"Listen to his tone, he respects Jiuyou very much." Nangong Lie didn’t say much, leaving a simple sentence for everyone to think about.

"That’s interesting. Did he ask you for help when he said these things?"
Nangong Lie nodded silently.
"We still need to observe this man. After all, his family’s transcendental world is too weak, and he is afraid that we will help him with our hearts. They are also mud and helpless, and our country does not advocate interfering in other countries’ affairs."
"It’s not appropriate for Commander Sun to say this. It’s sensitive for nine days, and their politics directly affect the mood of our people. I think this person can help him secretly."
An elderly man named Liu Dao, who has been stationed in Japan and South Korea all the year round, knows more about Japan.
"Since Mr. Liu has said so, it is not unreasonable for you to investigate a linen family in the future. If their family really has some strength, it is not unreasonable for our two countries to help them from the standpoint of friendly development."
"Well … maybe Ma Yi’s family can help us get rid of the United States and put the Okinawa’ sentinel’," Liu Dao said thoughtfully.
Ji Tianci, the office of Light and Shadow Art City, dialed Zhu Yu’s words and thought about how to call Zhu Yuji Tianci for a long time. This man is a hundred years old and looks like an uncle, but he also calls himself a "little ancestor". What do you call him? You can call it "elder" when you think about it.
"Senior, I am Ji Tianci."
"Ah, little ancestor, I also said that you haven’t contacted me for more than a month, have you forgotten me?"
"Elder, I want to trouble you for something this time."
"What predecessors don’t call me Blue Flame? Tell me what it is."
"I have a sister who is unrated and wants you to test her strength."
"Your sister? Isn’t it still that my ancestor Jiuyou’s evaluation system can’t measure her level? "
Ji Tianci thought for a moment and replied, "Her situation is a little special. You’d better see her first. I don’t know her either. So please help me."
"Yes, no problem. I’ll ask the organization for a leave and I’ll come to you later."
"I can come to you if it’s not convenient for you."
"It won’t take me more than ten minutes to fly. It’s too much trouble for you to come to me. Then again, your sister is very strong? Do you have to find an S-class extraordinary test? "
"It should be very strong. I don’t know. At the very least, Class B Extraordinary is also afraid of her attack."
"So much? You are not yet 1, and your sister is not 1. Isn’t this a genius? Where are you waiting for me to arrive at you in half an hour at the earliest? "
"Wuyang Light and Shadow Art City"
Say that finish Zhuyu hangs up.
Ji Tianci hurriedly said to the four people in the room, "Get ready for Zhuyu to get to Wuyang in half an hour at the earliest."
"Come so soon?" Ma Yi Sheng Ping was somewhat surprised.
"Then I’ll make up my future sister first." Lu Manwen finished and took out many bottles and jars from a suitcase.
First, she dyed Ma Yi’s bright blue-green hair black with disposable hair dye, and the original two long ponytails were also put down to her knees. At first glance, Ma Yi’s future really changed, from an anime character to a little girl next door, and her temperament changed greatly.
Even her fans wouldn’t recognize her if she changed into a costume with nine secluded features. Lu Manwen is still dressed in linen, and her face will be slightly decorated in the future. Although it is decorated a few times, she always feels that her appearance has changed.
Yu Ma Shengping directly wore a wig, hung a pair of thick flat glasses on his nose and changed into a Tang suit, which looked like a nine-secluded Shan Ye layman.
After waiting for a while, Ji Tianci received Zhuyu’s words, and he was already at the gate of light and shadow art city.
Everyone went out to meet Zhu Yu. Finally, he didn’t dress up as a barbecue shop owner. He wore a black coat and didn’t tidy up his beard and hairstyle. Maybe his hair looked a little messy after the high-speed flight.
"Little ancestor, is this your sister?"
Zhu Yu stared at the future of Ma Yi and looked at it. "It looks very weak. Is it really a B-level standard?"
"All that glitters is not gold. My artifact can hardly hurt her. My sister grew up in America. Her name is Ji Yueyue, and she doesn’t speak Mandarin very well. This is my great grandfather Ji Pingsheng."
"Hello, I wish the elder" Ma Yi Shengping shook hands with Zhuyu.
"Hello, sir, I knew that my little ancestor’s mother was in America, but I didn’t expect my little ancestor to have so many relatives in America."
Ji Tianci was surprised. It seems that Zhuyu has also read his own information.
Zhu Yu and all finished greeting and directly said, "Let’s go. I’ll take you to a place where it’s quiet and not afraid to make a big noise."
Luan hurriedly called a car, which was a GMC-SAVANA in his company. He asked the driver to drive the car.
This car is almost as ridiculous as a minibus, but there are seven seats in it, and the spacious seats are also very comfortable. Although Zhuyu can take everyone there, flying around in broad daylight will scare people.
Che Zhuyu constantly showed Ji Tianci the way, and he and Luan rode in a row.
"By the way, Mr. Lu, on behalf of Jiu Youjian, I thank you for donating $150 million. The big boss is just different. It’s almost one billion nine coins. You can donate if you say so."
"I should thank you, but you didn’t rescue my daughter this time, and the money is for you to come back."
Speaking of which, Ji Tianci’s face is hard to control, and there is a burst of yin and Li, and he must pay for the bad behavior of the temples.
"We have saved many lives, and no one can be as generous as you, and it’s really a blessing for me to meet my little ancestor this time. By the way, I wish my little ancestor a ritual activity at home before the New Year. If you have, you should also go to Bai to let everyone worship you, the living ancestor."
Ji Tianci scared the steering wheel to shake. "Come on, you are older than me. How can I stand it?"
"You can’t say that. We are not as tall as your ancestors. We naturally have to wait on you when you are alive."
"Your surname wishes my surname Ji is not a family!"
"Our ancestor worship is not to worship the ancestors of the Zhu family, but to worship the ancestors of the Fire Family. Most of the Fire Family are surnamed Jiang and Zhu, and it is said that Zhu Rong and Jiangya are also our ancestors."
"What about Shennong?"
Ji Tianci thought that the god farmer was honored as the "Emperor Yan". He was the earliest leader of the fire family and later became a san huang.
"We will naturally worship the agricultural emperor, and his coffin will always be placed in the highest place, but his cemetery is not with the ancestral temple of the fire family, nor is it the tomb of Shennong."
"Then where is his graveyard?" JiTianCi some eagerly asked.
I heard the mouse say that after Shennong’s death, it turned into an eye-opening day, and now the eye-opening day is mastered by Jiuyou Extraordinary Organization. I don’t know its location yet, but Zhuyu may know it.
Shennong cemetery should be the place to open the eyes.
The fifth volume God Wars Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Hidden Dragon Villa
Zhu Yu looked around and everyone hesitated for half a ring before answering, "This is an organizational secret and I can’t say it."
Luan smiled. "Can’t your little ancestor worship his grandfather?"
"It seems reasonable for you to say this. If the God-given little ancestor is really Shennong’s grandson or grandson, it doesn’t seem to make sense if we don’t tell him about Shennong’s tomb."
Zhuyu touched himself. "Well, I’ll make a report to the organization. If the organization allows me to personally take my little ancestors to worship Shennong."
"yes! But now I won’t join the nine deep and remote sword shield "JiTianCi quickly replied.

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