Boom ? His body broke into pieces and he rushed out in an instant. I don’t know how far away, leaving a light spot and tearing the atmosphere directly.

Chapter five thousand one hundred and sixty-two Escape
Xiao Yu’s body just rushed out of the square, and the taboo breath burst into the sky, and he quickly rushed to the king with a face of blood and ferocious eyes, and quickly chased Xiao Yu’s body.
The skeleton emperor finally stabilized his body and roared, and a broken bone suddenly rushed towards his head and arm, and the instant reorganization was over.
His body into a breath of death also quickly toward Xiao Yuchong in the past.
Xiao Yuchong rushed to the tall, with a wave of his hand, countless stars were attracted by him and turned into a bright light and rain. He bombarded the square in an attempt to resist the pursuit of the king and the skeleton emperor.
King’s eyes, sen’s cold hands, wood blade flashed across these landing stars and smashed them at the same time to instantly dissolve the dust.
His body chased Xiao Yuli, and his eyes were murderous and cold. "Where can you escape these days?"
Seeing that he was going to chase Xiao Yu Xiao Yu’s violent roar, he swung the stone clock and suddenly turned around and rushed to the king of man. The stone clock in his hand once again hit the king of man flagrantly.
King LiXiaoYin shocked the whole universe, and the runes of several avenues emerged. In his hand, wood blade instantly swept out hundreds of millions of ways to kill them all and went to Xiao Yuhong.
A rumbling Xiao Yu vomiting blood big mouth body stumble.
The king’s body was once again smashed by his blow, flying out in vain, I don’t know how far it was covered in blood, just burst and the body collapsed again.
The queen Xiao Yu, who blew people away, suddenly threw the stone clock at the skeleton emperor’s power and suddenly yelled, "What you figure is just a stone Zhong Shi clock for you! “? Looking at the heavy stone clock flying in, the holy emperor hurriedly leaned out his big hand to catch it.
But in an instant, his face changed wildly.
The whole stone clock was too turbulent. Xiao Yuli threw his power hastily and it was difficult to get it. Instead, the stone clock directly smashed through the palm of his hand and fell on his chest, shattering all his ribs and sternum.
His mouth roared with terror, and even though his ribs and sternum were all shattered, his hands clung to the stone clock without loosening at all.
But then!
Xiao Yu’s body is terrible and unpredictable, like light, and the golden light is harsh and the whole body is terrible. The stone clock was smashed with one punch.
Shi Zhong came to be slammed by Xiao Yu with one punch, and suddenly a deafening wave broke out. The bell body suddenly rushed forward and smashed the body of the skeleton emperor.
"Roar …"
The skeleton emperor roared with pain, and his body was smashed, but he suddenly swept Xiao Yu’s body like a fly, and Xiao Yu flew away. I don’t know how far it was, and even the stone clock flew out.
Xiao Yu vomited blood, even if there was an immortal armor, it felt like it was going to burst at the moment.
No matter how strong the taboo confrontation is, there will be danger of death without a magic weapon.
Xiao Yu flew out and grabbed the stone clock and rushed directly to the distance.
His body was golden and dazzling, and all his strength broke out beyond the imagination of the world, and soon he disappeared completely in the distance.
The skeleton holy emperor’s body flew upside down and was broken again by Zhong Bo’s soul fire from the interruption of two pieces.
He hated Xiao Yu and couldn’t wait to swallow Xiao Yu to pieces.
His soul roared and broke, and the bones glowed and converged toward the middle, and soon they gathered together again.
The Skull Emperor roared with terror.
Suddenly, when the universe exploded, the king’s body was killed again, and he was so angry that he couldn’t wait to destroy the whole universe to vent his anger
"Where did he go?"
The king made a cold sound.
The huge body of the Skull Holy Emperor quickly rushed out to chase Xiao Yu and roared, "He can’t run away from the whole universe, and no one can run away."
King longitudinal LiXiaoHua a flash quickly rushed over.
Xiao Yu coughed up blood, and his body burned and rushed forward quickly.
He forbade the flesh to forcibly break the road, rushing all the way through the void, constantly exploding the stars, constantly smashing and blocking many cards in front of him.
He is like a golden ocean of terror rushing towards the universe.
At this moment, he is desperate!
There are a lot of life in the future, and there are also many majestic cards standing tall. He just rushed all the way. He didn’t look at these life stars and rushed past them. I don’t know how many life-saving powders were blown up.
Those males are even more vulnerable. Large arrays of cities are fragile as waste paper.
His rushing all the way directly caused a road of death, stretching from the central ancestral hall to the depths of the universe.
The road to death is lifeless, and all the broken limbs and bones are scattered along the way.
Such a scene is like a wail in the holy world. I don’t know how many creatures cry, roar and struggle wildly.
But without Xiao Yu’s blood, Xiao Yu’s murderous look is flourishing!
He won’t be heartbroken at all even if all the saints are dead!
When he rushed over quickly, two strands in the rear burst out faster than the taboo breath of terror, and the speed was unimaginable. The death breath all the way was even more terrible than Xiao Yu, and the fluctuation was even more amazing.
The explosion of the turbulent star field in the universe was an unprecedented disaster. I don’t know how many lives disappeared forever, and there was no chance of reincarnation.
Xiao Yu’s flesh and blood suddenly burst into flames, and the speed suddenly rose again. The burning source made his speed soar several times again.
There was a bright spot in front of his body and he disappeared completely.
People roar with terror, long hair flying, murderous look and monstrous. After that, they directly swept away the unknown number of star fields with a wave of their hands, but still could not find Xiao Yu’s slightest breath.

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