Judging from the distance, the sneak attacker may not be a double-headed carrion wolf in the population such as Qin Yueshuang.

Because if that guy were a silver-level fierce beast, he would not turn around and run away when he heard his movement, but he was waiting for his door with confidence.
In other words, there is also a secretive creature in this strange fog.
No, we must find a way to figure out what that creature is first.’
The more I think about Liu Yuan, the more I feel that the sneak attacker I met before is not a group of carrion wolves.
He didn’t want to be suddenly ambushed in the fog while walking.
"Lu Yuan, what do you think we should do now?"
Liu Yuan looked up and saw that Qin Yueshuang was looking at herself with a serious face.
Perhaps because of a series of accidents, this high-spirited young lady has lost her thinking ability and can seek help from others.
Liu Yuan looked at Qin Yueshuang and thought for a moment, then said, "Don’t worry, let’s find a way to get his classmates to find the silver fierce beast in the shakotan coast … it’s not something that we students can solve."
Qin Yue Shuang nodded his head as a recognition of Liu Yuan’s words.
As Qin Yueshuang also wants to say when Liu Yuan suddenly "hissed".
Qin Yue Shuang immediately shut up and looked serious.
Liu Yuan listened carefully to the surrounding movements in situ.
Sasha Vujacic …
A wind rustled the leaves in the fog.
Without hesitation, Liu Yuan threw a "probe" directly into the sound direction.
[ding! The matching degree of the other template is too low, so add …]
"Fog Shadow Dog"
【 Attribute dark and windy 】
"Grade bronze two stars"
It’s the fierce beast who attacked the students in No.2 Middle School!
I was looking for it, but it found the door itself.
But soon Liu Yuan sensed something bad.
A pair of scarlet eyes suddenly appeared in the fog. When you look closely, there are as many as a dozen.
There are so many moms!’
Looking at those eyes in the fog, Liu Yuan suddenly felt cold in his back.
Without hesitation, Liu Yuan directly grabbed one side and what happened to Qin Yue frost was not white.
"run! ! !”
Chapter 26 One Enemy Three
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Liu Yuan took Qin Yueshuang to escape, and the fog dogs went straight after him.
See more than a dozen gray giant dogs in the fog.
After discovering that the distance is getting closer and closer, Liu Yuan Guo broke and shouted "Tam! Frog oil! "
Smell speech also ran away. Tam acted immediately.
See tam suddenly jumped up and turned to aim at the fog dogs behind him in the suspension of his body.
Frog oil!
Tam opened his mouth and sprayed a large amount of frog oil directly to the ground.
After applying the frog oil, Tam quickly landed, and then he directly chased Lu Yuan and others without any pause.
It moves smoothly without any sloppiness.
Aside from Qin Yueshuang, I was greatly shocked when I saw this scene.
She shocked the tacit understanding between Lu Yuan and Tam, and shocked Tam’s fighting wisdom.
Ordinary pet animals usually act foolishly according to the orders of the animal bender
Therefore, this often makes the fighting style of pet animals much more rigid than that of fierce animals.
Only those pet animals with rich combat experience can understand the orders of the animal bender and make correct moves in a short time.
And Tammy doubt is that kind.
Similarly, using the frog oil Tam to move like this will not only slow down his escape, but also cause trouble to the fog dogs behind him, which can kill two birds with one stone.
This water jumping frog fighting talent is too outstanding …’

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