The blade refers to cold all over.

On weapons
Although the thunder axe staff is a fake artifact, it has just been promoted soon after all, and the other side is weaker than the golden creature weapon.
On Wushu
The magic skill of the moon-plate knife is better than the exquisite knife method, the endless knife potential, and the knife meaning is like a hidden moon hanging straight and thundering.
On repair
Even if Zhou Jia’s body is comparable to the sixth-order repair, it is too bad. There is always something worse than the real sixth-order and strange species
The knife and axe collided and the two passed by.
The machete in Qigu’s hand trembled and his face sank.
Actually …
Divide equally!
Although martial arts is wonderful, it depends on who will make it different from others’ teaching Zhou Jia martial arts. With one exception, I have learned it myself.
With the characteristics of five thunder, both martial arts and weapons can greatly increase his power.
Zhou Jia speaks the truth, turns into a thunder, and beheads.
Qigu’s skill is like a machete, and it’s a little bit wonderful to cut the thunder axe and the staff. The place where the knife potential is the weakest is huge.
Knife mans first appeared before the thunder is suddenly toward a shrink.
Violent, fierce knife light is all gathered in an instant, so that 90% of the blooming knife mans strength falls and the axe blade rushes forward.
It thunders for five days!
A dull roar. When the rage sounded, Lei Guang condensed at a little knife and mans collided, but it was slightly dominant.
In the ancient wind, the body roars upwards, the forehead shakes, and the golden body flashes like a golden cicada emerging from the flesh.
"Hum …"
In an instant, a dark-skinned, glaring God appeared in the field.
The dark gods of Qigu are as high as tens of meters, and the momentum threatens the surrounding mountains and sounds like muffled thunder.
"You are proud enough to force me to show my true self."
"But …"
"Go to hell!"
The soaring strength is strong enough to crush the machete in the hands of the seventh-order silver, but it also turns the sky into a full moon to avoid the knife.
Virtual trembling

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