Looking at it, it’s a dragon. A pair of cold eyes are looking here.

Norman couldn’t help swallowing water, and his hair stood on end.
He has seen the world. If he has seen the number of dragons, there may not be anyone who can see more than him. When Fei Lengcui casts the scourge of the undead, it is absolutely a big scene, but compared with the present, it is really dwarfed.
How many dragons were there at that time? Even those white-boned dragons are only a few dozen. It’s so dense here that people are going to make phobias all day, at least there are hundreds!
Hundreds of dragons …
How big is the pressure caused by a dragon alone? Not to mention a few hundred heads, but Norman is naturally bold and has seen the world. This is not weak.
These hundreds of dragons and Zhongyuan are flying in disorder, but as I don’t know where to come, there is a riot among the dragons and dragons.
Some dragons lined up one by one, facing each other, and lined up in two queues, extending obliquely to the top of Lin ‘an Mountain.
There are more than a hundred of these dragons, and almost one third of the total number of dragons on the spot is Lin ‘an, which is too big. Even the dragons are huge, and these dragon gaps are very wide and scattered. At the end of this oblique queue, it still extends to the top of Lin ‘an Mountain.
At most, I will go to the mountainside.
Norman and his party have stopped at the moment, and other dragons who flew out of Lin ‘an and didn’t form a queue are still watching with their cold eyes.
What kind of battle is this?
Norman some scratching their heads, but this kind of horror scene is not good. He glanced at Fang Xiangru but didn’t see Fang Xiangru moving. He looked calmly and flew there motionless, but Ji Rexi had a movement.
She flew a little forward and came to him from behind Fang Xiangru’s ass, and then when her front paws stretched out, Qin Hao stuck the Xiao Bonian’s head in her back and flew to her paws. On the way, the wind was blowing, and when Ji Ruoxi grabbed the head, it was already the original size of Xiao Bonian’s head.
"The first thief Xiao Bonian attempted to usurp the throne. Fortunately, the first emperor’s blessing has been slaughtered!"
Ji ruoxi has a cold voice and a serious expression.
The dragon’s voice is Da Ji Re Xi, and it has already gone far away without magic. After hearing Ji Re Xi’s words and seeing Xiao Bonian’s head, those onlookers suddenly stirred up.
Then Ji Ruoxi said, "The former Stuart Liu Mengsheng colluded with Xiao thief and has been punished!"
After this, there was another commotion in the dragon group, but Ji Rexi’s words were not finished yet.
"All these thieves have been killed!"
Are they all over? Not really, right? Little Liu Mengsheng’s colleagues behind him have not been found out, but Norman’s association with Liu Mengsheng’s words before him also concealed the meaning
With these words, JiReXi closed his mouth and threw Xiao Bonian’s head to Fang Xiangru, then slowly flew to the oblique line in two columns, and Fang Xiangru followed him silently.
JiRe xi first they flew into the two columns in the queue to fly slowly.
When Ji Ruoxi flew into the market, the two dragons suddenly chanted, and as Ji Ruoxi passed by the two dragons, the two dragons would chant one after another.
After this commotion, a dragon flew out silently and joined the queue, and then came second and third … More and more dragons flew up and joined the vault queue, and the queue became longer and longer.
At this time, Norman Fang Xiangru showed that he had come from Zhou Chengzhuo and cast a flying skill for himself. He flew slowly behind Fang Xiangru in the queue and flew obliquely towards Lin ‘an Dian.
He watched the dragons form a vault queue on both sides, listened to the endless dragons, and finally turned his eyes to the leading figure in the front.
This resolute figure, which leads the crowd forward, is intertwined with the dreamy little girl with green eyes by the river in Cardenas at night.
Ji Ruoxi changed him a little bit, but her biggest change was after she came out of the three thousand worlds.
What on earth did she encounter in the three thousand world?
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Chapter four hundred and twenty-four The meeting
Lin’ an is extremely high above sea level. It has been a snow layer since the mountainside, and the top is completely frozen.
There are many caves all over Lin ‘an Mountain, and at the top, there is a huge cave to open the mountain alone, and this huge cave surface is a huge platform on the top of Lin ‘an Mountain.
This platform should be deliberately trimmed, and it is as flat as a mirror, and this place is blessed by spells. It should be completely frozen, but there is no trace of ice and snow exposed here. The brown mountain stands in sharp contrast with the frozen white scene at the edge.
The top of the mountain should be the narrowest part of a mountain, but even the narrowest part of the mountain platform in Lin ‘an is unusually wide, which is more than enough for dozens of dragon faces. Now it is indeed such a scene. Dozens of dragons are scattered in a fan-shaped center, and Ji Ruoxi, Fang Xiangru and other dragon key figures are at the center.
Of course, his dragons are also important people in the dragon-haven’t seen the mountain and so many dragon roots are not qualified to come here?
Thanks to his current identity, Norman also got JiReXi’s side to accept all kinds of eyes from these dragons.
Surprise, indecision, confusion, hostility … These are all revealed in the eyes of these dragons, and they are condescending to Norman.
It’s no wonder that if we change this place to San Vitalander, when he was crowned to the throne, there was a dragon beside him, which attracted a lot of attention.
But there are two eyes that are different and gentle.
That’s Chen Qinghe and Huang Kun.
These two dragon friends who were separated on the way also came here, and judging from their extremely high position, the status of these two dragons is not low.
How warm it is to see old friends in this strange foreign territory. Norman also wants to catch up with the past, but now this occasion is obviously not suitable, so he may as well continue to look at Ji Ruoxi like a mascot.
Although there are many platform dragons, they keep quiet and can hear a dragon sound.
"When I was flying with the Prime Minister and Zhou Servant, I suddenly felt the icy direction and my blood was throbbing inexplicably. Then the Prime Minister made us immediately rush to the north …"
Talking is Qin Hao. He and Norman and his party are talking with JiReXi behind him at the moment, alone and out in front of the dragons.
He is reporting to these dragons at the scene.
Not only does Qin Hao need to report on his work, Fang Xiangru, the prime minister, but even Ji Ruoxi needs to state what happened to Fei Lengcui at that time! Not only that, during their presentation, there are still questions from these dragons, and they also need to answer them.
Qin Hao and Zhou Chengzhuo also forget it. After all, they can be regarded as Fang Xiangru’s entourage. Many dragon identities may be higher than them, but Fang Xiangru and Ji Ruoxi are different. That’s the prime minister and the new emperor of the dragon clan!
Norman imagined that there would be such a situation that big noble questioned the emperor in Santa Vita, which also made him feel the difference between dragons and humans and Augustus’ strict hierarchy. The social system of dragons did not seem so cold. They had a strong sense of individuality, and their different identities seemed to reflect more different positions than different grades. This is probably the reason why the age was killed by his genus and the old king Edgar of Augustus was killed by Adrian.
Norman daydreamed about everything.
In fact, he is really doing everything now.
After learning that this human being turned out to be a descendant of the dragon who was personally certified by the first emperor and named by the first emperor, the dragons on the scene were very turbulent. Many dragons obviously didn’t want to believe that after all, this is a living human being in front of them, and it is also a famous human saint. How can it be a descendant of the dragon who was blessed by the first emperor? However, Ji Rexi personally lightened this doubt, and Chen Qinghe personally admitted that it was even more true.
"The Heart Sutra on the Funeral Day was awarded to Aotian Long by me because I wanted to learn his vulgar language in exchange for it, but I didn’t expect him to actually get started successfully."
"I have been puzzled before whether he can successfully practice the Buried Day Heart Sutra. After all, his race does practice the Buried Day Heart Sutra except the dragon. Even the two exceptions are vinylon and Adrian, and if he is a descendant of the dragon, this can explain …"
Chen Qinghe’s position among the dragons is really special. His export guarantee threw out irrefutable evidence, which greatly reduced the doubts in the eyes of the dragons at the scene, and finally stopped having something to do and looked at Norman one by one, which greatly reduced the pressure on Norman.
After that, the dragons turned the focus of the issue to other aspects. At this stage, some dragon things were discussed. For example, whether the dragon emperor should be succeeded by Ji Ruoxi after Xiao Bonian’s death, who should be succeeded by Qiu, and so on. The issues were too big, and the interests of all parties involved led to a lengthy meeting. It seems that Norman will not be able to make a decision for a while, so he entered a state of doing everything.
It has never been a simple matter for the new emperor to succeed to the throne, especially when the old emperor died suddenly without leaving a testamentary edict. All forces want to take this opportunity to gain the greatest benefits, so it is natural that they will not be able to decide for a while, so this meeting has been open until it is dark and no resolution has been made.
According to human habits, it must be that everyone retired from the DPRK for dinner and rest before continuing to discuss, but the biological differences between dragons and humans led to the dragon not accepting this set of human rules
Dragon’s body and spirit are far from those of Augustus. big noble can be compared with them. Therefore, after magic lit up the mountain platform, the meeting turned out to have been going all the time. There was no rest when eating, and there was no loss. Norman had the help of the Heart Sutra of Catching the Sea and the Heart Sutra of Burying the Day, so that he could not eat and rest for the time being. He also followed them on the mountain top to listen to their wrangling. When it comes to the distribution of interests, these dragons can be as entangled as human beings.
Then the meeting lasted until dawn, then it was dark and then it was dawn. After three days in a row, the sun went down on the fourth day, and the meeting finally came to an end.
Of course, there is still no definitive result on any issue.
After the meeting, we can see from the eyes of those dragons who looked at Norman when they left that they had no doubt about the identity base of Norman dragon descendants.
I haven’t eaten for four days and three nights in a row, but I’m still in high spirits and I don’t need to excrete. This guy is obviously not human.
Norman is relatively behind to leave this mountain platform.
According to Fang Xiangru’s instructions, Zhou Chengzhuo was about to take him to the cave where Liu Mengsheng lived before his death, which will also be his temporary residence, but he hasn’t taken off yet. A gentle voice came.
"I’ll lead Stuart to the dragon, and Zhou servant will go back to rest early."
Norman suddenly looked up and saw Chen Qinghe looking at him with a smile on their side.
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Chapter four hundred and twenty-five Dragon Cave
Those caves on the surface of Lin ‘an Mountain are the residences of these dragons who live in Lin ‘an.
Because of the mountain itself, the closer to the top of the mountain, the smaller and narrower some mountains are, and the fewer caves there are, and the status of the dragons seems to be determined by this, and the more noble they go to the caves.

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