The queen mother’s heart thumped-she was not poisoned but became like this? Now the doctor too much actually says that her body is hopeless and she should be prepared?

No, she can’t die … Shao Xian can’t die yet …
But without waiting for her mouth, Mo Ying waved his hand at the cure too much. "Go back."
"It’s a long way for me." They all breathed a sigh of relief.
Jun Moying looked at the only stranger in the room again, "You also retreat."
Before she left, she took a look at the queen mother, sipping her thin lips slightly, and seemed to want to say something, but she finally withdrew without saying a word to the queen mother’s turbid eyes.
"It’s a handmaiden excusing herself."
The empress dowager had already delivered a dying speech as soon as the emperor came in, but now she can’t find words to express her thoughts, even a sentence "She doesn’t want to die".
"Mother …"
Just as the atmosphere in the temple was awkward, someone suddenly came in and reported that "the Prime Minister of South Vietnam has arrived at the palace gate."
Jun Mo Ying squinted, but he didn’t know that he wanted to go out to receive him in person. He didn’t want a shallow person to face the situation that didn’t hurt her at all. Her so-called father was the queen mother …
After all these years, Mo Ying, the mother-in-law, still didn’t leave directly.
"Take Prime Minister Feng to the place I arranged before and settle down!"
I’d like to tell you again that Prime Minister Feng is not allowed to go to see the Queen alone, but so many unnecessary actions are fascinating …
that’s all
There are three chapter 1177 1177 can never appear in the emperor’s sight.
Yu Fanghua came to the palace where Redjade was living after several inquiries from Fengming Palace.
Because it is a distinguished guest and a heavy burden place, there are many people guarding Yu Fanghua at the gate of this palace. It is not so easy to let people leave if they want to go in.
After a little eunuch went in, he quickly came out and respectfully said to her, "Come in, girl."
With her back to the door, Redjade stood beside a maid whom Yu Fanghua didn’t know, and it was Poria. Their voices didn’t stop because of the footsteps behind her.
Seeing that they are studying the imperial antidote, Yu Fanghua is not good enough to interrupt until they stop.
However, after half a ring, Redjade didn’t really look at her. Yu Fanghua twisted her eyebrows slightly. She shouldn’t have offended this woman, should she be so cold and indifferent to her?
"Redjade girl …" Yu Fanghua reached Redjade’s side a few steps ago with a slight bow.
"Well," Redjade raised her eyebrows, but her face was cold, and she pounded the herbs in her hand. "What can I do for you?"
Poria convulsed at the corner of her mouth. Before the maid-in-waiting came in, the saint said that she couldn’t let people in because the annoying emotion was too obvious, but now it’s more obvious.
Yu Fanghua lowered his eyes and said softly, "The handmaiden heard that Miss Redjade is an expert in detoxification. Although she knows her humble status, she can really hope that the girl can save her life."
Redjade squinted slightly when she heard this. So this woman was poisoned? Is more and more can make people pity.
In fact, she didn’t know Yu Fanghua, and it was impossible to hate such a stranger. It was just last night that she heard Feng Shallow talk about it that she realized that this woman was also a lot of admirers in Donglan. Although there was no complaint in Feng Shallow’s tone at that time, she listened to it as a joke, but she really couldn’t have a good face for such an "Iraqi" who was intended to destroy Feng Shallow’s feelings.
A slight smile on her lips failed to reach her eyes. "Since I know my humble position, I should know that your life is not valuable in my eyes. Should I wave that strength?"
Yu Fanghua leng leng "this ….."
Before she came, she heard that this woman had a good temper, but now she knows that this "good" is for their empress, which is another matter for her.
"Handmaiden knows that it is not easy to bother a girl to start work, and she would not have come to beg a girl if she was not afraid of death."
Yu Fanghua sighed. When she was initially threatened by the Queen Mother’s poison, she was really worried about death. As the days passed, she became more and more afraid. After all, she is also an ordinary person. How can she be afraid of death? She asked herself that she couldn’t do it by sacrificing herself to be someone else.
Especially in the past two days, the queen mother has repeatedly told her about the antidote, and her will to survive has become stronger and stronger.

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