"You get up." I closed my eyes, thought about it and asked, "Do you know what Zun Wang doesn’t want me to get pregnant?"

"I’m not sure about this," Green replied quickly.
"Is it because of the high-level opposition in the dark night?" Evening heart was lucky. Although she was about to collapse just now because of a moment of anger, on second thought, she felt full of flaws.
"It’s not that I heard that you seemed to be pregnant once before. At that time, the big instructor and the left protector were all very much in favor, but the king didn’t know why he was resolutely opposed to him and let the seven instructors make an abortifacient …"
Speaking of which, Greene didn’t say anything about it. Because of the footsteps coming from outside, she looked frightened.
"All right, you go and prepare food taken late at night for me." The faint command in the evening was like five seas churning and choppy in every way. Even the top of the night didn’t object to it. Why did he abort the child again? Although he didn’t do it in the end, he did have that plan. He said he had difficulties. What was his difficulties?
"Yes," green son was just about to leave the door when he was pushed to the door of the king and looked at Xi. "Is your temper over?"
Evening ignored him coldly left eye.
"Wang" green son carried the tableware knocked over by the evening and respected the king to report "I’m going to prepare a snack for the queen again"
Zun Wang walked out with something in his eyes, but without walking a few steps, Zun Wang said coldly, "Remember to put the weiyang flowers."
"Yes," green son shook her hand with a look of panic. She knew that everything she had just done had been seen through by the king.
"What is weiyang flower?" Evening mercilessly staring at the king.
"Contraceptive pill" Zun Wang indifferent answer seems to take everything for granted.
(please support the baby another company "sky-high bait chapter two hundred and twenty-nine emotional cracks.
"What is weiyang flower?" Evening mercilessly staring at the king.
"Contraceptive pill" Zun Wang indifferent answer seems to take everything for granted.
Evening eyes stared unblinkingly at Zun Wang. She didn’t want to believe the truth. Now it was confirmed by him personally. She felt that her world was suddenly dark and there was no light. He really did what Green said. He didn’t want her to have other children. If a man didn’t want a woman to have other children, it could be said that he didn’t want to be with her at all.
If his passion is not eternal love, it’s not …
She gave up all her so-called love and lived a shady life with him in this horrible place, but in exchange for his hypocrisy.
The evening heart is as cold as being soaked, and it is so cold in the ice water that she is chilled and shivering.
The door was taken to the bedside by the maid Zun Wang, who looked down at the cold evening and said, "You don’t need anything to be my woman, but you must turn a deaf ear to my things. I absolutely believe in these two points. I can’t remember how many times I woke you up repeatedly to make me so patient. I told you for the last time that if you can’t even do these two points, you don’t deserve to be the night queen!"
When she heard these words, she closed her eyes in despair. She felt angry in her chest and wanted to shout out like a burning fire in her body, which made her angry. She wanted to vent this anger hysterically. Unfortunately, she couldn’t say a word at this time, as if her tongue had been suddenly removed, and she could make a slight cry but couldn’t say a word.
The flame of anger didn’t let her burst out, but it made her despair and numb. Tears poured down, but she couldn’t put out the flame in her heart. What is it that this man is so white, so overbearing and barbaric? It seems that his words are imperial edicts. It seems that his thoughts are justice. It seems that he is a high god and others are humble slaves, including her!
Her feelings before him, her kindness, her dignity, her family, her ideals and her thoughts are all worthless.
If she wants a word from him, she must do what he says. If he lets her bathe, she must bathe. If he lets her eat, she must eat. If he lets her sleep, she can’t open her eyes.
Thinking of these evenings, I can’t help crying and shouting, "What am I? Is it a puppet? Don’t I have no thoughts, no soul and no feelings? Who are you to let me take birth control pills? If you don’t want me to get pregnant, don’t touch me. You keep saying that you love me. Is this love? Do you know what love is? If you love to turn people into puppets at his mercy, I’d rather not. "
"Shut up!" The statue of the king exploded with anger and roared with anger. "I did that for my own reasons. What did I just tell you?" What do you mean by letter? Is it so simple that two requirements are difficult for you to achieve? Does it make you feel wronged? "
Your majesty knows that Xi is desperate and miserable at the moment, and he is also very anxious and angry. He doesn’t understand why Xi has to listen to others and provoke something. She has to comment on his life rules with stupid kindness and ridiculous logic.
She doesn’t like his cruelty to servants. Doesn’t she understand that he was born like this? From the time he was four years old, he was subjected to harsh criminal law for a little mistake. He also came from fear like those waiters, and he was honed from being black and blue.
In this dark country, if he is not violent and cruel, if he does not control these blood shed wandering killers by this harsh law, this is a country where people eat each other and the law of the jungle does not have any kindness.
She sympathized with the waiters who were punished, and she didn’t like their punishment. Why didn’t she think about how he was born?
What’s more, those who are punished are unfaithful people, just like Xiao Yun today. If she hadn’t had bad intentions and spies sent by others, Xi wouldn’t have seen those two newspapers. There are few loopholes in the work of the night people, especially the simple matter of hiding information.
How can he be soft with such a spy?
And that green son just now knew at a glance that he was so clever that he couldn’t see anything? Or does she not want to find out the truth at all? She also thinks that he is evil by nature and likes killing people by nature like other people, like those stupid people like Xia Han and Mo Qian?
And Yu Lengqin, he has explained to her that he has never touched another woman except her. He has always been arrogant and unruly, but he would rather abstain from sex for two years than touch another woman without her. Isn’t that love? How on earth does she want him to be satisfied?
Both of them have their own reasons for anger and their own ideas. They both feel that the other party doesn’t understand themselves and doesn’t love themselves enough. They are both disappointed and angry. However, at this moment, neither of them has the reason to speak their minds properly, just like ordinary couples, when they quarrel, they are angry and wronged, but they can calm down and communicate well, which makes the gap deeper and more misunderstandings.
"You’re right. I can’t do it. I really can’t trust you conditionally. I really don’t deserve to be the night queen. I don’t deserve to be your woman, okay? I don’t want to be the night queen. Don’t want to be your woman? Please let me go? "
Evening has been crying to her strength. After the audio-visual battle, the smoke is burning with deep sadness and rest, and there is no strength and sadness.
"Don’t even think about it. Even if it’s a warm bed, you must stay with me and brand me from your body. You are my person. Your fate is up to me. Don’t think about it forever … it’s impossible!" With these words, the king left the door again, and this time he never came back.
She spent all night crying and sad. She felt that her former principles, personality and thoughts were worthless here. She didn’t know what else to do except help her cry. Even struggle and resistance were extravagant hopes for her.
Crying until her throat was hoarse, she gradually lost her strength. She sat on the bed and her mind went blank. Suddenly, she saw a medicine box. It was a while ago when she had a cold and a fever. A person suddenly flashed in her heart. Maybe it would be her savior …
(please support the baby another company "sky-high bait Chapter two hundred and thirty want to leave.
The water in the bathtub is colder than the biting cold, and it seeps into the bone marrow bit by bit. She has been soaked in it for three hours, and she finally feels dizzy and trembling all over. The effect has finally reached the day.
Knock on the door outside, get up from the bathtub like a conditioned reflex, quickly drain the water in the bathtub, and then walk out of the washing hands wrapped in a bathrobe. It was found that she had just taken a cold shower. She hit the tap of the water heater and left the hot water open for a long time until the hot air filled her hands, and she dropped the water out.
Unexpectedly, it was the maid who came into the room, not the king

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