I felt the warm wind coming from my ear and shuddered at Lu Yuan’s consciousness.

Then the novel "Well, there are three bugs lurking in front of the ceiling … about five stars of black iron"
When I heard that it was a few black iron bugs, Su Meng immediately swelled up and said, "It was just a few black iron bugs that were handed over to me!"
After all, Su Meng has almost always been protected by land sources since she entered the ground worm nest.
This makes her anxious to show her majesty as a master!
How can a master be protected by an apprentice?
Just as Su Meng rolled up his sleeves and wanted to do a big job, Liu Yuan stretched out his hand and stopped her.
"Master, don’t worry. These three insects pose no threat to us. I can just use them to test the effect of insect repellent."
Su Meng one leng and then a sullen mouth let himself roll up his sleeves.
Although she really wants to show that she is a good master, she can’t admit that what Lu Yuan said is very reasonable.
It’s okay. I can definitely show myself in front of Xiao Lu every time!
See Su Meng after listening to his words, Liu Yuan immediately nodded to Tam around him.
Tam immediately got the message and took the initiative to walk towards the hiding place of the three worms.
[sucking worms]
[Attribute poison]
"Grade Black Iron Five Stars"
See the ceiling ten meters away from Tam. Three people are almost one meter long. Five worms are quietly attached to the ceiling.
Their breath is very hidden, and their skin color is perfect to blend in with their surroundings.
Tam is no stranger to this scene.
Because it has the ability of camouflage itself, it can change its skin color according to the surrounding environment to achieve the effect of integration with the surrounding environment
However, with its strength rising, this ability Tam is getting less and less.
Trying to test the effect of insect repellent, Tam walked all the way to these three worm sucking parties and then stopped directly.
An amazing scene appeared, and the sucking worms didn’t seem to notice that Fontam was still motionless on the ceiling.
This scene made Su Meng not far away suddenly excited.
She didn’t expect that her apprentice’s cooking had such unexpected effect.
Moreover, she didn’t notice anything precious when she saw the root in her eyes during the process of Lu Yuan system.
It can be said that this insect repellent can be made on a large scale!
After determining the effect of insect-repellent water, Lu Yuan nodded at Tam.
After getting the command from Liu Yuan, Tam raised his head and smiled at the three sucking worms on his head.
Rock needle hiding!
See Tam’s hair first poured into the soil, and the spiritual force turned into spikes like rocks.
Then the sucking worm was shot at the top of the head, which was so fast that the three sucking worm roots did not react.
A large number of rock spikes directly pierced the bodies of three sucking worms.
Tam slowly pulled back his hair and the bodies of three sucking worms immediately fell from the ceiling.
Tam looked at his hair, purple blood, and he was disgusted with the pie mouth. Then all his hair turned into a hot flame.
Burn your hair and blood at once
After seeing that Tam had solved the enemy, Liu Yuan and Su Meng came along.
A careful scan of these sucking worms reveals that these worms are really weak in frontal warfare.
Weak body and slow action mode
In this way, the strength belongs to weak chickens that can’t survive for an hour in the wild.
However, Lu Yuan soon discovered the advantages of these sucking worms.
That these sucking worms have as many as three stomachs.
In this way, special organs obviously strengthen their digestive ability.
And the sucking worm has two tentacles instead of eyes, although it has no eyes but a head.
This is what many insects do.
No matter how you look at it, these sucking worms seem to have evolved their ability to live in a better harsh environment rather than to improve their combat effectiveness.
No wonder Su Meng said that these worms are not strong in fighting capacity, and a deputy armed soldier can solve many problems.
This kind of meat doodle body can be beaten one by one to ensure that they can be sifted.
After observing these sucking worms, Lu Yuan took Su Meng on his way again.
The first floor of the ground worm nest won’t have what he wants, and now he needs to go to the second floor to have a look.
And with the deepening of Lu Yuan and others, it began to become bigger and bigger.
The whole ground worm nest feels like a buried pyramid.
The bigger it gets, the more complicated the environment becomes.
Finally, ten minutes later, Lu Yuan met a new group of bugs.
After observing for a moment, Liu Yuan found that the position of these insects had blocked the road.
They want to move on, they have to get rid of these guys, too.
"There are fifteen sucking worms in front of Master. They are in the way and we can’t get around."
"You two pet animals are a little noisy when fighting. I’ll leave these fifteen bugs to you. Wait here for a while."
Said Liu Yuan before Su Meng refused to take Tam and Xiaoguang directly towards this group of sucking worms.
Lu Yuan and Tam were covered by insect repellent water, and they soon came to a position three meters away from sucking worms.
At Tam, Liu Yuan slowly pulled out his waist long Dao.
"Solve them minute by minute."
Words fall on Tam, and they act instantly.
I saw a flash of light that first appeared around a sucking worm, and this flash was exactly the’ six-style shaving’ light mouse and light.
Seeing Xiaoguang holding a short knife a little longer than himself, he fell directly on the sucking worm’s head.
Xiaoguang’s knife is like cutting tofu and instantly cutting the head of a sucking worm.
And it didn’t stop there. Another’ six-style shave’ appeared again, and another sucking worm was cut at the key point of sucking worm again.
Compared with Xiaoguang’s efficient fighting method, Tam’s fighting method is much more violent.
See Tam lie prone hair department khaki rock like a rock machine gun on the top of the head sucking worms kept shooting.
"roar! ! !”
The sudden attack caught the sucking worms off guard.
However, 15 sucking worms instantly fell to six in one face-to-face kung fu.
The remaining nine sucking worms fell from the ceiling and immediately attacked Ditham and Luyuan.
Yu Xiaoguang is too fast. These guys can’t touch it, so let alone fight.
After seeing these guys fall to the ground, Tam immediately wrapped his hair around the double-armed rock arm armor and rushed directly into the sucking worms.
Hard rock arm armor combined with Tam’s amazing power makes Tam directly blow a sucking worm’s head with amazing results every time he punches.

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