The generals were ordered to scatter to offer a powerful magic weapon to bloom and instantly surround all these more than ten warships.

Four black-robed old men in the cabin of the first warship were discussing around a round table. Suddenly, the warship shook violently and was forced by powerful powers, which immediately made their eyebrows wrinkle.
A soldier’s brother broke in and said, "Tell the viceroy that Mrs. Tai led thousands of strong men to surround us and ask the viceroy to make a decision!"
First black old man eyebrows a wrinkly, "what did you say? Big Friday too? How can my soldier clan and the royal vegetarian feud suddenly surround me and wait for me to go out and have a look! "
He got up and left the warehouse, and the other three black-robed elders followed him out.
As soon as the viceroy came out of the cabin, he saw all sides full of strong people flying with flags and magic weapons. All of them were bashful and glaring. Right in front of them, a young man wearing a dragon robe and a purple and gold crown was looking at himself coldly.
The viceroy’s face sank, ha ha smiled, and his eyes filled with murderous look. "I don’t know if Wutai suddenly came, but our soldiers have sinned against the royal family?" What’s the matter, please speak too plainly? "
Mrs. Wu gave a slight hand and said, "Don’t blame the governor for intruding, but we are arresting the criminals and surrounding the governor."
"Catch the criminal?"
The viceroy frowned and laughed instead of laughing. "I don’t know what is too important to catch?" If you catch the important criminals, you will catch the important criminals and surround our soldiers. "
"To tell you the truth, it is the disappearance of your warship that is the most wanted criminal." Wutai sighed slightly.
Viceroy face a heavy sneer at a way "disappear my soldiers warships? Wutai, are you kidding? The viceroy has been in the warship. What’s the trouble that can hide from me? Besides, you didn’t look down on my soldier’s Sect too much. What is my soldier’s Sect? "
Five Tais said, "If you want to commit a heinous crime, I surround the governor and think that if you leave, your soldiers will be robbed because of it. Why don’t you let me search for it? If you can’t find Xiao Wang, you will make amends yourself!"
Viceroy, direct and complete drink murderous look filling way "Ji Shen, are you really a bully when I’m a soldier? Don’t say it’s you, even if your uncle comes to the viceroy, you should be respectful. What are you? Dare to check that there are thousands of royal brothers in our warships, and you are a lot less. Get out of here quickly or get out of the viceroy and directly turn you into a magic weapon! "
Wu Taixin was angry. I didn’t expect this viceroy to be so difficult to talk, and he didn’t give him any face. There are many uncles in the DPRK who have studied art. If it weren’t for Nai, he wouldn’t want to provoke this force.
Because in the future, most of the seizure of the throne will depend on the military force, but how can you stand being scolded by the viceroy in front of thousands of monks?
Five too skin to smile don’t smile arch hand way "is a small follwed hit also please don’t blame the viceroy, but wang kindly wake the viceroy, Xiao Yu was called Xiao Man to kill even the royal brothers of heaven and earth are dead. I have reported to the royal family of heaven and earth in his hand, and I’m afraid they will come soon. Then if ““““ `"
He stopped talking and retreated.
The viceroy frowned and said, "Stop!"
"What else does the viceroy command?" Wutai asked
The viceroy laughed coldly. "If I don’t let you search today, you will probably create a ballad about our soldiers after you leave. In this case, it won’t hurt that the viceroy let you search, but Wutai can think about it. What if Xiao Man can’t be found?"
Wutai took a deep breath and said, "I can’t find out that Xiao Man and Xiao Wang are willing to make amends in person!"
With a wave of his hand, the viceroy motioned for everyone to disperse behind him.
Wu Taishen shouted, "Search for me!"
They immediately rushed into the major warships, scanned carefully and searched every corner, even killing rats and flies.
Xiao Yu turned into a bag of hay and lay there motionless, and everyone stepped over him and turned him over.
After searching for a moment, they rushed out of Wutai’s side and left Wutai’s face suddenly sank.
The viceroy said coldly, "What happened? Did you get any results from the search?"
Mrs. Wu bowed down and said, "Forgive me for God’s reckless look!"
The viceroy looked at him coldly without saying a word, so he looked at the five worshippers and didn’t signal him to get up
In the heart of the mountain, I said, "Don’t blame the viceroy for disturbing me today. I think it’s inconvenient for me to bother you because the viceroy has something important to do."
"Go away!"
Viceroy, cold way
Five wives got up and took a deep look at the soldiers who turned away. In their eyes, the cold mountain was bursting and the people were leaving.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Bing Zong secret meeting
"The old thing is so not to put too much in the eyes. If it weren’t for the future, you would have been destroyed by the soldiers." Five too fists clenched and gloomy said.
"What shall we do now?"
Wei Tiangang asked
Mrs. Wu frowned at the mountain and asked, "Does Mr. Wu have a clever plan?"
The mountain slowly said, "Xiao Man can’t suddenly disappear, but it’s bound to be a hidden soldier’s warship. But Xiao Man is proficient in the change method, and those warships have also set up a powerful ban to block my awe-inspiring mirror and general Cang Lan’s eye. This just searched him. It’s not advisable to have a conflict with the soldier’s clan again. Isn’t Xiao Man saying that he’s going to find a magic medicine to help? We’ll go there and wait for him. tight encirclement will let him go back. "
"Heaven, corpse and ancient land"
Wu Tai’s face sank slightly and nodded. "Damn it, if it weren’t for Bing Zong’s cross-cutting, Xiao Man would have already fallen into too many hands at this moment. Since Bing Zong is so ignorant, I can’t stand you. Someone can pick up you."
He led the crowd to southern Xinjiang and roared away.
A bag of grain suddenly fell over among the many provisions and provisions of the soldiers’ warships. Wow, one mouthful blood twitched.
A soldier’s brother looked puzzled at the bag of grain and said, "I wonder why you suddenly vomited blood when you look at that bag of grain?"
Next to a monk shook his head and said, "Don’t talk nonsense. How can food suddenly vomit blood? You were drunk last night."
The soldier Zongdi walked there alone and came to the bag of grain. He turned it up and wanted to look at it carefully, but suddenly he saw that the grain was exposed, and he swallowed it one by one, glug and disappearing.
Xiao Yu was born white now, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding, and he suddenly became the soldier’s brother, and his steps were vain.
The monk outside noticed the difference and hurriedly turned to watch and asked, "Xiangze, are you okay?"
Xiao Yu looked up and smiled "nothing? I fell down just now, maybe I was dazzled and I was wrong earlier. "
The friar shook his head and said, "You guys are really exhausted these days. Go back and rest first. I’m watching here."
"Thank you"
Xiao Yu nodded and walked towards the cabin.
Looking at Xiao Yu’s figure, the monk was puzzled and muttered, "When did this little boy learn to say thank you to me? I let him say thank you for bullying me so many times since I was a child. How did this little fall happen?"
He is puzzled.
Xiao Yu walked in the cabin and pushed a door, only to see three black monks sitting inside, whispering Xiao Yu’s tiny Zheng.

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