Embroidered bamboo waiter Li Yan took a bath and then lay down on the couch, and a sense of tiredness flooded in.

"Don’t you know that it’s urgent to have children? Once every two or three days, you can be like you for several hours. Even an iron-clad man has to collapse." Embroidered bamboo knelt beside him and gently helped Li Yan rub his head.
"It makes sense that I haven’t had Yuan Xiang for a long time. I want to take this opportunity to enjoy myself. I didn’t know it would consume so much." Li Yan suddenly pulled the embroidered bamboo in her arms.
"You this guy don’t want to toss the old niang" embroidered bamboo suddenly want to push Li Yan but she found that Li Yan was asleep at the moment.
"Think of my mother as a pillow?" She gently hugged Li Yan’s head to the softest place in her arms and let him lean on it.
What is the most important thing in a man’s life? It’s not wealth, but a confidante. Obviously, Li Yan has had it in this life and there is more than one.
Chapter five hundred and eleven Please ask a gentleman
next day
Li Yan regained his spirit and continued to sharpen his guns. Now that he has decided to unite the thin gold body, he should practice his calligraphy with him regardless of anything. It is no longer Yuanxiang, but embroidered bamboo. These two women don’t know what they said while he was sleeping. Is it because of yesterday’s things that they changed supervision?
Nai yixiao Li Yan continued to write.
"What font did you write? I haven’t seen it before." Embroidered bamboo took a long time to notice this. I don’t know where I went before.
Li Yan said, "This font has never appeared. I created it. If you want to achieve something in these ten days according to the usual thinking, it will be extremely difficult. Only the sword goes sideways. How about this word?"
"I don’t know, it’s just that I feel a little weird, but I don’t have a lasting appeal," embroidered bamboo said
"Maybe it’s because this font hasn’t been accepted by anyone. I’ll get used to it after reading too much, but I haven’t practiced it to the point of smoothness. Maybe I can reach a very good level in a few days, and then you can evaluate it," Li Yan said
But this time Yuan Xiang pushed the door and she said, "Li Lang’s father asked you to go to the hall again."
"Yuan Fang wants to see me?" Li Yan stopped writing "What happened?"
Yuan Xiang shook his head. "I don’t know the specific things. My father asked my body to call Li Lang."
"Well, I’ll go." Li Yanfang put his pen in his hand.
When I came to the hall, I saw Yuan Fang and an old man about the same age who was in high spirits drinking tea and talking and laughing.
"I didn’t expect you to have a son-in-law after seeing this guy for a few days. This son-in-law of yours has something to do with it. In just a few days, it’s called this son-in-law, and it’s always criticized. You can get much more vigilant. Don’t recruit thieves into the house," said the old man
Yuan Fang’s face is wrinkled into a ball. "You old dog can’t spit out ivory. What do you mean, son-in-law? You need to know whether my shabby Yuan House or the small money is used for renovation. Even we are drinking a large sum of money and buying a cup of tea. This year, mediocrity is everywhere, but it’s hard to find a son-in-law who can’t hide it from you. This little old guy is brought by my daughter from a uniting sect. It seems that a new generation of leaders in that sect care about the little girl brother who can walk around the mountain after listening to my daughter. The result is still my daughter Children’s essence has been brought to Beijing, and it’s quite meaningful to take root again. You also know that if this person is repaired, he can’t see anything. In this year, who hasn’t repaired it, and the most important thing in Beijing is the master. If I try to get this little help to take care of my fast-closing shop, hey hey, guess what, I’ll be alive in half a day. Now my monthly income is several times that of when I was a guarding city commander. If you want to drink, I’ll treat you. "
"So you really like this small one?" The old man said
Yuan Fang said, "You can’t say that. When Xiao Gang came, I already knew who my daughter was, and even if she was a mediocrity, I also knew that the marriage had forced my daughter to run away from home. If I drive this little girl away from my house again, wouldn’t it be the last time? Hey, I also intend to recruit a son-in-law in this case, then the baby will be my house."
"Ha ha, you’d better make an abacus and see clearly enough, but you never invited me to come and sit down today." The old man laughed.
Yuan Fang said, "Actually, it’s nothing. As you know, those two small poems have caused a lot of trouble, and an invitation was sent to the Four Emperors’ Mansion two days ago to let this little trip, saying that some scholars had a fight to help. If I am more proficient in the way of the world than you, but you can throw me ten blocks away. Please teach him to understand the rules of reading people in these few days, and then make a fool of himself at the banquet."
The old man’s eyes are a little dignified. "The banquet in the Four Emperors’ Mansion will be a weak crown of the Four Emperors in a few days. I heard that this grandson of the Emperor can be deeply loved by the Four Emperors and is also a talented scholar. In the past few years, he has become a scholar. If he hadn’t met a flying man named Mu Baifei, he might have become a champion. It is strange that this man didn’t take part in the imperial examination after losing to Mu Baifei at that time, otherwise he would definitely be a champion. However, in recent years, this person has also kept a low profile and has gradually faded out of
Speaking of which, he has hesitated. "As far as I know, the Four Emperors hosted a banquet for many high-ranking people on the royal side by giving them the opportunity of a weak crown ceremony, not to mention, for example, having withdrawn from the temple ceremony, Champaign, the first swordsman in Beijing, Gongsun Xiu, and a palm man in Li Chunfeng Mansion. Everyone has either great influence or top strength, especially in Li Chunfeng Mansion. It is said that Li Fu has been standing upright in recent years, and people are underestimated because some people suspect that Li Chunfeng is still alive, but it is reasonable to say that he is an old man in the same era as Taizong. It’s already dead, but the influence of Li Fu is getting bigger and bigger. Fortunately, the four emperors are not prosperous. It’s surprising that your son-in-law can get along at that level. "
Yuan Fang said, "I invited you here to give you some advice. I hope nothing goes wrong with that little budding figure."
"In that case, I can do my best, but to tell you the truth, if I think it’s too small to be plastic, I will never get involved in this muddy water," said the old man
"It’s been so many years, you old thing, and you still cherish your name." Yuan Fang shook his head.
The old man said, "This is wrong. You and I have known each other for many years, but I don’t care about your name. This fellow should know that it is a gift to read well or not. It is also a teacher who taught me that my brother can speak eloquently, but he is dumb. He also reads as many scholars and gains, but he can fight poems and gain …"
Chapter five hundred and twelve Can’t write poetry today
"All right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all this talk about this guy before he sees you. I’ve already told you to take a look at it later. If you think it’s good, you can teach it, but I think it’s very plastic and won’t let you down." Yuan Fang will stop it and continue to go.
At this time, Li Yan just arrived at him and bowed his hand. "I won’t come to what my father-in-law called me to do."
Yuan Fang squinted and said, "There’s nothing for you. I invited a gentleman to teach you some reading rules, which will make you make a fool of yourself in a few days."
"Sir?" Li Yan one leng didn’t expect this Yuan Fang to hire a gentleman for himself.
"This is Mr. Su Liang Qi Su. Why don’t you meet him quickly?" Yuan Fang said.
Li Yan didn’t visit immediately, but looked at the man. Although he was old, he was in high spirits, especially dressed meticulously and sat there more upright. It is not difficult to see from these details that this Mr. Su is a very stubborn person.
Li Yan looked at him and Su Liangqi also looked at Li Yan. He asked, "Are you Li Yanyuan’s son-in-law?"
"Good" Li Yan answered.
"How good are you at piano and chess painting?" Su Liangqi said slowly
Li Yan said, "I’m not proficient in anything."
Su Liangqi frowned and said, "Not bad but also modest. If you are willing to learn from me, you can still learn something."
Li Yan suddenly sweated. This old man is afraid of misunderstanding. He is not modest, but not at all. Didn’t Yuan Fang tell him?
"I heard that you made two poems, which attracted many scholars’ praise. I heard that it will be written in the Book of Songs. So it seems that your poems should be good. Why not make one today?" Su Liangqi said
Li Yan shook his head and said, "I’m disappointed with my husband. I can’t tell now." Even if he recites another song, it’s wrong. The horse’s mouth will definitely be recognized as plagiarism. It’s better to just say that it won’t get darker and darker.

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