Honghuang Zulong!

This is the real Honghuang Zulong Qianlong Square. The statue of Zulong is as small as an ugly reptile!
Dreaming that Rowen, the ancestor of the great wilderness, can make everyone fascinated, they have long forgotten that Li Xuandao destroyed the mountains, and they can’t help but be crazy when they look at the statue that spans the whole sky and is full of vastness and majesty.
"The ancestors of the wild … are really ancestors!"
Aolang looked excited and trembled. Soon he be in heaven knelt on his knees and said sincerely, "Sun Aolang visited the ancestors of the universe."
Yu Long has also been rendered by Aolang’s emotions, and they are excited to kneel down and face sacred worship.
"Dragon grandson meets Honghuang Zulong!"
The huge sound is constantly stirring
This huge statue seems to feel that many dragons sincerely and suddenly emit a few faint hairs, and then these hairs gather together to form a colorful halo on the top of their heads, which shines like the sun.
The whole Dragon Valley suddenly lit up.
The dragon bathed in glory feel spiritually and feel comfortable.
"A miracle. This is a miracle."
"the ancestors of the wild have appeared."
"It must be Zulong who feels our wishes and gives us a blessing."
Many elders, including the platform, knelt down and prostrated themselves again with excitement.
At the moment, no one dares to doubt whether this statue is the ancestor of the wild and the wild.
"Now who among you dares to call me a liar?"
Li Xuandao stood commanding and looked down at the sound, and the whole Dragon Square echoed with all its brilliance, setting off him like a generation of gods, looking noble and unattainable.
A moment of silence
Everyone looked at each other and dared to answer.
Li Xuandao smiled coldly, his eyes fell and he regretted lightly. "Didn’t you say I lied? Why don’t you talk now?"
"dare not"
Ao regrets a full face of horror and can’t resist Li Xuandao’s eyes. The body bursts back two steps. "Li Xuandao, I was wrong. I admit that you didn’t lie. You did see the ancestors of the wild. I apologize to you now."
Ao Regret is also a flexible person who knows that he can’t argue with Li Xuandao at this time.
But Li Xuandao didn’t want to let him mean look indifferent way "apology? You offended me, Li Xuandao. Can you just forget it with an apology? "
"Li Xuandao, what else do you want?" Ao regrets flew into a rage, raised his head and glared at the lonely figure in the sky.
"The power of the advanced dragon is vast"
Li Xuandao narrowed his eyes and seemed to have a cold light flashing. "Since you offended me, I will kill myself and apologize!"
Hearing this, everyone’s heart trembled
Ao regret is suddenly clenched fist look ferocious.
"Li Xuandao, you let me die to apologize?"
Ao regrets, looks up at the sky, roars fiercely, and says, "What if I don’t promise?"
"It’s not up to you."
Li Xuandao gently shook his head and said lightly, "Since you have offended the majesty of the higher dragon, you will pay the price."
"Ha ha ha ridiculous"
Ao regret suddenly burst out laughing, "higher dragon majesty? Li Xuandao, I have told you that the strength of the Dragon Valley is respected. Although you are a senior dragon, don’t forget that you have half the strength of the elixir. So what if I offend your majesty? Can you kill me? "
With that, Ao Regret became arrogant. He stood up proudly and exuded a strong golden light. He grinned, "Li Xuandao, you can kill me. I’d like to see how you kill me."
Everyone looked at Li Xuandao consciousness held her breath.
Ao regrets, but the five-layer master of the elixir has the protective body of the elixir, which means that he can’t move, and Li Xuandao can’t hurt him at all.
Unexpectedly, however, Li Xuandao did not do it.
He smiled casually. "Hehe, you really respect yourself, this elder. It’s really a little difficult for me to kill you in reality, but I have to do it. You don’t respect etiquette in front of your ancestors and offend the majesty of the higher dragons. Will he spare you?"
Suddenly the gas suddenly solidified.
Ao Regret looked horrified and looked at the sky. Suddenly, the colorful halo on the top of the ancestral faucet burst into a radiant light, which immediately turned into a light beam running through heaven and earth, carrying conan the destroyer momentum from the sky.
Ao regrets uttered a shrill scream. Before this light beam, the roots dare not resist the instant fly ash.
Chapter 13 Nature makes people!
Chapter 13 Nature makes people!
Dead silence
Everyone looked at the ashes with horror, and felt shocked by regret. Many elders in the ceremony platform rose in succession for fear of being implicated.
However, the light beam did not continue to wreak havoc after killing Ao Regret, but gradually dissipated as if it had never happened. If it were not for the amazing high temperature, everyone almost just now was an illusion.

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