But Xiao Fan doesn’t have a logo!

"Bullies are so exciting and nobody cares. It seems that the emperor is also a fatuous guy!" Xiao Fan sigh a way
"You … you dare to insult today’s saint?" S company commanders mercilessly replied, but suddenly I remembered that I was stopped by Xiao Fan and I was weak again.
"What dare?" Xiao Fan picked a corner of his mouth and said, "Cut the crap and get out of here. I’m not in the mood to accompany you scum waves!"
Said Xiao Fan wrist a shake burly company commanders was he flung out of the ten zhangs fell to the ground!
"The company commander!" Next to the tourist trap soldiers hurriedly lifted S company commanders up before.
And Pingrong has long been scared and shivering like a quail.
Even a master like General S ended up in such a field. His heart is heavier than his own. This time, it’s a slap in the face!
"get out! If I see you bullying me again, don’t blame me! " Xiao Fan with a straight face and complete rebuke way
He is tired of feeling awed, thinking that he can protect Qiao Yuan until the end of the imperial examination, then enlighten him into immortality, and then try to blend in with the circle of immortals in the imperial city to find out more things about the Nine Immortals Palace.
The soldiers retreated, frightened out of my wits.
This time, Pingrong didn’t dare to say malicious words again.
Bullying is typical of these guys.
After a wick of incense, the majestic Pangdaping Wangfu Pingwangye Fang Pingrong told his father with a snot and tears that he had been bullied.
Prince Ping is a strong man in his early sixties.
Although he is over half a year old, his face is rosy and his eyes are full of gods. His temples are bulging high and he is a practitioner.
"You said … General Manager Lin couldn’t pass a round?" Twist Hu Ping report was surprised and asked.
"Yes, the root is not a person!" Ping Rong nods a way
"Murphy … is a fairy middleman?" Ping Wang’s eyes flashed a trace of worry.
"It’s definitely not that he doesn’t have a fairy palace logo!" Ping Rong shook his head a way
"oh? That’s strange … "Flat report fingers gently knocked on the table and thought" how can ordinary practitioners have such skills? And … He is so young … "
"Don’t you know who he is if I go and have a look at him myself?" Just as he was talking, an old man came out of the room when the curtain was lifted.
The old man is kind-hearted and thin, but he has an imposing manner. His eyes are dark and his head is faintly covered with a pale white fog.
"oh? Master Zhuang, do you really intend to go in person? " Flat report hurriedly got up and gave a deep worship to the old man.
"Well … if I guess right, if the person you just talked about is not an immortal, it must be that the wonderful generation of bones and meridians has the potential to imagine immortality!" Master Zhuang nods a way
"If that’s the case, I will definitely close the door. If possible, if I can reach the level of quasi-fairy and enter the outer gate of Fairy Palace one day, my future will be limitless!"
"So that’s it. Master Zhuang has a vision!" Flat report nods a way
"I’ll go and have a look when I’m old!" Master Zhuang said that he lifted his foot and stepped into the room in an instant.
"It’s really … it’s really worthy of being a fairy middleman!" Prince Ping sighed and shook his head. "It’s a pity that I don’t have qualified people to enter Master Zhuang’s eyes!"
Master Zhuang and others?
The protector of the palace, bonichi
That is to say, in addition to the nine cousins outside the Fairy Palace, it is necessary to count this group of people with the highest status as the emperor!
And this master Zhuang is a natural bull.
However, his life is doomed to hang out in the mortal dynasty.
He has been practicing for nearly ten thousand years, and his practice is just a realm of emperor and saint.
You know, in a place like the celestial world, if the immortal reaches the peak of the spiritual realm in one hundred years, it will be waste!
If the 1000-year law reaches the peak of the sacred land stage, it is also waste!
If the 10,000-year law reaches the peak of the imperial stage, it is a complete waste!
However, it is such an extremely useless person who always holds the illusion that one day he can get the benefits of the Nine Immortals Palace and soar!
So he thought hard and finally worked out a way to find a mortal with excellent qualifications to lead the introductory practice and then let him enter the Nine Immortals Palace, so that he can naturally benefit from being a master, right?
When Master Zhuang came to Xiao Fansuo’s inn quietly, Xiao Fan was lazily lying in the window in the sun.
Xiao Fantai talked until she really didn’t know what to do.
He doesn’t need to practice this element in two places at once, and he can’t display it without revealing his identity.
Even the alchemist, which he usually likes to kill, can do everything except basking in the sun.
Qiao Yuan, next door, has been studying so hard that he has almost forgotten himself. He really turned a deaf ear to things outside the window and devoted himself to reading sages.
Suddenly Xiao Fan closed his eyes and his eyelids shook gently.
How could Master Zhuang hide it from him when he arrived?
But Xiao Fan doesn’t mean to pretend not to know what to do and continue to repose.
"oh? Murphy … Is this it? " Master Zhuang’s hidden figure stared at Xiao Fan for a moment and couldn’t help rubbing his beard and saying to himself, "Well … you have to know more about it!"
With that, he stepped into the inn.
"Is Mr. Wang going to stay in the hotel?" The fat shopkeeper hurriedly greeted him, but at a glance, he saw Master Zhuang with a gold waist tag hanging around his waist. Suddenly, he shook himself and hurriedly knelt down to the atmosphere and couldn’t breathe a shiver.
This waist tag is the status symbol of Jiusheng Imperial City.
Nine people in Fairy Palace will not appear in the imperial city, even if they are outside brothers.
This imperial city is in the hearts of all these people, not to mention that even if the emperor sees these services, he will salute and dare not neglect them.
"Come on, get up. You don’t have to be polite when I’m here for something!" Master Zhuang said lightly and walked towards the second floor with leg lifts.
Before he came to Xiao Fan’s door, he was about to push the door directly, but he hesitated for a moment or knocked gently.
Xiao Fan was puzzled and looked at Master Zhuang. "What can I do for you?"
"Hehe, it’s nothing to hear that a young man who has lived here has come to visit Yi!" Master Zhuang said with a smile
"oh? What’s the good thing about this? Murphy Pavilion is also interested in Xiao’s discussion? " Xiao Fan with white playing dumb said

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