"Too?" What did this show suddenly remind Xu of?

"Yes, there are tens of millions of artificial objects in low earth orbit, most of which are communication satellites or it shoulders its satellites.
But thanks to the current technology, most satellites can be used for intelligence reconnaissance.
We specially investigated the changes of satellite information in that area after Yaksha arrived at the ambush area.
We found that three satellites belonging to different orbits passed through Donganling area in two days, and the camera activities of these three satellites were in a continuous state and abnormal signals were output.
These three satellites in different orbits almost perfectly monitored you for two days, "Tian Suqing said.
Xu retreated and froze.
"Tian bureau you mean I was monitored by three satellites! My enemy actually moved three satellites to find my whereabouts accurately! "
At this moment, Xu retreat has a particularly magical feeling.
Previously, he was a Xiao Pi citizen from Jincheng Prefecture, and he had to care about the level of personal communication equipment.
Never dreamed that he was monitored by three satellites!
This is really a big deal for others!
On the other hand, it can directly move three satellites. The energy behind this hag is absolutely amazing.
"Yes, it’s a lot to deal with you," Tian Suqing said.
"By the way, you should know which of the three satellites of Tian Bureau are?"
"Yes, but no"
"These three satellites are commercial satellites belonging to a communication company of the India-India Genetic Committee," Tian Suqing said.
"People from the Gene Committee of the India-India Joint District fucked me?" This is Xu’s first reaction.
"Not necessarily, it’s hard to say that there is no evidence."
"Can’t the change of the commercial satellite of Tian Bureau be proved?"
"Theory can but the evidence can be like? We can prove that these three commercial satellites have changed, but we can prove what they did and what signals they lost. "
Here Tian Suqing voice sank slightly "and there is one more thing to say to you.
Just the day before yesterday, the companies belonging to these three commercial satellites sent a notice to the Bluestar Gene Committee.
Said that three of their commercial satellites were invaded by powerful supercomputers and temporarily lost control.
Fortunately, their technicians have regained the control of these three commercial satellites through hard repair, rewritten all the data and deployed more advanced data protection. "
"They shirk their responsibilities?"
"Yes, but it may be true." Tian Suqing spoke cautiously.
"Xu researcher, I can tell you that’s all. I hope you will pay more attention when you go out.
Although satellite reconnaissance is severe, it can be avoided if you pay more attention, "Tian Suqing said.
"Thank you Tian Ju" took a deep breath and thanked Xu for retreating again.
"You’re welcome. This is my job, researcher Xu. You are our important protection target. Please inform us as soon as possible if there is any accident."
After hanging up, Xu tui was very depressed.
The gene Committee of India-India Association is a commercial satellite of communication company.
No wonder hag can block him more accurately.
God, it’s hard to stare at an ambush with such big eyes!
What makes Xu retreat depressed is to know who is behind the plot, but to continue to trace it, let alone revenge.
Xu tui doesn’t blame Tian Suqing, director of the Kyoto Secret Service.
After all, the fact that she told Xu tui that there was a satellite was also obtained after comprehensive intelligence analysis, and there was no conclusive evidence.
Xu back to tell AnXiaoXue this result for the first time.
But when I saw it, it was almost ten o’clock late.
I didn’t call An Xiaoxue.
It’s too late
Or give an xiaoxue a message at noon?
Being up late affects An Xiaoxue’s mood.
Anyway, Xu’s mood is affected.
Xu back don’t know is light snow mood has been affected.
When Xu retired Tian Suqing to communicate, An Xiaoxue also looked at Ah Huang and got a frown with a commercial satellite change report of Xinta Communication Company, which belongs to the Gene Committee of India Union District.
After reading it, it is a cold face.
"It’s really clean enough!"
"I was invaded and lost control for a short time!" An Xiaoxue sneered and suddenly asked, "Huang, can you invade and control these three commercial satellites?"
"It is still possible to invade and get some data if you attack by force, but it is not possible to invade and control it.
You need hardware support or special password support or get some special back door channels to achieve control, "Huang said.
"So it’s a normal invasion, but it’s impossible to control these commercial satellites for reconnaissance?"
"It’s Xiaoxue unless there is a password or a temporary special control channel!" Huang said.
"It seems that these three commercial satellites are constantly monitoring Xu’s retreat with the cooperation of the staff of this new tower communication company under the Gene Committee of India-India District?" An xiaoxue asked
"Theoretically, this is possible unless someone climbs the satellite and directly adds a physical intrusion interface to the satellite," Huang said.
"I’m white"
AnXiaoXue face cold meaning even more.
"This printed area gene committee belongs to the new tower communication company processing is really clean enough.
The day before yesterday, a notice was sent to the Blue Star Gene Committee, and three of their commercial satellites were invaded and temporarily out of control.
Afterwards, he regained control, then cleared all the data and rebuilt the data defense.
Is this a good way to destroy the body? It’s slippery! "
An Xiaoxue’s tone is getting colder and colder. "But they forget that they have no problem with the government organization by this means."
But our genetic miracle is a small one.

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