But he won’t live to think white at that moment. The Lord Wu Shengge’s eyes indicate that the venerable DE Lao is moving his mind and directly killing the three elders.

"Forgive me, my Lord. Forgive me. I am the leader of the Red Chamber. I didn’t mean to offend Wu Shengge!" Guan Long cries like a sad man, wanting to live.
In less than two minutes, Su Yu’s enemies were all dead except him, and he did not hesitate to report the secret he had guarded for many years.
"Oh?" Wu Shengge little Lord only glanced at Guan Long at this time.
"How to prove that you are a leader in red? Red will be a Shinto force, but I think you practice martial arts.
The honour person’s strength is too strong. Guan Long knows that the other party wants to kill himself without blowing off dust. His face is too proud to play any tricks for fear that the people in front of him will be upset and destroy themselves.
Guan Long took out a token from the ring and gave it to Master Wu Shengge. He continued, "The young students are the leaders of the Red Chamber. The servants gave birth to the leaders. The leaders who looked at the young students in the main room were not pleasing to the eye. The leaders gave the young students a little strength to come to this star field and wanted to play a role."
Su Yu had an epiphany when he heard this. No wonder there were more than a dozen saints in a quasi-holy hand of Guan Long, who turned out to be the illegitimate leader of the Red Chamber.
The Red Chamber is one of the five forces of Shinto, and it can be said that it is shoulder to shoulder with Wusheng Pavilion!
Although the leader of the Red Chamber is a saint, there are several powerful bodhi old zu behind him.
Guan Long now wants Master Wu Shengge to analyze the pros and cons. White can’t kill him now.
Being killed by someone at the same level is inferior to others.
Being killed by a high-ranking person is an opponent’s bullying, which is not a personal problem, but a face problem of the sect.
After ten thousand years, the most important thing for the sect is its face and prestige.
If the leader of the Red Chamber knows that it is Wu Shengge who killed his son, there will be a lot of trouble.
"People in red also like to play tricks? It’ s good to kill people with a knife! "
Wu Shengge little Lord almost lost his token without hesitation and said coldly
The token is true. Guan Long is the leader of the Red Clan, but it is also true. But as Guan Long thought, he carefully analyzed the pros and cons in less than ten seconds.
Killing Guan Long is the best choice for Shaozhu of Wusheng Pavilion.
Because he is in the red suit, he wants to get along well with Su Yu.
Because of that decree!
Can a mere red dress be compared with the owner of the golden decree?
The answer is obviously that Wu Shengge is not stupid, he knows what he should do.
"Thanks" Su Yu endured the pain and said, "This change has caught him off guard. Su Yu himself will die."
Master Wu Shengge said with a full face of guilt, "I didn’t manage my family well and let Su Xiong suffer."
Su Yu didn’t speak again. At this time, the venerable DE Lao also came to Su Yu’s side.
He didn’t have the cold and murder just now, but he smiled kindly and said, "The young man is really strong! If I’m really strong enough to protect me and do my best, I’ll really give it to you? "
Honorable person, he naturally knows that although the golden decree is puzzling, it is undeniable that this man is the designated heir of Bai’s predecessor!
You’re a venerable man, and you ask me to be a quasi-saint to guard the Xinghai.
Su Yu is full of black lines.
At this moment, Lord Wu Shengge said with a smile, "I have been looking for a holy door and I have to visit Su Xiong in the future. Today, it is really wrong, Wu Shengge! Tell you what, Su Xiong, since you are interested in this northern continent, I’ll let Wu Shengge leave here. It’s my compensation for Su Xiong and making friends. I hope Su Xiong can take it. "
Master Wu Shengge doesn’t frown, and with a wave of his hand, he wants to give himself a piece of territory to Su Yu. Even though it’s not a treasure, it’s a big deal!
Moreover, Wu Shengge’s implication in the main words is deeply apologetic and low-profile. I have to say that even Su Yu can’t find anything wrong with his means and posture.
This guy is good at being a man!
657. Chapter 657 Wu Shengge little Lord invited.
"From the present situation, it should be the layout of these two guys." Du Yuan coldly looked at Guan Long and three elders’ bodies and analyzed them.
"Liu Shengyi leaked the Battle Report of the North China through this guy, deliberately promoting the expansion of things and exerting the influence of Xinghai, which forced Zong to send someone to maintain Wusheng Pavilion and exert the majesty of Xinghai."
Su Yu frowns and almost guesses this matter. He says Du Yuan didn’t finish.
"Then the elder pretended to surrender and talked about the handover of the northern mainland, which led me to this place. They had already laid a trap."
Su Yu’s sullen heart is a little surprised and a little lucky.
What a wonderful move! It’s a banquet at Hongmen and a knife to kill people. If it weren’t for the golden imperial edict of Bai’s predecessor, if it weren’t for the arrival of Wu Shengge’s young master and De Lao, I think he would have been a named body in the mass grave in the wilderness.
Now think about what Su Yu was afraid of, but he was a little scared.
The Lord Wu Shengge is still angry.
After he saw that Su Yu was okay, he took out a Dan medicine from the ring to seriously injure Su Yu, and then blazing with anger ordered Du Yuan.
"Scrape all the descendants of these saints and rush to the mine to be slaves forever!"
Du Yuan was just one leng after hearing it.
Nowadays, the road to becoming a saint has been broken. Every age of saints is 10,000 years. At the normal speed, four generations in a hundred years are 400 generations! Every saint descendant is an amazing number. Seven saints descendants are enough to fill a plane!
Du Yuan thought about what to say, but he saw a "yes" when he saw the young master’s firm eyes.
Master Wu Shengge looked at the gate of Wu Shengge again. He had already looked at Wu Shengge’s younger brother.
"Big elders and two elders? “
If the big elders and the second elders come out to take care of one thing, there won’t be this three elders here!
"Back to the little master, the big elder and the second elder are closing!" A Wu Shengge deacon replied
"Close? Cut it! "
Cut it?
Many younger brothers at the gate of Wusheng Pavilion are in an uproar.
They are puzzled about the little master’s behavior.
Seven saints and three elders of quasi-holy level are arrayed in this way, so that all the stars can dominate a star field.
However, because they almost killed a low-level indigenous quasi-saint, the Lord killed them all.
This kind of thing is the first case of letting this vast star do its best, right
On the contrary, the venerable DE Lao led to his appreciation of the young master’s line.
Decisively distinguish advantages and disadvantages, which is the essential quality for a great man to achieve great things.
Master Wu Shengge’s move is to express an attitude to Su Yu. Wu Shengge absolutely means Su Yu’s enemy!
To tell you the truth, it seems that these saints died quite unjustly.
It is this unappreciative Three Elders and Guan Long who let them die here.

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