Yan Qin couldn’t help laughing when she looked at her. After a while, Yan Qin squinted at Yunluo slightly. She always felt that people like Yunluo were a little out of place like the princess.

In fact, he has never seen the princess, but he has seen her portrait. Although she is very beautiful, she is not so real after all, but he always feels that such a beautiful and abnormal person should not look at men, so two people must be born with excellent daughters, but Yunluo, although she has fine eyes, is missing something after all
Yan Qin frowned slightly and stared at Yunluo and then said slowly; "Did your mother really teach you that skill set of Yunluo?"
His only clue is this achievement method. He heard from Taidian that it was an original achievement method of his sister Linglong Princess.
In this world, he will. If there is another person who will, it may be her sister and daughter.
And he just saw this woman make this achievement method.
Yun Luo’s lips trembled at Yan Qin’s words, but her face was much calmer when she looked up.
But she still can easily see that in the eyes of Yan Qin Buddhist. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
It’s easy to see that Yan Qin’s Buddhist eyes are dark, gloomy, cold and bloodthirsty, which makes people feel chilling. Yunluo suddenly gets scared and looks slightly white, pointing at Yan Qin and asking, "Cousin, what do you mean?"
Yan Qin said faintly, "It doesn’t mean anything. I just want to make sure that I can’t make a mistake, right?"
When he finished, he stretched out his slender hand and gently touched Yunluo’s cheek. He said slowly, "Don’t lie. If my cousin finds out about it, I’m afraid it will hurt you."
Speak so lightly, but make no secret of the rage in the words.
Yunluo’s legs are weak, and she can’t help but regret it, but now she says there’s no more. I’m afraid this man can still kill her.
And she thought of Hui Wang Xiao Qing. If she is a Pearl monarch, maybe she can marry Hui Wang Dian. How far is my cousin?
Cloud rose thinking of bravery is much bigger, calmly looked at Yan Qin and said, "If you don’t believe me, please send me out of the palace, and I won’t recognize you as my cousin."
When she finished, she turned and walked away.
Yan Qin chuckled behind him, and as soon as she raised her hand, she let out a lot of gas and sucked Yunluo in the past. Then he reached out and touched Yunluo’s head. "Silly girl, am I afraid of making a mistake?"
This time, he came out of Qingxiao country just to find the princess’s daughter, if he can successfully complete this matter and make the little princess like him.
Then when he returns to Qingxiao, the emperor will definitely let him inherit the title of Yanbei Houfu.
Yanbei Houfu is the first family with the deepest roots in Qingxiao Kingdom. The empress of Qingxiao Kingdom is from Yanbei Houfu, and Yanbei Houfu has always had a soldier’s eye. The old Yanbei Houfu is in poor health and wants to choose a successor from the family.
But he didn’t inherit it, because he was raised by the Houfu in Yanbei and didn’t inherit the title of Houfu.
But if he finds a small princess and marries her, then the emperor will certainly not wronged the small princess and will definitely let him inherit the title of Yanbei Houfu.
This is his only chance to win.
So he has to pay attention to it.
Yan Qin thought about looking at Yunluo and said with a smile, "You can call Feng Yan later."
Yun Luo was not very happy when she heard this. Now she and this guy are worried about being discovered by him for minutes. It’s really like that, but this guy found Yun Luo and said with a smile, "Thank you, cousin."
Yan Qin stretched out his hand and pulled her Yunluo struggling to break free.
It’s a pity that Yan Qin didn’t let her break free and buckle her hand all the way to Qutai Palace.
He said lazily, "I’ll write to your uncle by the way."

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