[Gifted A, Mysterious then, koi fish possessed]

[Indicating that the probability of death due to attribution is greatly increased]
[Your simulated life of cultivating immortals officially opens-]
[Countdown 1, 9 …]
【……! 】
[simulation! 】
At the same time
Bai Yi looked at Qin Genting, the No.2 tool man, and made three choices of newborn talents. He couldn’t help but get lost in some meditation.
It is normal for Gentiana macrophylla to choose talent 5 and talent 9. Normal people will choose these two talents.
One option is to gamble on the mysterious elixir.
The other is that you can make your luck explode, at least until you are one year old.
This means that if you want to live to be 1 year old …
Will become more relaxed.
Gentiana’s talent for blind selection 2 …
Bai Yi gave me an interesting smile with a faint gloating nature.
He muttered to himself, "I hope that when she knows what this talent means, her mind will not burst … She randomly assigned 1 attribute, and there is 1 attribute in her mind. If there is no chance of death, this attribute will be limited."
I have to admit that compared with Chen Qianxue, Gentiana macrophylla is still unlucky.
Can you get a few out of a bunch of strange newborn talents?
And there are some good talents that Gentiana don’t quite understand.
I don’t understand her, and I dare not choose at random.
So …
It becomes this situation.
From the perspective of Bai Yi’s "watching", he can see the script of the immortal simulator and the reincarnation picture of Gentiana macrophylla.
[At the age of 18, Gentiana was born in an ordinary family in a world of cultivating immortals, and the midwife was dismayed to find that the baby was not male or female, which touched her knowledge blind spot]
[Qin Genting will open her mouth soon after she was born. Her mother thinks she has given birth to a genius, but she doesn’t know whether her child is a man or a daughter. 】
【 A cultivator presented an elixir when his father made friends here 】
[1-year-old Gentiana suddenly found that her physiological structure was a bit abnormal and her mentality collapsed! 】
[Qin Genting’s father gave then to his daughter, but Qin Genting didn’t dare to eat it]
[At the age of 2, it may be that "koi fish possessed" happened. After Qin Lan picked up a ring and shed blood to confess the Lord, she found that there was actually a pile of primary charms and several bottles of poly-magic pills.]
[3-year-old Qin Genting was lucky to get a chance to test her roots. She actually has a little talent for cultivating immortals. A small sect of cultivating immortals wants to include her in the clan]
[At the age of 4, he joined the Miao Danzong Qin Gentile and was lucky to become an elder apprentice]
Chapter 31 Gentiana I shouldn’t have more parts.
Immortal simulator
At the age of four, Gentiana macrophylla was found to be qualified to cultivate immortal bones and joined an elder of Miaodan Sect. It is reasonable to say that she should be happy.
But …
Think of yourself this muddleheaded reincarnation experience Qin Genting some not happy.
She didn’t think that this mysterious cultivation simulator could really make her reborn.
At that time, when she was just reborn, she was completely confused.
It took me a long time to accept the fact that I came to another world.
She knows this is also a world of cultivating immortals.
The world in which she used to stay is not the same. There is no righteous palace and no spiritual sword Sect in this world … It is even more important for Chen Qianxue to make her teeth itch.
Gentiana don’t know if I can go back to cultivate immortality simulator, saying she can go back if she dies.
But …
It’s true that Gentiana is afraid to try. What if she dies in case she dies?
She’s a coward!
Gentiana pulled a skirt and looked down at the wrong part. Her mind was very heavy and her mood was very complicated.
Even after four years, it is still difficult for her to accept this wrong part.
If I had known I would have chosen my newborn talent before, I wouldn’t have chosen it randomly.
I’d rather choose that "negative second generation" than this damn thing.
Damn it!
The only thing that makes Qin Genting more satisfied is her luck. She feels that her luck is very outrageous. It is normal to pick up a few ounces of gold when going out.
It is normal to go out and pick up a ring when luck breaks out.
She thinks it’s a newborn gift.
Amazing …
Actually can affect their luck.

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