And Lu Yuan will do something later.

Is to make a delicious food that suits you.
He wants to help himself by eating delicious animals.
Digest the harvest from the wild tower
As I said before, breathing is to stimulate the potential of terrigenous bodies
But this kind of excitation is not instantaneous excitation.
But a rapid and gradual proces.
Although there is a breathing method, Lu Yuan transforms his body into his own strength.
Already much faster than the average person.
But this process can still be accelerated.
If you speed up, of course, it is a royal animal food!
Really when I Liu Yuan beast Liu maosin template is white!
So Liu Yuan left the training base directly and went to the private kitchen next to it.
Lu Yuan specially told Lego, the counselor, before assigning the dormitory.
He is a gourmet animal bender.
It is best to have a complete kitchen in the dormitory.
For Lu Yuan’s special enrollment requirements,
Counselor Lego is trying his best to satisfy
The kitchen of Luyuan Villa is well equipped.
It is not much different from the average five-star hotel.
From this, we can also see the details of Wilderness College.
You can’t get these devices without tens of millions of union coins.
And this flower is just to meet a requirement of Liu Yuan.
Lu Yuan went to the kitchen chopping board.
With a royal beast light
The bodies of five fierce beasts were put on the front table.
These five bodies are golden two-star flaming plumed finches.
Baiyinxing deep-sea octopus
Silver six-star mountain worm
Baiyin Wuxing Maokai The Twisted Treant
Silver five-star steel lizard
These five fierce animal ingredients just constitute the five-star attribute of Jin Mu.
It’s not fun for Liu Yuan to collect five bodies of fierce beasts with different attributes.
According to the characteristics of these five fierce beasts,
Make a delicious food that combines the five elements to resist animals.
And there is a golden-grade flaming-fire feather finch in these five ingredients.
Naturally, it is because Lu Yuan and others want to make royal animal food.
Mainly the property of fire.
Li Wuxing attributes fierce animal ingredients to make royal animal food.
This is Liu Yuan’s inspiration from the blood medicine that the master gave himself when he was in Yongjiang City.
At that time, the blood medicine was to benefit ingredients with different attributes.

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