There are only five Zujidan left in my hand. If I can’t succeed this time, I may not have another chance to get it, so the promotion to Zijiang will be far away. Refining bony pterodactyls will also become extravagant hopes that they will still be killed by ants in the hands of the white witch corpse king.

No way!
I don’t want this!
Never do this!
Take control of your own destiny. I’d rather die than bend!
With firm confidence, Zhang Yang runs his magic to dissolve the drug.
After two or three hours, the drug slowly diffuses to come.
The power of medicine permeates everywhere in an instant, and the magical airflow is like solidification. A powerful coercion impact comes to Zhang Yang, and the teeth simply fainted when they were hit.
Perhaps because there is no danger to life, the "Taiyin Refinement" in the depths of the soul did not appear this time.
Although in a coma, Zhang Yang’s skin is still gaping wildly, devouring the Yin-Qi supplements around her, and she has come out to exercise to a certain extent due to the compression of airflow. This has become a natural manifestation in the subconscious mind, and she will not make progress at all times. I don’t know how many people to envy just for this.
Zhang Yang didn’t notice … The scene was clearly seen when he sat cross-legged in the Yin Spring of a stone mountain with a thickness of hundreds of meters.
See Zhang Yang’s body slowly changing the bare skin on the body surface, and sometimes it appears purple and scales, but sometimes it appears golden yellow … When the golden yellow is presented, a faint coercion comes; A messy long hair is also long and dense; The limbs, palms and bodies … are changing all the time.
The white witch corpse king’s eyes suddenly widened with incredible expressions.
"What’s going on? It’s different! Where is a little different! "
"Is that coercion! Although it is faint, even I feel a little shudder … How is this possible? "
The white witch corpse king was shocked.
Can the breath of a small wandering corpse when it is promoted to Purple Stiff make a head of Mao Stiff dzogchen shudder? This is simply going against the sky
"What is the practice achievement method of this little wandering corpse? Will there be such a situation when you are promoted? "
After the shock, the white witch corpse king became hot everywhere, and his desire for this kind of achievement method has reached a naked and undisguised level.
"Be sure to get it! Be sure to get this skill! This is my chance to advance! Can’t miss it! "
"Glaze glaze! I’ve been waiting too long. Even the old master can’t help me break through this threshold … but I have a hunch that this achievement method will definitely make me break through. "
The strange smile of the white witch corpse king echoed in the Yinquan cave, and it was even more cold with the gust of evil wind.
I don’t know the external reaction. Zhang Yang has been in a coma, and the body mana airflow is slowly changing and condensing liquid state.
This process is extremely slow but continuous.
After the success of the coagulation, these original powers in the body infiltrated into the flesh like dew nourishing the land and transformed the flesh and blood structure …
Zhang Yang’s body surface constantly devours the rich Yin qi around him, which supplements the mana consumption.
My strength soared in my sleep …
When flowing in Zhang Yang, a corpse king who knew the white witch was excited, it was difficult to restrain himself, and Zhou Xingwen was anxious to be like a cat on hot bricks.
After more than three months in Zhang Yang, one day, Yi Long suddenly screamed in the cave of Yinquan Mountain.
The ancient rhyme is long, and it smells like the oldest roar.
Accompanied by this whistling, the whole U-shaped valley mountain range was a tremor and several rubble rolled down.
In the middle of the cave, the mouth of the Yin spring is filled with mist.
Then the thick gray fog blew out and broke through the top of the mountain like a volcano.
The momentum of flying rocks is amazing.
The whole U-shaped valley has a formation of energy shields that suddenly burst like water waves.
The gray fog instantly leaked out and the ancient smell spread to the surrounding sky, and a huge gray cloud gradually condensed.
Thousands of miles away, the remains of Xianxian War in Yixian Gorge
It has been more than three months since the Fairy Wars, and the weather in the surrounding sky has long dissipated. The only value of enlightenment is the trace of destruction of Wuzhi Basin and surrounding mountains.
But after all, the strong cloud here is not suitable for closing. Some people who have learned something have long since left to find hidden places.
Rao is so, there are still many people who have less understanding and are unwilling to leave and come late because of the distance.
Just as the Yin Spring blowout broke out, the monks instantly suspended the remains of the fairy war and turned their eyes to the East almost at the same time.
"hmm? Is there any fairy born with such a strong fluctuation? " A Yuan infant’s eyes lit up and he immediately fled toward the East without saying anything.
"It’s not impossible to say it’s an artifact when the fluctuation is so intense and thousands of miles away. The opportunity can’t be missed!" Another Yuan baby monster’s body is surging with mana, and he is drifting away.
"Go early, go late!" This figure is not like a human head except that his legs are upright, but he is a demon with scales.
"It’s a pity that so many experts have sensed that my strength is limited. I’m afraid there is no chance, but it’s also good to see an artifact born." Speaking is a strong man in the then period.
"I feel a little magic. I’m afraid it’s not a decent thing. Immediately notify the Shanmen Sect to come and help!" In a white robe, the face looks handsome, but who is it that is not Weng Qingyu?
The strong flavor of the East fluctuates, and the ruins of the fairy war are almost realized. You monks are either holding the idea of arguing or holding the idea of watching the fun, and they have set up shelters to rush toward the U-shaped valley, the source of the flavor.
The white witch corpse king has been sitting cross-legged in the cave, and the noise sounded instantly. He knew that it was not good, but before he came to take any measures, he was overturned by the spewing air.
Good white witch corpse Wang Maojiang dzogchen’s body is extremely strong and not injured. He turned over and got up.
Look at the sky smashed gravel and momentum foaming at the mouth gray fog face suddenly change color.
"Big array!"
"oh, no! The Guardian Mountain Array has been broken! "
Whoa, whoa!

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