Yip hon doesn’t know the nationality of Carlos before he became a worm, but you can tell by his name that this guy is definitely not a Chinese. If Carlos’ distress signal is sent to America or a country in the Al Qaeda group, then it is very reasonable for him to suddenly hide!

However, Ye Hanma overturned his inference that Carlos had no nationality characteristics because of his descent from orbit. At most, he found that a group of paratroopers had fallen to a nearby root, and it was impossible to find out the identity of paratroopers before.
Yip hon, the more he thinks about it, the more he can’t find a clue. His mind is in a ball and he can’t find a solution to the mystery.
At this time, the satellite has put the area data in front of Yip Han, and his horse has taken back his flying thoughts to check the situation near the coordinates
There are some giant worms scattered in the forest, and the number of them is probably in their early thirties, all of which are out of the control of aliens. The number and density of lone giant worms are consistent with the usual observation data, and there is nothing unusual.
Worm people can’t go to Fiona Fang for a few kilometers. There’s not a single worm, but it doesn’t rule out that Carlos hid in the ground … The underground cave hiding satellites has become a worm and a worm can!
Although he didn’t find any clues, Yip Han didn’t intend to give up, but enlarged the map to see if there was anything unusual further away. Then he suddenly found a group of fast-moving red dots in the west direction of the coordinates!
These red dots are a little scattered, but it can be seen that they are a complete whole and are chasing a red dot not far away.
He immediately switched the picture and changed the map into a satellite top view. He immediately saw that it was a group of worm people and the guy who escaped was Luo jiaqi. He couldn’t find Carlos!
This half-man, half-ant guy is too conspicuous among a group of insect people who are almost the same as humans.
What the hell is going on?
If you want to know why, you must first control Carlos!
Ye Hanma switched the communication frequency band. "Luo Qi found Carlos. Seven kilometers due west, a group of bugs are chasing him!"
Luo Qi suddenly got up. "Come with me!" Then he started to run to the west and scattered around. The soldiers didn’t know what had happened, but their horses jumped out and ran with Luo jiaqi behind them.
Tao Chengyu and his fifth squadron are not slow to respond, and the other direction is parallel to the fourth squadron.
Luo jiaqi line briefly told a group of people about the situation before they knew what Carlos was missing.
No one likes this situation when executing. Every secret service member can’t wait to kill those troublemakers immediately!
According to military training standards, a qualified soldier can run five kilometers and seven kilometers in more than 20 minutes, which is more than half an hour.
Secret service members have the power and armor to run a few minutes faster than the 100-meter world champion sprint, but it still takes ten minutes to cross this distance of more than 7 thousand meters.
In this issue, Yip Han kept reporting Carlos’ position. After several revisions, Luo jiaqi led two squadrons to finally find the man chasing Carlos.
However, every secret service member who sees those bugs has a sense of time disorder-these bugs have no light bugs in their arms, but they are wearing black automatic rifles, tactical vests and FAS tactical helmets without ear protectors. What do you think is like a special force behind enemy lines?
However, all the worm people ride strong giant worms, and the secret service team has been dealing with aliens for so long. Qiongzhou has seen aliens riding insects, which directly exposes their identity.
Luo jiaqi is going to the horse show, but seeing this, I’m a little unsure about the identity of these people.
North China can set up a special bug army, and so can other countries. What if these bugs are sent out by the country after receiving the distress signal?
He hurriedly United yip hon said his thoughts again.
Yip hon thought for a moment and said, "Do they have a national symbol?"
"no!" Luo Qi said
"That won’t do!" Yip Han said, "The horse action Carlos must be in our hands!"
"white!" Luo jiaqi immediately made a gesture on behalf of the attack, and the soldiers rushed out at once. Although there were only a dozen people, they posed as a gesture surrounded by those bugs and didn’t hide their tracks at all.
The equipment level of this group of worms, that is, the standard of the second-line troops, is not the same as that of the secret service team, but it can be crushed by strength.
The secret service team really caught the worm off guard. Not only did the worm not escape, but the horse turned its gun and fired at the secret service team.
I don’t want to know that these worm people are definitely not friendly.
The players did not hesitate to fight back. They shot a random gun and killed more than half of the insect people in a blink of an eye.
When Carlos heard a gun coming from a distance, he couldn’t help but step up his steps and quickly rushed to hide behind a stone. He carefully probed the situation behind him and vaguely saw several dark green figures flashing through the jungle.
He can’t help but feel anxious, but he doesn’t know the identity of the bearer and how to wake them up.
At this time, the secret service team has taken control of the situation. There are three people left in the whole team who are still alive. They shrink their worms and ride behind the bodies without stirring or shooting.
The battlefield gun gradually stopped, and a worm man raised his gun to signal his surrender.
Several rifles immediately pointed to him. When he saw that the Secret Service had no gun, the other two worm people also raised their guns.
Chapter 121 This is a conspiracy
The surrender of the worm makes Luo jiaqi very confused. Don’t aliens control the worm people like to fight to the end? How can these worm people still know how to surrender?
Maybe these worm people are not controlled by aliens?
A secret service team member slowly approached the surrender worm, and when there were still more than ten meters away from them, he put a gun to signal them to throw the gun.
I don’t know if there is a mental problem. A worm is very clever. The horse throws the gun and raises his hands high.
What do you mean, the other two worm people are slow, as if they didn’t put their guns in vain?

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