Shandong Peninsula? What do you have now? As far as the strength of the German navy is concerned, it is impossible to ensure that Kiel Port will not be beaten into a sieve by the Royal Navy, not to mention going to Shandong Peninsula to show off its strength! It’s better to talk with something practical.

Arcado thought of here and nodded and said, "I want rubber! 10,000 tons of rubber smuggled in Southeast Asia can’t be recorded to prove that this batch of materials has been to Germany! Germany will not admit that it has received Japanese materials. Can it be done? "
Shan thought for a moment and nodded and said, "There should be no problem in smuggling and transportation. Our Dutch merchant ship will ship it to Kiel Port in the name. The Japanese navy will send two cruisers to visit Germany halfway to protect this smuggling activity."
Two people went to Germany to make lunch meat again, and Yukio Hatoyama was interested in it. He asked the Fuehrer’s mansion to have lunch and eat the normal food supplied by the German team. arcado also wanted to try his life as an ordinary soldier in the army, so he arranged for someone to bring canned lunch meat for the Fuehrer’s mansion and the guards, and two people had a private lunch with him.
To tell the truth, the lunch meat made in Germany tastes really bad. The chicken tastes like chicken gizzards and hearts, etc. Europeans never eat scraps, while the beef-flavored lunch meat contains pork and beef waste, which is simply junk food according to later standards.
Eating at the same table, Anna root didn’t move a knife and fork. After arcado took a bite, he barely swallowed it and lost his appetite. He introduced the benefits of this canned German lunch meat. "This kind of thing has a very long shelf life and does not occupy the original raw materials. It can be said that it is extra free military supplies for frontline soldiers to eat and can also maintain basic nutrition."
When I heard that the practice still has functions, I frowned at the lunch meat, and Yamayuki immediately became bright-eyed. This kind of thing can simplify the supply, and the Japanese imperial army will be greatly distressed by the capacity problem. Anyway, those soldiers who believe in Bushido can fight whatever they eat, so the lunch meat is simply an artifact for Japan.
"Mr. Fuhrer!" Yamayuki pointed to the lunch meat tin box on the table and asked, "Is this for sale?"
Chapter 157 157 Drawings
To tell the truth, Japanese soldiers are not as worried about IQ as in the anti-Japanese drama, and they are brave and tenacious in shooting skills … The biggest advantage is that they can feed the battlefields around the country, and they can beat the troops of several countries all the way to find their teeth by relying on similar means of supply as the Mongols in the Southern Song Dynasty more than six years ago.
Arcado doesn’t know whether selling canned lunch meat to Japan will help abuse or what changes it will bring to the world in the future, but now he is even more short of timely funds-since he can’t get through at present, what should he consider doing in the future?
"sell! Of course! Technology! We all sell it! " Akkado wanted to come here and decided not to refuse to send the door for business, so he smiled and said, "Of course, we don’t want raw materials this time! Want foreign exchange! Dollars! Pound! Can be "
"No problem!" Shan excitedly nodded and promised that "the Japanese Empire intends to form a strategic partnership with Germany and help each other in future actions. If our alliance works together, we can get greater benefits."
"There is no problem in this respect!" Arcado deliberated and decided to stay in Japan, which is not a very good teammate. Although this teammate always helps at the crucial moment, history proves that this teammate has little resources and enemies … Another reason for arcado to make up his mind is that if he does not become an ally, he will become an enemy and fall to the other side.
Subsequently, the German Foreign Ministry signed a series of secret agreements on Yamayuki, who came from afar, including the introduction of German tactical vests; Canned luncheon meat for infantry; Please ask Germany Mercedes-Benz Automobile Day to design a military automobile day production; Introduce 3 e19 fighters and 4 supporting engines; Hire German experts to help Japan design new ship fighters.
At the same time, Japan and Germany also exhibited the Communist International’s intelligence capitalism, and Germany worked together to eliminate the spies who constantly created a terrorist atmosphere between the two countries.
Of course, there is also the most important secret agreement, that is, Japan joined Axis Steel to form the fifth head of state, emperor, leader, general and leader of this group … How can I hear that there are strange foxes showing their friends in groups to see the disgusting smell of goldfish?
On this day, the mountain came to say goodbye to the Fuehrer’s mansion, saying that it was necessary to get back to the day, and arcado said goodbye to each other. Goodbye, I sent off the Japanese mountain and helped arcado, and called Gaskell to study the secret plan recently drawn up by the intelligence department again.
"It seems that we failed in an intelligence war to plant tukhachevsky." Aka looked at the table and there was a secret message from the Soviet Union. Then he sighed and said slowly, "We wanted to borrow Stalin’s hand to kill people, but Stalin borrowed our knife to kill people."
"Fuehrer, this is not your mistake. It’s the first time to fuck us. We are greedy! I’ll put an end to this mistake. "Gaskell bowed his head and confessed to himself.
Arcado smiled and waved "Gaskell! I’m not fatuous enough to let my hand take the fall for myself. This time it’s really thoughtless of me. "
He paused and commented, "Stalin is not stupid. On the contrary, he can stand out from so many people and become the leader of the Soviet Union. He must be a guy with extraordinary wisdom, but I despise him too much! He is indeed a dictatorship tyrant but not stupid! "
There are too many personnel lists at one time. This loophole made Stalin see that there was something wrong with the German intelligence department’s false documents. arcado wanted to use Stalin’s purge to destroy the Soviet scientific and technological personnel. The plan went bankrupt. Instead, Stalin used arcado’s false documents to eradicate tukhachevsky, the military boss who had been holding Stalin back.
"Have to remember this lesson! Our opponent is much more powerful than we thought! Be careful! " Arcado solemnly said to Gaskell, "Your structure is our shield! Is our last line of defense! Do not fail! "
"yes! My head of state! " Gaskell stood at attention and said, "I will do everything I can to wipe out all the enemies!" "
"Through this document, we caught a lot of Comintern spies hiding around us, but there are still many fish escaping from the net, especially the mysterious officer hiding the army." arcado patted Gaskell on the shoulder and softened his tone and continued, "Did you find any clues?"
"Report the head of state! We have narrowed down the scope and eliminated most of the suspicious people, and now we have locked this spy position in the intelligence department of our department, "Gaskell said." But it is hard to judge who it is. He recently stopped all activities, and it may also be because of the Soviet Union’s purge and our destruction of the enemy spy network in the whole German Ministry that he became an island without agency intelligence. "
"As it happens, I want to arrange a drawing to go to the Soviet Union," Aka said after much thought. "Take this opportunity to see if I can dig out this nail! After all, I can’t sleep well with such a time bomb around me. "
"My Fuehrer," Gaskol bowed his head and said, "It’s my fault that I failed to kill all these enemy intelligence personnel. It’s not worth the loss to pay some scientific and technological achievements and important drawings. If the fake things are not taken once, I’m afraid the Soviets will be more cautious this time. Are you …"
"Ha ha!" Arcado interrupted Gascoigne with a wave of his hand and then walked to the side of the room. He smiled and said to Gascoigne, "Look at this!" He pulled the curtain as he spoke.
"The Krupp factory in Germany designed the largest artillery!" Arcado proudly pointed to the drawing surface and sketched special weapon, saying that "the millimeter caliber has a range of tens of kilometers and the whole is as high as four stories."
"Is there really such a cannon?" Gaskell, the head of the intelligence department, naturally knew that the Fuehrer had just been pitted by a fake cannon on the edge of siegfried line. The French and Britain saw the whole design drawing once before they realized that this thing had really passed the design demonstration and could produce a "special weapon" ambassador.
"Of course it’s true! This weapon can be produced … Of course, I don’t have that long to produce this junk, "arcado said otherwise," so I want to send this drawing to the Soviet Union! Stalin might like this gift! "
Gaskell didn’t speak. He knew that the Fuehrer had a very mature concept of weapons development. guderian, Rommel, Catherine, Lei Deer, Deng Nici, Lutz, Blauchich and others all became prominent generals of the Ministry of National Defense. And sickert, who is out of place with this head of state, is still squatting far away, and China can’t return to the country …
"Think of a reasonable reason to send this thing to the spy." arcado was very satisfied with Gaskell’s silence and light disposition. "We are very happy to get rid of the Soviet Union and get the drawings of new secret weapons, aren’t we?"
"Yes!" Gaskell saluted at attention. "Long live the Fuhrer!"
Arcado nodded. "Go!"
Arcado didn’t go back to his desk until he saw Gaskell go. He pushed a few financial documents and carefully looked at the real secret weapon plan of Germany on the desktop. Suddenly, he sighed alone, "Alas, few soldiers in the country can seize everything that decides the outcome, but if they catch more, they forget the strategic problems-there are so many problems in Germany itself."
Arcado turned over the document before, which contained the technical development of German rocket engines. To be honest, the progress was not great, but it did not take many detours. A specific team carried out the whole design, and resolutely reduced the complex mechanical structure in German design. However, at present, the actual combat performance of German rockets is still worrying. Waiting for two years will also be comparable to the missile performance of later generations.
After setbacks and failures, efforts and endeavor, this project funded by arcado has finally come up with a sample that can be launched. Unfortunately, the success of this stage is still a long way from actual combat. arcado does not want to produce fireworks as expensive as v2 rockets.
It seems that there is still a long way to go. arcado sighed, closed his eyes and recalled that it was almost 16 years since he came to this world in the past. He changed from a young man in his twenties to a middle-aged uncle in his thirties. When he thought that crossing would bring him wonderful alternative life, he was caught up in countless public affairs and even lost his marriage.
The generals who once hid in the house and were cowardly only to find that they had no way out have become their supporters; Those businessmen have also obeyed themselves; Politicians are waiting for themselves to lead Germany to victory-if they collapse, they won’t pity them, and they will make up a few shots later. Those things that have changed history in the past are like pushing themselves forward with a big hand … You can’t turn back or retreat!
I’m not a national leader when I’m killed in the second crossing! Arcado thought bitterly that he heard Anna push the door and opened his eyes to put the file in a drawer with a password lock and changed a confident smiling face. "Let’s go! Go to lunch. "
Chapter 15 15 Nazi wounds
There is an old saying that time is like water, and life flies. If you are a little literary, the word time flies in a hurry.
On January 31, 1935, arcado finally got the periodic report of paying off the nobles and monopolizing the chaebol, but the whole report was not optimistic. Although it achieved results in the process of eradicating big noble, it was forced to compromise with the middle and small nobles among the nobles.
Germany is like blood deeply implanted in the bone marrow. It seems that it can’t be eliminated in one breath. It can be said that it is a suicide process. All departments in Germany have the shadow of the nobles. If the cleaning plan for the nobles is strictly implemented, Germany will become the second clean Soviet Union. It’s not that the knife in arcado’s hand is not fast enough, but if the knife is cut, it will not necessarily make Germany recover quickly.
Arcado think tanks have persuaded arcado nobles to compromise less and make some compromises to win over, which can hit those who are stubborn and divide them into groups to unite most of the forces. Merkel is a supporter of this concept, and Jelinek? Cassia is also thinking this way.
In the end, the Fuehrer compromised. The SS was ordered to suppress the big landlords and the big chaebol, but it was forbidden to crack down on the small and medium-sized aristocratic groups. As soon as the chance to reshuffle came, the small and medium-sized aristocratic groups immediately became supporters of the Fuehrer’s liquidation of aristocratic crimes, such as Meinster, Lundstedt, Blauchich and other generals from the Croatian aristocratic group, and finally found the steps and became loyal warriors of the Fuehrer’s group.
Of course, the aristocrats have aristocratic solutions. After some exercises, they went to the Vatican Church in Italy. Italian leader Mussolini instructed them to find one at random. What led the Dutch royal family to cooperate with the German aristocrats to promote Jelinek? Casiajue
Moreover, this Jue Ke hereditary Miss Mercedes became the heir of this title, and was promoted to Baron by the way. The main reason why she was so eager to bring the noble title to Casia’s family was to bring arcado into the aristocratic circle reasonably and legally. In this way, if arcado and Mercedes were to marry, the Fuhrer would become a nobleman … The main purpose of going around a circle was to pull the Fuhrer into the aristocratic circle so as to always ensure that the nobles had vested interests-at least, to ensure that most of the nobles had vested interests.
Therefore, the wedding ceremony of the Fuehrer has become a celebration that attracts people’s attention, and Mercedes will personally go to the Vatican Church to be baptized by the Pope. This time, it is full of political transactions and marriage has directly turned into a farce of interest exchange in all aspects.
The wedding was scheduled for March 1st, 1936. Even those nobles who had decided to turn to the Fuehrer, Ke Xiao, spontaneously contracted the wedding. arcado also became addicted to celebrities who spent money on their own wedding. However, Fanny and Anna were depressed for a whole month because the wedding was expected to be too large. It was not until Mercedes personally invited them to dinner and admitted their status beside arcado in disguise that they were relieved of their "jealousy".
However, compromise also has the advantages of compromise. The army is more stable, and the place is becoming more and more normal. The unrest has to be calmed down, and the production workers have to resume the turmoil. After four months, Germany has stepped out of the shadow of cleansing and become more United, and has expanded its troops to prepare for war.
Of course, the opposition in Congress was still led by Hitler, the Nazi party, who protected and supported himself. The nobles made crazy attacks, which also brought trouble to the administration of the Great German Party.
"bitch! Asshole! Arcado is simply a mad dog! " Hitler swept all the documents off the carpet and swore at arcado. "There is no legal basis for him to do so! There is no congressional approval! But he still did it! I also got the support of those idiots! "
The old man sitting on the sofa with a crutch took a sip of coffee and said slowly, "Before we made plans, we all designed this arcado to be the ruler, and the general ruler would not destroy them to find out the truth according to the law."
He sighed and said, "But this Akkado is even more cruel than us. He didn’t even investigate the truth, but he just poured dirty water on the nobles and some monopoly businessmen. He was playing with the right idea, regardless of the ever-changing enemy, and he took his life to fight back."
Glanced at Hitler’s old man Nai, who was still breathing there, continued to sum up himself. "It happened that he moved because of our roots. Those grams of nobles are the majority of the forces behind us. Now they have been scattered and completely eaten by others. The royal power has also been assimilated. Go and admit defeat! We have the ability. "
"What did those businessmen say?" Hitler asked mercilessly.
"What else can I do? When our strength is still there, of course, they support our activities speculatively. Now that the congressional war has been settled, the external means is that we lose, and they can’t care about our lives. "
"The emperor? The imperial palace just gave up? " Hitler became angry from embarrassment and asked if he could not stand the feeling of being taken advantage of and then abandoned.
"I’ll go back to the royal family of William in the Netherlands in the afternoon." The old man smiled very gentlemanly and then got up and walked step by step to the door according to his crutch. "You’d better think about how to deal with the French censure and the party problem! If you don’t get rid of the killer and Roma, it will be caught sooner or later. "
However, when the old man woke up too late, Hitler decided to get rid of Roma to protect himself. At that moment, Roma had already fallen into the hands of the SS. Because of the German intelligence department, it was almost half the effort to help the SS find the SS henchmen.

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