The wind soul and others knew that the opportunity was fleeting, took the lead in breaking into the palace, and sneaked in while the enemy was in a hurry.

Is the plan sometimes better than the same wind soul wants to sneak into the four people and then meet quietly? But when fighting, Xu Feiqiong rushed too far ahead and was besieged by Wu Mo with many men of god. Although Wang Miao wanted to meet her, the demons killed her and rushed the four of them.
When the wind spirit dives into the palace, there is only one red line left beside him.
The wind soul nai good through the red golden light longitudinal penetration into the depths of the palace, they grabbed a few guys on the way to force the spirit setting down, but also can know that the spirit setting is indeed the specific location of the Gupeng Mountain, how to also ask not to come out.
Because the demon race has entered the palace, there are rushing winds everywhere, and the soul has changed into a armor of the man of God, and the red line has also been asked to find a maid dress to avoid crossing the road and meeting the enemy.
Wearing the red line is the red dress given by Lady Sakura. It is too conspicuous. She knocks out a maid, dresses up a girl, peels off her clothes and changes her clothes for herself. After camouflage, the two of them continue to walk deep, but they also meet a girl who passes by in a hurry, but she doesn’t recognize them.
The wind soul knows that those demons won’t last long, but they are more eager in their hearts, but they can search for this huge palace by feeling it.
In a big hall, they saw many people carrying boxes. These people were all slaves and maids, probably worried that the demons would rush here and destroy these precious things. They were carrying these boxes to safety.
It is a lovely girl in a beautiful dress who directs these people to do things.
That girl is actually a small party
The red line is the first time I saw Xiao Fang wearing a girl’s dress. I didn’t feel wide-eyed and looked at her eyes. The wind soul quickly pulled and pulled her. They were about to sneak past, but Xiao Fang had called "you two live."
The wind soul is called "bad" but it can bite the bullet.
Xiao Fang jumped in front of them and stared at them at the red line. He also stared back unceremoniously with a posture of hitting people.
Xiao Fang’s eyes were ga zi ng, her hands thrust into her waist and shouted at them, "You two are lazy and don’t move anything for me. That box is right. You move it to Qionghua clause for me, and if you dare to break it, I will make you look good."
The wind soul knew that this girl didn’t expose them because she mostly looked at the red line, so she quickly lifted the box with the red line and passed Xiao Fang with a low smile. "Why do you have to look like a boy in a flowered skirt?"
Xiao Fang gave him an oblique look. "Do you really want me to marry you when I grow up?"
The wind soul smiled and didn’t speak again, carrying the box and moving forward.
The little party swept over and put a mirror in the box quietly and then walked with a straight face.
The wind soul recognized it as a mirror of Yin and Yang at a glance and quickly earned it in his arms.
They carried the box and humbly asked someone for the location of Qionghua clause. Soon they came to a garden behind the house, where a strong ban was set up and many guards were arranged around it.
The spirit of the wind and the red line hid the box, and the mirror of Yin and Yang took a transparent view of the surrounding situation. Sure enough, the attic saw the spirit being set up, which was because the identity of others was different, so it was not the dungeon or some dirty places.
And the guardian spirit condensate is the female sacrifice of the three female ambassadors who are separated from the palace.
The wind soul and the red line will quietly put down the guards in the garden one by one, and then ambush the Yin and Yang mirrors outside the attic to observe the every move of the female sacrifice.
The priestess sat at the table with a goblet in her hand, while Ling Ning tied her hands down on the bed and tied her hands. The rope obviously had the effect of sealing the qi pulse, allowing her to use magic.
Ling Ning’s legs have been broken and tied. The natural method is to lie there and cry and watch the wind and soul heartache.
The priestess didn’t expect anyone to dive into the depths of the Gupeng Mountain and keep it for a long time, but she didn’t relax a little. When she saw Ling Ning, she still cried and sneered. "You have been crying since you were caught, just like water. How can your tears flow? It’s not a small thing. Look at him who was caught by the Buddha. You should be glad if you didn’t have a famous father, the Buddha wanted to make a deal with you. Now you don’t know which dungeon you were thrown into, and you will be bullied and tortured by the warders. Then you won’t want to cry
Ling Ning still shed tears.
Female sacrifice more see more upset can’t help but scold a way "you this wench is finished? Your father is also a famous man for a lifetime. How did you give birth to such a silly girl? You … "
Just then a beam of light suddenly shone in.
The female sacrifice knew that there was something wrong with it. She quickly shook her hand and made a miasma in the horn glass. However, as soon as the beam turned, the miasma was broken as soon as it was formed. At the same time, someone broke into the window and put a red sword in her hand and flew to her rapidly.
Is the priestess good at poison and witchcraft, and now she has been caught off guard, so why not hurry? She hid from the red line, and then she went to Ling Ning to think about holding Ling Ning as a shield. However, as soon as she flew to the bed, she saw the light shining from the corner of her eyes. She looked down and found that her feet did not know how many chess pieces she had.
She knew that she was trapped and wanted to get out, but it was too late. An icicle was born at the moment and she was frozen inside.
Ling Ning opened her eyes wide and saw that it was not only the teacher elder sister who appeared, but also the master Yemen came in. Knowing that they had come to save themselves, she couldn’t help crying again. "Master, the teacher elder sister …"

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