"Well," Ma Xiaoling whispered, "Yes, that’s her."

I asked again, "Didn’t you say that your cousin is also an exorcist?"
"Well, my cousin is much worse than me. She was an official exorcist when she was sixteen, but now I’m not even good at psychics …"
"Your cousin is so embarrassed, why don’t you let her teach you well?"
Xiao-ling ma this time but curled his mouth didn’t answer.
Always ignore me fox small mei suddenly say "you don’t understand! Little sister ling and her cousin are not very good … and I don’t like her cousin. "
There seems to be a story in this.
Xiao-ling ma continued to curl his lips and sigh, and his face was a little disappointed.
Seeing that the atmosphere was not quite right, I quickly changed the subject and said, "Didn’t you just say that you have made a new plan? Now let’s hear it … Eh?"
A blackbird suddenly flew into the corridor window.
It’s a crow, but it looks strange. Its feathers are shiny black. Most crows’ feathers look blue in black, but this crow is red in black.
When it is on the windowsill, it can be seen that one of its feet is wearing a ring buckle.
The crow cocked its neck at the window and flew out with a flutter, making two hoarse cries and flying away again.
I said, "Where are the crows?"
Ma Xiaoling also saw the whole person stunned her and shouted, "That’s my cousin Lingcrow!"
It didn’t take a few minutes for someone to find Ma Xiaoling.
It’s a man and a woman, and that woman should be cousin Ma Lu of Ma Xiaoling.
Women are somewhat similar to Ma Xiaoling in fashion and height, but they have long black shawl hair, which is obviously different from Ma Xiaoling’s long ponytail.
The biggest difference is expression.
Ma Xiaoling is still a student, although her eyes are smart and her personality is lively, but after all, she is young.
The expression on her cousin’s face has always given people a very impressive impression, and there is a strong energy in her eyes, which Ma Xiaoling can’t compare with.
The man in the same trade is dressed a little differently. He has long hair and a sword on his back.
I was surprised to see it. You know, it’s not common for men to dress like this these days!
The big cousin of Ma’s family walked slowly down the stairs and saw Ma Xiaoling. Ma smiled and said, "Yo! Cousin Xiaoling won’t answer anything? "
Ma Xiaoling said so reluctantly called a "cousin …" and then greeted the man with a "brother Lu is here."
Fox Mei doesn’t seem to want to stay here. She turned and stood on tiptoe to go quietly from the stairs over there, but she was noticed by Ma Lu.
Ma Lu chuckled, "Yo Xiaomei is here, too. I heard a few days ago that you came here to play with Xiaoling."
Fox small mei hurriedly turned around and smiled gently and greeted the two men. "Sister Lu! Brother Lu! "
I looked at them silently at a distance.
Ma Lu talked to them casually again, and then he said with a smile, "Xiao Ling, I don’t pick up anything when I call you …" She took a look at the man’s smile, "It’s a good thing that you, Brother Lu, studied Taoism, can pinch and calculate your position roughly, and I let snowball fly around a few times to find you."
I think the snowball in her cousin’s mouth should be the crow?
Hey, it’s dark, but she just chose such a name
When they spoke, the man with long hair called’ Brother Lu’ never spoke except in response to the greeting.
He was very alert and suddenly said, "There is a spectre nearby."
Ma Lu said with a smile, "I also feel that spectre should be there, right?" She pointed to Zhao Huihui’s ward.
Ma Xiaoling’s face changed slightly.
"Hey, Xiaoling, you’re not here to exorcise demons and catch ghosts, are you?" Ma Lu looked at Ma Xiaoling thoughtfully and laughed. "But this ghost is weak, but it is not something you can deal with."
"Xiaoling, your cousin is right," said Brother Lu. "You really don’t have any talent in this field. It’s better to stop thinking about being an exorcist. It’s safer for us to do this."
Ma Xiaoling bit her lip and looked reluctant. "No!"
She said, "I’ll do it myself. No, you help your cousin."
Looking on coldly for so long, I seem to see some reasons
Brother Lu woke up again and said, "Xiao Ling, don’t be forced."
Ma Lu heard the tone change at the moment and sneered, "You?"
"… this is a matter of life and death. How can you deal with these spectres if you can’t even learn psychics well? And Xiaomei, you are the daughter of the fox demon king, but don’t be ridiculous with your half bottle of water demon and Xiaoling, an exorcist without any talent! "
What she said was quite humbled by Ma Xiaoling, and she buried the ears of the two foxes with a depressed expression.
"I’ll go in and have a look."
Ma Lu turned and walked into Zhao Huihui ward.
Her brother Lu Ma coaxed and continued, "Xiao Ling, don’t insist on giving up."
Ma Xiaoling bite a tooth "don’t advise me! Sooner or later, I will prove to you! "

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