Chapter two hundred Tiger Han hidden weapons

Welcome you to come.
At this time, the gate of changping town has been blocked by layers. It’s good to come out from the inside and go in from the outside. Whether it’s mercenaries or caravans, they have been strictly searched.
The person in charge of the search is impressively Wan Jianzong, who is in charge of guarding the gate of changping town at this time. A dozen young people are dressed with Wan Jianzong signs.
No one in this place except Wan Jianzong has such great power and ability to block the town gate so boldly.
Although many mercenaries have been so searched, they are full of anger, but they dare not expect to swallow them one by one when they see each other as Wan Jianzong.
People entering changping town need to be searched carefully, resulting in many people waiting in line outside the gate, but the people in front are still silent and they can quietly wait to enter in turn.
"Play it by ear" Feng Yang Xia Ying whispered something casually and the caravan walked towards the gate of changping town.
The boss of the caravan mercenary squad who escorted this batch of goods looked at the dozen Wan Jian Zongdi puzzled and said, "What the hell is this Wan Jian Zongdi doing to block up such a small town as changping town?"
"I heard that it was Wan Jian Zong Zheng who chased someone, which really delayed everyone." Also waiting in line to enter a mercenary squad leader Nai wry smile way.
"They’re not after you, are they?" Qing Cang’s daughter Qing Yu walked beside Feng Yang and asked with a playful color in her eyes.
"Yes," said the wind.
"Cut you too highly of yourself." Qing Yu sneered, saying, "It’s definitely a famous person who wants to hunt down such a big battle. How can it be such two young girls and this guy is shameless to admit that if he wants to hunt them down, this guy still dares to admit it openly?
After waiting for a moment, it was finally Qing Cang’s turn to search the caravan with three people.
Don’t be recognized at a glance at this time the wind Yang and Xia Ying is not a wind Yang that five young people around to chat with them if anything.
These five young people are really enthusiastic about Feng Yang by Xia Ying’s brother. He keeps asking questions and asking questions. It seems that he is trying to find out what kind of race can give birth to such a perfect girl as Xia Ying.
At this time, Xia Ying and Wan Jian Zongdi, who are in front of Qing Cang Qing Yu, are not going to flirt with girls casually at this time, but when they see ice, muscle, jade, skin, satiny and crisp, and the color is like the morning glow reflecting snow, Xia Ying still can’t help but look at it a few times.
These people have never seen Feng Yang and Xia Ying say that they want to kill people. They are a handsome young man with a huge sword and a stunning girl. Look at Xia Ying for a while. On the one hand, they want to see if they want to hunt down that person. Although this girl is said to be a disaster for the country and the people, she seems to be a lonely man and few women in this caravan mercenary.
"what do you deliver?" Wan Jianzong asked a young man.
"See for yourself." The other party is Wan Jianzong, and Qing Cang did not dare to sin, so he sent the goods for Wan Jianzong’s brother to search.
After the search, the three younger brothers went to the side of the five young people, and the line of sight carefully looked at the five young people. Soon, the line of sight fell, and they couldn’t help but look at it a few times. This young man is beautiful, but it seems to be a middleman in this caravan. Is it a coincidence?
"You can go in," the young man said with the wave.
"Thank you" Qing Cang nodded his thanks and escorted the goods to changping town.
Just walking to the door, a young man with a sword on his waist suddenly shouted, "Wait, are you all together?"
Qing Cang just wanted to nod and admit, but Qing Yu was outspoken and turned back and said, "Not these two people joined halfway."
"Fuck, it’s bad." When I heard Qing Yu’s words, the wind suddenly sank in my heart and called it bad. Almost at the same time, he had forcibly opened the central point to make the strength level soar to the fourth Wu Zun’s physical state and temporarily reached its peak. The body had not recovered yet, and forced the body to bear a huge load again, which led to the worse and worse physical condition.
"Stop them." The young man with a sword on his waist has already lost his sight and Xia Ying is wandering back.
At the same time, more than a few young people also stopped Xia Ying and Feng Yang for an instant or pulled out their weapons or condensed their lives, eyeing up and staring at Feng Yang and Xia Ying.
"Who the hell are you?" Young man with a sword on his waist drinks a way.
"Passers-by" Feng Yang replied with a smile.
"Then please stay for two days. If it’s really passers-by, we Wan Jianzong will never be difficult for you." The young man with a sword on his waist sneered.
"We didn’t" Feng Yang said.
"It’s not up to you to take them." The young man with a sword on his waist shouted coldly.
However, his voice did not fall, but it was the wind that made the first move. The sky were to fall, and he had already cast a leg and kicked a young man in the chest.
Hearing the scalp tingle, I immediately saw the young man flying like a dandelion. The buddy didn’t know how long it had been flying. He knew that there was a severe pain in his chest when the scene went backwards, and several ribs had been broken when he landed.
"Fuck still dare to strike back." The young man with a sword on his waist angrily drank a long sword, and it was "choking" when it was drawn, and a sword flashed in the cold light, piercing the long sharp wind and screaming at the wind.

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