"It’s a pity that you killed a Godsworn with good strength, and you said that the bandits would come to seek revenge these days, so I’ll spare your life and help me fight them when the bandits pounce, such as? To successfully repel the invading bandits, I can let you leave. It’s not bad to have a casual repair outside, at least you can save your life. "

Luo Chang is not pedantic. He raised his head and said, "It’s better to die than to live. I promise you that you will jointly repel the leader, but you must untie this steel rope for me and return my bow and arrow first. I have all my strength. Without him, I can escape in two ways."
"Yeah, but I’m not sure if you really want to surrender." Li Yan swept the steel rope from his body with a firm but gentle wave
"What do you want me to do to believe me?"
"It’s very simple to kill Qian Feng and the guillotine so that others will think that you betrayed your leader and took refuge in the Lord." Li Yan said calmly, this is a warlords.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Armor
"Kill Qian Feng in front of the city?" Fall often a quiver andao "this man is so cruel Qian Feng is a member of the leader’s people. If I kill him, I will openly resist the leader. Even if I go back in the future, I won’t believe that the leader will recognize me as a duplicitous person. Although things in this flowing city have failed, it may not be that there are not many agents here. Once I start work, I will go back immediately."
"But if I don’t kill him, I will be beheaded by this man at once and die as usual"-he was caught in a dilemma.
Li Yan said, "I don’t have that much patience. When you kill Qian Feng, will you kill both of you together?"
Qian Feng has a face of despair. He already knows that he can’t escape death, but he is relieved that he still has a son left. Although he can’t practice, he can lead an ordinary life. At the very least, he has a relative who burns paper to sweep the grave after his death.
Luo Chang bit his teeth. "Do you want me to promise you to kill Qian Feng?"
"Very well, Master Liu, please send Qian Feng and this person to the guillotine to make things bigger. Seeing him kill the black cat that prevented him from escaping, he will go with you." Li Yan said that the black cat got up.
Liu Qian gave a hand and said, "Li Xiong can rest assured that I will handle this matter."
"Good. Then I’ll go."
Back in the courtyard, Wang Xinmei said, "Brother Li, if those bandits really come, wouldn’t it be dangerous again? We might as well do what we can, but if the strength between us is too great, run away. Black cats can’t stop us."
Li Yan’s eyes flashed. "Your suggestion is good. It’s a feasible way. If you know it or not, you won’t throw straws against the wind. Even if you lose your faith, you have to save your life. We are not too big in this flowing city. We are willing to stay and help them. After all, they and we also have a deep hatred. We will find you sooner or later."
Wang Xinmei nodded. "I’m relieved that Li Dage thinks so. Then I won’t bother Li Dage. I’m going to practice flying knives. Now I feel that my eyesight has improved. Many flying knives are aiming and the speed is getting better and better. I believe that after practicing for a while, my three bronze flying knives will be able to kill Godsworn."
It’s true that Wang Xinmei’s three bronze flying knives are just a leap in the past to fight for the other person’s life if he is not careful. That’s how Tieman met in the desert before she was planted in her hands.
"Wait girl" Li Yan suddenly stopped Wang Xinmei.
"So Li Dage?" Wang Xinmei asked
"This thing can kill you with one blow, but be careful not to hurt yourself." Li Yan threw a crystal bottle to Wang Xinmei
Wang Xinmei asked in surprise, "What is this? ?”
"This is poison. Even the Godsworn can poison poison. By the way, you are running out of flying knives. Even the three bronze flying knives are left. I’ll let you refine some mysterious flying knives later. Do you have any requirements for flying knives? Tell me now if you have something, "Li Yan said.
Wang Xinmei thought, "Without me practicing the flying knife described in Xiao Li’s flying knife, this bronze flying knife is troublesome. Let’s build it like this."
"Well, I know, don’t practice too hard. You have to keep your spirits up." Li Yan said and returned to the house
Wang Xinmei left after seeing Li Yan’s figure disappear completely.
Back to the lobby of the house has been filled with boxes of refining materials. Before attending Li Yan to take a bath, two maids, Chunlan Qiuju, have been respectfully there.
"I don’t know what else Li Gong needs, but the handmaiden will tell the owner," Chunlan said softly.
Li Yan waved his hand. "No, I want the refiner not to be disturbed now. You two go out first. I’ll call you if something happens."
"That doesn’t bother Li Gong, the handmaiden excused herself." The two maids Ying Ying gave a ceremony and then stepped on Lian Bu and withdrew.
"Hey qiu ju, have you heard? The Li Gong beheaded a monk who refined the realm of God. "Chunlan took Qiu Ju’s novel.
Qiu Ju nodded. "Naturally, I’ve heard that I didn’t expect this Li Gong to be so strong. The Godsworn is no match, and I also heard that he keeps the panther. It’s also very Li Yan who is chasing a Godsworn out of the flowing water city. As a result, the second Godsworn in Qianjia was caught alive. Before I saw that the Godsworn and Qianjia were tied into the hall and were at the mercy of this man."
"That you say if we follow the male is much better than stay willow home? Maybe we’ll wait until Li Gongbi can make great progress and become a great monk, "Chunlan said."
Qiu Ju shook his head. "Don’t be paranoid. This monk is living in the wind and rain, or else how can he hone a strong strength? How can we be qualified to stay with him in this modest way? This time, our status has risen a lot because of serving this Li Gong. That Liu Bo has also paid us ten times as much, and even some of Liu’s direct brothers secretly curry favor with us. It is very rare that such a change has taken place."
Chunlan said, "You’re a fool. Our status has only risen because of Li Gong. If he left, we will still go back to the former. Think about it. If we weren’t lucky, we would have become those young masters like his sisters. Hum, these young masters are all straw bags. Think about the elder sister. She is beautiful, but she hasn’t lost her virginity. As a result, she has changed four young masters in the last few years. It’s even more tragic that the elder sister is infected with a chronic disease. The day depends on washing and sweeping the floor to make a living. If it weren’t for our secret support, the elder sister would have died of illness, and these young masters heard that the elder sister had a disease, and they were all far away from being infected. But this time, these young masters provoked the black panther of Li Gong and were killed. Liu Guzhu even dared to be angry and dare not speak alive. Look at me and I will be Japanese. "

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