But Qingyun isn’t worried that this is Lin Haoheng. If there are all kinds of peaks here, wouldn’t it have been pierced? What about our flesh? !

Thinking about this Qingyun is even more shocking. At the same time, offering sacrifices to the Yuan God’s hand and smashing the giant peak into several pieces, while the gods know all the peaks of Zawanfa, they see that there are four bodies in the celestial pole temple of the celestial pole peak not far from the rear, which turned out to be four Yang God elders who retired from the pipe dream.
Or dismembered in two places, or turned into dust, or blackened as carbon … The four Yang gods died unexpectedly!
In the sight of this Lin Hao ruined their flesh!
Qingyun’s heart is full of hatred. Four Yang God elders, Wan Fa Xian Zong supported Tianzhu, so he died in vain. For the first time, he had the urge to bite his teeth in the face of Lin Haoheng Qingyun.
"I sword at the moon … huh?" Lin Haoheng wants to offer a sword that can pass through differentiation, and then the sword becomes lighter and lighter, and then the sword turns to the green.
Just see that kind of spirit is slowly emerging an elder who is wearing a burning suit and holding a flaming halberd. This elder is just facing Lin Chongshi, who is very smart and retired from another Yang God elder without fighting.
Before his figure emerges, Lin Haoheng looks at the moon, and my sword has been beheaded.
A sword cuts the fire clothes, and the sparks flee around and lose.
The other two swords’ shadow’ and’ moon’ penetrate the fire clothes and go straight into the heart, chopping the elder into three sections like chopping melons and vegetables.
Even so, the vitality of Yang Shen Gao Ren is extremely tenacious, but it is still a wisp of undead spirit flying out and trying to escape, but suddenly I am confused and don’t know where to go.
After the waterfall, the sword light will come like running water, and it will be cut like a cut.
Qingyun’s big hand is not as fast as Lin Haoheng’s sword, so he can’t save the elder.
"Lin Haoheng!" Qingyun was furious.
"Ha ha, today, the new equipment is ten times stronger than before. Let’s play with the old man again …" Lin Hao was eager to listen suddenly and didn’t know who to talk to. "What are you doing here? You don’t have to go! "
"What the hell … I am the one who will slay the weak … go away …"
"The strong draw out a sword to the stronger … how fun this old man is …"
"Okay, okay, don’t take that guy to pressure me. I promised him I was bored …"
A bunch of inexplicable words, Lin Hao said horizontally to Qingyun, "I have something to deal with. Wait for the old man and then let’s fight."
"Young students live for me!" Qingyun can let him get his wish. Yuan Shen’s big hand caught him in the past. He doesn’t believe that he can’t catch this guy. Even if he is ten times stronger, it’s just Yuan Yingxiu!
"… when the flowers fall, they meet you again."
But Lin Haoheng has disappeared. Where did Lin Haoheng go when he saw this sword tactic in a short distance, just like a blink of an eye?
God knows all the time and can see a scene. Qingyun couldn’t help grinding his teeth again.
Because he suddenly saw Lin Haoheng unexpectedly appear another elder who turned from his dream. When the elder didn’t react, he recorded a shadow of the moon. My sword will be cut into three sections, and the sword will be swept away by the milky way.
This elder is a Yin deity, but not a Yang deity. He reacted to death without even screaming.
It took more than a hundred years to cultivate an elder of Yin God, so he was cut by a sword?
Qingyun is going mad, and his longitudinal figure is like a streamer, so he goes back to Lin Haoheng, and Lin Haoheng is another sword that meets you at the end of the world and moves to an unfortunate person.
Those who can break through the Huangliang Dream Department are all gods, and even these gods are easily slaughtered by Lin Haoheng like pigs and dogs.
Lin Chong dreamed of beating these great powers out, and then Lin Haoheng here will slaughter them one by one, and Lin Buzhoutong news will cooperate better than the tacit understanding.
Seven. Well done. Come on, Erh Lin leng.’
"Lin Hei, shut up, you landlord. You’re a cheater. Don’t get old or I’ll kill you!"
What are you going to kill me? Laugh me to death? Besides, I’m not cheating. I’m counting cards and gambling gods.’
"That’s called counting cards in your virtual world. Isn’t that to see the cards? You also said that you could shuffle cards, right? Want to be shameless? "
This is the skill advantage of sects. Your advantage is coolies, and my advantage is cleverness …’
Lin Zhou called out,’ Ah, here comes the ninetieth peak again. Gee, Lin Chong has gone there. Catch this time. A big Yang Shen is wearing a protective magic weapon. He panicked. Information overflows and there are weaknesses. I’ll draw an arrow for you …’
"It’s annoying, can you shut up!"
Chapter one hundred and seventy The original is Huangliangmeng
The Yang God elder obviously got a malicious attention from Lin Chong in his dream, and when he was forming, he was flustered, and then he was targeted by Lin Haoheng to cut melons and vegetables into three sections, and then the sword waterfall washed away the fly ash of Yuan God’s practice for thousands of years
"Old man, your speed is not good." Lin Haoheng also made a face at the rainbow flying to Qingyun.
"Young players, dare! ! !” Qingyun is going crazy, but he can’t catch Lin Haoheng’s shadow. If you want to escape Lin Haoheng, you can walk smart and slippery wherever you go.
"… when the flowers fall, they meet you again."
Tianya fengjun sword
Chop people and wash their souls, synthesize in one breath
"… after these ten torn wearisome years grew up and met again"
Ten-year meet sword
Skilled in chopping people and washing souls
Saw YouYouQing for a moment and the elders woke up in a dream, and Qingyun was already in full swing. tight encirclement was densely packed with "Skynet" all around him.
"… the boat died in the river for the rest of my life!"
Jianghai sword for the rest of his life!
Although this sword is copied from the later generations, the sword fairy has never seen the appreciation of artistic conception and the great power of magical powers. Lin Haoheng drifted gently like a boat, leisurely and leisurely away.
Qingyun spit out one mouthful blood.
At this time, as far away as the tenth peak, a dream elder appeared again.
Turned out to be a yuan god.

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