Chapter one hundred and fifty-six In the world, the sinner is a red fiend gun!

"Be careful"
With such a sentence, one of the black skeletons all over the earth suddenly lived.
The sound of a huge corpse came from the skull.
"I don’t know where you are, but I’m sure you’ve come."
The skeleton pointed to the huge body.
"quick! Time is pressing, help me kill that bug! "
Gu Qingshan looked up.
The skeleton frame in the black armor has almost no flesh and blood.
The bone are covered with gnaw marks.
Only the huge body, neck and head, and some flesh and blood have not been eaten
A monster with seven long feet clings to the skeleton and gnaws at the body bit by bit.
The orange cat jumped up and quietly flew to the bronze column.
He gently dropped the huge corpse on his shoulders, patted his hands and feet, and approached a monster to study each other’s appearance.
Gu Qingshan swore that he had never seen such a monster.
This monster is as big as two people, and it is made up of black muscles and white bones. Its eyes are dull and fierce, which is quite like a kind of primitive world marine animal called shark.
It has a colorful diamond-shaped mouth full of mucus, and its long tongue sticks out from its mouth. According to the huge corpse, the flesh and blood suddenly turns soft and fluid and is sucked by the long tongue.
The real method imagines that a huge body was eaten by such a thing, leaving the flesh and blood of the neck and head.
The monster was absorbed in eating flesh and blood and didn’t see the orange cat that just appeared.
If the orange cat leans quietly, it will start work.
"Be careful that this thing can spit out millions of tons of venom and turn the whole world into a liquid forever." The huge corpse sound rang again
"What is this?" The orange cat asked the black skeleton
"Doomsday knocker deals with my terrible worm-I wouldn’t dare to let you come if I hadn’t watched you master the method of completely hiding your body this time-if you appeared in front of it, you would be directly eaten without resistance!" Huge corpse road
Doomsday … Knocker?
What a strange name.
The orange cat asked, "What if it’s an artifact? Will it eat utensils? "
The huge corpse said, "No, it eats flesh and turns a blind eye to utensils."
Orange cat is relieved.
Because although it is temporarily invisible, it always releases weapons when attacking.
If the other side can eat the sword, it has to be more careful.
The acceleration of the orange cat changed from approaching slowly to running rapidly.
It suddenly jumped up and jumped at the monster.
A flash of sword light
See orange cat bite a handle of primitive simplicity sword hilt severely cut the monster body.
In an instant, another sword came from the opposite direction, and the monster was divided into two parts.
Yan GUI! Dijue!
The monster suddenly swelled up and screamed sharply-
Before he died, he was going to spit venom!
However, before it can complete its own ideas, the body shape has collapsed directly and disappeared from the virtual.
Orange cat is relieved.
The black skeleton is nervous shouting "damn it! Here we go again! Run! "
The orange cat sensed something incredibly dangerous.
It suddenly closed its sword and flew away to the other shoulder of the huge body.
Last second
The orange cat jumped high from the shoulder of the huge corpse.
And then that happened—
Black lightning fell from the sky and hit the bronze column to completely wrap the huge body.
Enough to destroy all the horrible breath from the black flash.
The huge body was convulsed by the black force.
Hurricane onset
Conan the destroyer power wandered back and forth throughout the world.
Fully dozens of interest.

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