However, what is hidden in it is a method that can make the vegetation elves practice.

The grandfather and father of Lv Jia poets are now court officials.
And because Lv Dongbin and Lingqing were born with visions.
Yu Lu’s family also placed high hopes on the two men, hoping that they could gain fame and then serve the interests of one party.
At this time, Lv Dongbin has not yet developed a Taoist mind and is quite persistent about the imperial examination. Instead, he should concentrate on the imperial examination in response to the expectations of his elders.
Ling Qingyuan is also very obedient, learning some classics and preparing for the exam.
However, when he woke up at the age of twelve, he gave up his studies and took up Tao instead.
However, because he was reborn, he couldn’t bring anything and even repaired it.
So now he wants to practice again.
Previously, he studied druids and became professionals.
Later, he got the law of restraining spirits and deifying, and then studied the Chinese method.
I didn’t practice seriously until I got the master’s approval and learned from Brother Wan.
Although the theory of druidism or deification brought him a lot of convenience.
But also an indispensable part of his spiritual practice.
But now there is a chance to start over, and his first choice is naturally "A Congenital True Sutra"
After four years from the age of twelve to practice, it’s time to choose to cast the foundation of Daoism.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-one Tibetan spirit
Congenital five paths, Dan, Fu, Qi and Array.
Lingqing previously integrated druids and chose the combination of rune and rune.
The purpose is to make it easier for him to transform druids and "the law of restraining spirits and deifying gods"
Now, however, this purpose is gone, and Fu Dao knows all about it.
There is no need to continue to choose this time.
Come on, he’s looking for a pair this time. It’s an enlightenment device.
However, the device is very resource-intensive and maintenance-intensive.
Without resources, you can’t make anything good at all, even you can’t practice your mobile phone.
Unfortunately, his tiger skin bag contained a fortune, but now he is reincarnated and never brought it in.
Without good materials, he can’t make a good magic weapon, and then he won’t have a good foundation
Without a good foundation, what can we talk about?
Therefore, the channel is not a good choice
Similarity is that Dan’s truth is limited by the same channel.
In array way …
Gee, it’s better to choose Dan Dao and Qi Dao.
Not only do you need to understand a large number of array methods, which greatly prolongs the foundation construction, but you also need to have enough treasures to match the array method repair.
So there’s only one way left.
Tao is the practice of refining gas.
The root of practice can be summed up in the sentence "refining one breath"
It is necessary to constantly exercise your body, and your vitality will come naturally.
If you can find your vitality, vigorous qi and shaqi, and then temper this breath, it is naturally the best.
If you can’t find it, you can also keep practicing by yourself.
It can be said that high energy can be as high as the sky and as low as the mud.
It’s the most suitable condition for him to practice.
What’s worse, there is nothing else, but he should have knowledge and practice!
Whether it’s one yuan, one hundred and twenty-nine thousand and six hundred kinds of vitality changes or adopting the method of refining evil spirits, he doesn’t lack it
The vitality can be seen everywhere, and it is simply bow to his knees to try his best.
The evil spirit is hard to find, but the most basic thing is that he is most familiar with the turbid evil spirit.
It is also necessary to have rocks and land.
It can be seen that he chose the road at this time is the best choice.
As the saying goes, the pure one is not mixed with the essence, which integrates the qi deficiency of heaven and earth and the spirit of activity.
One is the master, the other is the three, and the third is the innate one.
When you are born, you should refine the vitality of heaven and earth, and combine the acquired turbid essence with the acquired refined essence.
And when this innate foundation is built, it is to refine one’s own acquired turbid qi, and to combine the innate elements and essence into one innate one.
In the future, when you go to Renxian, you will gradually refine the heaven and earth, and the acquired turbid qi will be combined to refine the innate five qi.
Since then, essence and qi have merged.

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