I feel more and more uneasy in my heart. It seems that everyone in the bag has been stared at … by such a pair of eyes hidden in the dark.

Take two breaths of air conditioning, and a smell of dead mice comes into your nose!
At this time, middle-aged baldness is also a little flustered … Quickly shaking again, just spitting out a white bug! Miss moved twice, of course, was pushed …
At this moment, the hair on the top of the young lady’s head, together with the scalp, fell off …
It’s not just me who saw this scene, but almost everyone around me vomited!
I saw the red and black blood flowing out from the scalp where the scalp fell off the table and the skull bones had been eaten by bugs … revealing white brains and red blood brains mixed with blood … Of course, this is not the most frightening!
The most frightening thing is that this young lady’s brain is also full of those tiny bugs!
Middle-aged baldness was also scared and screamed, and a message moved a young lady. Her head fell off her neck and rolled to the ground.
I was scared silly when I saw this young lady’s front face … White worms have covered her face, just like maggots lying on a beach of rotten meat.
At this time, the blood flowing from the young lady’s end has turned purple-black.
Surrounded by a layer of terror atmosphere, everyone in the playground was silent for a few seconds, and the back of the playground boiled up to run, jump and escape … Just then a quick knock at the door came in …
At this time, the middle-aged man took two shots at the desktop and said, Don’t panic … Don’t panic …
After saying this, the door was pushed! It’s a security guard …
When he came in, he said in a panic that you, your driver, died in the car … and lost two eyes …
Hearing the security guard say that, I felt a shudder and horror.
The ghost really came …
At this time, the middle-aged man blushed and asked what did you just say?
At this point, the security guard said that the driver of a Toyota car was your bag. The driver died in the car and his eyes were gouged out. Our security department has called the police.
Chapter 25 Cars in ghosts
I took advantage of the chaos and noise to sneak away.
Fuck him. Don’t you believe in ghosts?
How is it now? All scared out of my wits.
I was exhausted when I ran along the road for a while after I escaped from the kv bag. I was out of breath and felt exhausted, so I stopped! After taking two breaths, he took one look behind him.
I guess those idiots can’t catch up. I was scared out of my wits when I saw that dead lady just now. I guess I haven’t recovered yet
I put my hand in my jeans pocket and took a few steps along the road.
Originally, I wanted to take a taxi, but I had enough money in my pocket to take the bus, but now the bus drivers have already left work.
I read smoothly and scolded a sentence, damn it!
Very nai smiled and continued to walk along the road.
Where to go? Do you have to go back to the shared room?
But the shared room is too far away from the city, and there will be a graveyard in the middle of the day … It’s ok to get home in two hours during the day, but it’s late … I’m really afraid of meeting something …
Shit! !
Thought of here, I gave myself a slap in the face! Now I’m so paranoid that I’m going to be a fucking psycho! What else can you meet?
In the tangle and contradiction, I still walk along this straight road towards the shared house.
After walking to a street lamp, I listened. Come on! Looking at the traffic around, I want a ride …
The first person who stopped when he saw me waving was a taxi driver. He asked me where I was going.
I smiled awkwardly and then said, is there no money to sit down?
The driver gave me a ha ha sneer and said,’ You’re fucking kidding me’ and then left the car without looking back!
What kind of driver am I? I’m in the money’s eye, aren’t I Very nai sneered at the disappearing taxi and gave a thumbs-up sign! Paralysis despises you, from the heart, you are you.
Then a private car saw me and the car came towards me! Through the dim street lights, I can see that the private car and the driver’s seat are a girl. There is no way to be handsome, but to have a woman’s charm.
Seeing the car coming towards me, I suddenly waved my hands and said here … here …
When the younger sister of the private car pulled up to my side, I was surprised. He put his hand over his mouth and glared at me with a look of great surprise … Then he turned the steering wheel and left.
I went to watch the car coming to my side. How … How did this sister turn around and leave? And when the face is still a look of surprise and panic.
Is there anything unclean behind me?
With this in mind, I swallowed a mouthful of saliva deeply. My heart was in my throat and the roadside was motionless. Did the ghost follow me?
Thought of here, my spine was inexplicably cold.
Dare not look back …
Especially when I think of the girl who just had a private car.
I took a breath of air conditioning to calm my excitement and panic a little!
Before I knew it, my hands were shaking … but I kept on stabilizing my mood and pretended not to guess anything.
I bit my teeth and waved to his car … I don’t know why many drivers took a glance at me and then drove away … as if I had a time bomb.
I summoned up my courage and suddenly turned around behind me.
Paralysis turned out to be a false alarm ! We wiped the sweat on our forehead with our hands … We turned around and saw a white plastic bag with nothing floating behind us.
This is not the first time I have scared myself.
I wiped sweat on my forehead and then turned to look at the road …
Another white car is coming towards me! I quickly waved … maybe I saw the car stop beside me when I waved.

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