yong from being unhappy than practicing rainbow. See also the practice of rainbow rising and losing. In my heart, I hope that they will fight for mutual destruction, but Hao Leixuan controls the overall situation. So isn’t a Mongolian much more powerful than his own Xu Jin Guo soldier Qin Gui Zhu Tianwang’s hand?
Hangzhou killed Lian Hong Sheng Jin Er Tai, and somehow she felt a sense of regret and jealousy. At this time, when she saw Lian Junxian’s brother Qiu Xiang Hao Te Lei rushing, she didn’t warn him.
When everyone saw that Mrs. Jin was so, they stopped; Hao Te Lei Youzi cursed Hang Lian Junxian for not knowing Mongolian, and decided that when the bald giant came to his brother, he was violently killed and grieved. If he didn’t pay attention to the rules of Wulin, he was hooked in the "shoulder well point" around the ancient Chinese and Mongolians! Hao Lei was badly hit and howled without looking back. He slammed into the "patio cave" of Lian Junxian. Both of them were seriously injured and dizzy. Suddenly, they failed to recover. Suddenly, they heard half a golden coat flying like a arrow, and they hit them with two palms. Both of them felt as light as a leaf, but they were suddenly stunned by thunder. Half of them died, but the people naturally died. Jin Ertai Jin Muxia did not kill them because of his hand, and even Hao Lei also killed them together. Tough and extremely devastating, people usually kill themselves, and they are eager to drink like thunder. At this moment, Hao Te Lei suddenly jumped from the ground, and his huge body suddenly bounced up and hugged Jin Ertai Jin Muxia with a slap in the face! See Hao Trey’s eyes are wide open and he can’t keep talking, and his eyes can’t keep oozing blood. Jin Muxia knows that this Mongolian has been repeating, "What are you trying to kill me? Why do you want to kill me? " Gold two too ignore so much has been playing to the 17th palm that embrace his python body thick copper arm gradually loose gold too capacity in the palm of your hand a close "wow" a fierce rush finally broke free Hao Lei embrace.
Haoteli slammed into the ground and never got up again.
Jin Muxia studied the appearance for a long time. Although he was calm, he was afraid that the man would leap again and watch it for half a ring. He knew that Hao Te Lei had already breathed his last. At this time, Hangzhou and others came over to brag and praise him.
Hao Telei died in vain and didn’t know that Jin Ertai killed him. At this time, Jin Muxia was praised by others. At the bottom, I secretly felt that the popularity of the Song Dynasty had been exhausted, and all the loyal officials and good generals were given to corrupt officials. It’s the bitter cold and hot land in the north, and these tartars are stronger and stronger, so we must not worry about it. When we go back, we must tell my father to guard against northern Xinjiang.
His mind was set, and he immediately said, "Yue Fei is coming, clean up the body quickly, and we will ambush." At this moment, the mountain breeze blew the emperor’s ruined temple.
Jin Muxia spent a while and suddenly distinguished a very subtle thing.
This breath is so subtle that it is almost impossible to hear it. It is obviously a first-class expert who breathes.
But this breathing is very rapid, like a very weak state.
It’s not like a first-class master breathing.
Otherwise, he really can’t hear anyone hiding around here.
Before he entered the Central Plains, he knew that there were many talented people in the Wulin of China, and he should not be underestimated. Although he was young, he would never act rashly and be proud of himself. The intention is established. "Our signal is to’ worship God’ and start work as soon as we hear these two words."
Everyone should say "Yes!"
These people are used to bullying the good people at ordinary times, and they have done a lot of harm to the world and rely on their martial arts. What were they afraid of? And this time, it is Megatron who is going to kill Yue Fei, and they can’t help but get a little nervous.
Jin Muxia’s hand pointed out, "Hang, you will hide there with a group of people …" Before the words were finished, he suddenly flew out and jumped into the bushes. Seeing an old man and a young man is unforgettable. Zhuang Jin Muxia hesitated a little and took a shot at the top of his head …
He hit Baihui point and Baihui point, which is a hundred points in life. The lighter his "light smoke palm method" is, the heavier his opponent’s injury is. He knows that he can lurk here for so long that he has never realized that he must be a martial arts expert and that he can keep quiet as usual when he is swept into the bushes. This concentration is only the first-class player. His hand is naturally lighter.
He doesn’t know that these two people are really first-class masters in Wulin, and at the moment, these two generations of patriarchs just strike back.
He is a fanatic.
Yan fanatic is suffering from diplomatic levy. At the moment, he is lucky and goes against the blood balance, but he has been unable to hold his ear like a golden drum, and his fighters are rushing to jump in front of him. The standard is like a cloud, the knife is as light as snow, and he feels cold like Xuan Bing in a cooking bottle.
He knows that at the moment, five minds may not be able to guide the true qi in the right direction, but at the moment, if Xiao Qiushui can help him … He remembered that Xiao Qiushui had been ordered by him, and this memory was even more exciting when Jin Muxia slapped his forehead "Baihui point"
This general gale almost destroyed his brain, but this general strength just slightly frustrated him to go against the true qi-then Yan fanatics have put the interest into the tail, and then they can control the true qi when they reach the arm from the tail, and then they are finally brought back to the center of the mud pill palace by Jiaji, Shuang Sheng Tianzhu and Jade Pillow. After a while, the tongue reaches the palate, and after passing through the Shenting and Magpie Bridge, they are brought into the abdomen by Huangting and cavitation.
His luck has been running for a whole week in an instant. Bang! Bang! Hit with two palms
Jin Muxia hit the Yan fanatic with a palm, only to see that the lion was as grand as a lion. The old man’s face was dark and uncertain. He didn’t know whether his actions were right or wrong, so he wanted to aim at Xiao Qiushui’s "lack of basin points" and another palm.
Just then Yan fanatic’s palm has hit him.
It hit his clothes before his skin, and Yan fanatic was as easy as a flash, hitting the two points of Jin ertai’s "Cloud Gate" and "Dahe"
Jin Muxia was attacked at first, but he didn’t dodge and drink.
He drinks a lot, and there are two meanings: first, he wakes everyone up and warns himself that he is in danger of being attacked, and second, he transports Qigong given by "Jin Yan Condor of Xiaoqinlian Mountain" and drinks a lot to force out qi and blood.
But Yan fanatic skill Jin Yanxia where offset! Just got a semitone to detain and smother the throat, and it has been knocked down.
At this time, a bunch of people in Hangzhou rushed over shouting. Yan fanatics grabbed Jin Muxia’s neck with one hand and tightened him tightly. Jin Muxia almost exposed his eyes. Yan fanatics shouted, "Come! One more step and I’ll wring this golden puppy’s neck! "
Those people in Hangzhou are trying to get the gold appreciation, get promoted and get rich, and now they dare to make changes in their hands; But Xiao colchicine here also changed his face.
Xiao Qiushui suddenly changed color because he didn’t have much contact with Yan fanatics, but he knew his crazy personality quite well. He might have intimidated others with Kim Tai and dared not expect anything. Yan fanatics, like fire, will rush in and kill half of them. There must be a reason for this.
The biggest possibility is that Yan fanatic’s skill has not been restored or has not been answered.
It is a terrible thing that a strong enemy looks down on him and he is controlled by the Lord’s skill and has not recovered.
Besides, these "strong enemies" are ruthless traitors and greedy people, and if these people kill Yan fanatics and their own one, it will be General Yue Feiyue, the lifeblood of the whole country!
"Iron Turtle" Hangzhou certainly didn’t know that the big fellow like a god in front of him was a man who moved heaven and moved the people. If he knew, I’m afraid he had already escaped. What Hangzhou thought in his heart was just to pave the way for his promotion and wealth.
Hangzhou when drink a way "who are you? Let it go quickly … Second Master has something to say! "
Yan fanatic glared at his eyes and said, "There is nothing to say!"

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