After hanging up, Brother Gan leans back in the car seat, enjoying himself and playing with the old man to death. You don’t even know how to die. That’s the real thing if you don’t swear or swear!

Brother Gan chatted with Liu Yishou and waited for a while. Brother Gan heard a car roar and braking, a Toyota overbearing car with a siren and a Pu Sang police car stopped at the door of the company in tandem. Brother Gan knew that it was a small police flower when he saw it, so he motioned for Liu Yishou to get out of the car and walked to the Toyota overbearing car. Qin Xiaowan just called the car door and wanted to call Brother Gan. I didn’t expect Brother Gan to be quite a gentleman, so he rewarded Brother Gan with a charming leer and said, "Didn’t you say you had to wait two days? Why are you so forced to wait?"
"Ha ha, if I don’t hurry up, I’m afraid your sister will starve to death. Now, if you don’t think about rice, who can stand it? Solve it early and feel at ease …" Brother Gan replied with a smile.
"You will be a good person! I flattered Mei Jie again last night, but now I’m running errands. I can see your quality clearly! " Qin Xiaowan said angrily, but there was no angry meaning in his tone, and there seemed to be some flirting rhyme.
"Hey hey, aren’t you the people’s police? People often say that if it is difficult to find the police, it’s even worse. I won’t find you, Qin Da police officer!" Dry elder brother hey hey smile compliment way
"All right, don’t give me the whole those flowers! Are those two bastards both? Let’s go! " The little police flower said with her eyes that two policemen handcuffed Liu Yishou.
"Ha ha, they are all I have inquired about the Yu Xiaoguang office you just go directly! Besides, I can tell you that Brother Liu is my brother now. You can be polite to him. He is not a prisoner now, but is here to assist in the investigation! " Dry elder brother finally don’t forget to tell the little police flower way, but he knows that a set of yourself in the public security bureau since just promised Liu Yishou that you must keep your word.
"Brother? Hehe, you have quite a lot of brothers. You haven’t known each other for two days and you’ve become brothers! " Small police took one look at Liu Yishou and then looked at dry elder brother cynically said.
"You know what this is called eclectic talent! He has made mistakes before, but who hasn’t made mistakes in my life? I’m telling you, I have promised his family to send him back before dark. If you still pity the girl in his family, you can get things done quickly … "Brother Gan said in his theory.
"I know that depends on his performance! By the way, aren’t you going? " Small police flowers suddenly asked
"Ha ha, I’m a private person. Generally, I like to be a hero behind the scenes. I won’t go, or you, officer Qin, will take someone. Anyway, this is also a merit. No, how can I compete with a beautiful woman like you?" Dry elder brother said with a smile
"Ha ha virtue! As long as you say yes, if you don’t go, just wait. Let’s go! " When Qin Xiaowan spoke to Brother Gan, she was still a little coquettish, which made her hands feel goose bumps, but after talking to Brother Gan, she said, "Let’s go!" Said that violence has returned to the usual style of small police flowers.
Brother Gan looked at the little police flower with six or seven policemen, Liu Yishou and his party walked to Tongda Company, and Liu Yishou didn’t forget to look back at Brother Gan because of what he said just now, and then thanked him with a smile. When he counted, he waited for five or six minutes. At this time, Qin Xiaowan should have caught the two bastards Weaver and Yu Xiaoguang. At this time, Brother Gan walked into the company with a smile.
When I came to the company hall, I saw that the receptionist was looking carefully at the building and smiled and shouted, "Xiaoli, what are you looking at?"
Xiao Li was shocked when she was called by the dry brother. When she came to her senses, she smiled and complained, "Oh, brother Wang, you scared me to death!"
"Ha ha what are you looking at just now?" Dry elder brother continued
"Mr. Wang, don’t you know? Just now, there was a female police officer and six or seven policemen holding up a prisoner and went upstairs, saying that they wanted to catch the prisoner. Why don’t the company estimate that someone will suffer …" Xiaoli told Brother Gan’s novel.
"Ha ha, that must not be a good thing. Good things can commit crimes. What goes around comes around is still very reasonable! All right, Xiaoli, I’ll go first. You work hard … "Brother Gan smiled and walked downstairs.
I haven’t walked a few steps yet when I heard someone calling for me to come from the building, I saw that the call was none other than Wei Fugan. He was suddenly happy. He will be interesting to see how Wei Fugan, a pretentious man, can pretend to do it at this time. Seeing that Wei Fuhe and Yu Xiaoguang had shiny handcuffs, everyone was escorted by two policemen coming towards him, and Liu Yishou was told by himself that it was not so difficult for a policeman to hold his arm.
It doesn’t matter if Wei Fu, the youngest son, doesn’t call. Not many people know that almost everyone in the company came out of the office when he called, especially Zhao Lan, who had just been sent to an army by the dry elder brother. She was the first to see Qin Xiaowan with the police to arrest Yu Xiaoguang and Wei Fu. At that time, she didn’t feel better, but at the same time, she secretly scolded the dry elder brother. That smelly man couldn’t directly tell her before and had to let herself see it!
"Why do you want to arrest my police comrade? I am a law-abiding citizen!" Weaver shouted as he was dragged forward by the police
"I tell you you give me be honest! Catch you, catch you, have something to say to the public security bureau! Go! " Qin Xiaowan, this violent little police flower is really not covered directly, and all colors are folded and taught.
The employees in the company are pointing fingers. Boy, a vice president and a financial director told him to arrest this company. Will it make people panic? At this time, Sun Mei was also pulled out by Zhao Lan from the president’s office to watch the play. She smiled all the time and knew that Brother Gan had fought back, so she smiled at Brother Gan and ordered, "Let’s all go back to their jobs!" Don’t think about them and our company! "
When Sun Mei finished, everyone muttered in groups and walked back to the office, while Brother Gan followed Qin Xiaowan out. After they went out, Qin Xiaowan turned around and asked with a smile, "Why do you still want to go to the Public Security Bureau to help me with the case?"
"Ha ha, that’s not worth it. You, officer Qin Da, need my help. I believe you can handle two people easily by yourself!" Dry elder brother compliment said
"Ha ha, don’t be glib. I know what you want. Don’t worry. We’ll take him to help solve the case first. I promise to let him out before dark, but you can listen to me. Although he is your brother, he will also take responsibility for his former crime …" The little policeman said with a smile.
"That is that is! Yes, but our country also has policies. Isn’t there something to redeem oneself by good service? I believe my brother will behave well … "Brother Gan nodded and agreed.
"All right, you go to work. You go. When we’re finished, I’ll call you and let you pick up your brother. I hope your brother can cooperate with us well …" The little police flower now feels a little like a mother-in-law and says to him.
Brother Gan smiled when he watched Weaver and Yu Xiaoguang being taken away. The two stupid things were still calling for ten million yuan. If Dagong was kind enough to return the money to you, you would feel better. If he took the ten million yuan for himself, you would be waiting for the end of the prison! The kid is his mother’s short life. Since ancient times, it has been like visiting Li Hushan in Chapter 5.
It was just nine o’clock when Brother Gan finished these things. I thought it would be okay to be idle anyway, so I went to Sun Mei’s office and said hello to Sun Mei. Then I drove to the special training base. It was the end day of the three-month special training. Brother Gan didn’t expect that three months would pass so quickly in the blink of an eye. He didn’t know how old these 612 specially trained brothers in Loyalty Hall could be, but he was sure that they were all pure men and true men!
It didn’t take long for the dry elder brother to drive to the special training base. At this time, the special training base didn’t relax because it was the last day. A lot of 612 brothers in the special training ground wore camouflage vests with bare arms, and the sun was burning and the sun was shining on Huang Hao and Zhang Dabiao. The rostrum guided the dry elder brother to nod happily, while Ouyang Cheng went to the plain to solve the acquisition of Xinyuan Hotel. The dry elder brother smiled and said to Hu Debiao, "Don’t let the brothers be so tired on the last day, take a half-day off in the afternoon and let them drink and eat meat."
"Ha ha, I talked about this with Zhang Ge and Huang Ge earlier. Their opinion is that the last day is better than the last shift. If you want to celebrate the three-month special training period, you can’t delay one day!" Hu Debiao smiled and said to dry elder brother.
"Ha ha good that I will listen to the instructor! They have the final say in the special training base! " Dry elder brother listened and laughed and said
"By the way, Xiao Gan, when are you going to start work on Li Datou and them?" Hu Debiao asked.

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