"dong ~" has been hitting the ground.

And the man who patted Lingqing said that he also hurriedly changed his tactics and waved his hand to sweep the ofuda chain.
The chain was wiped to the instant by the palm wind, and suddenly it collapsed like a snake with tendons.
Zhu Guang looked at the hand tactic, and when it changed, Fuofuda suddenly contracted and rushed to him.
"Stop it!"
Just as the man was about to be trapped, there was another drink outside
Then a breath with a little cold water straight for operator array.
Those ofuda suddenly seemed to be stained with water by frost. Although bats kept struggling, they couldn’t stop falling to the ground.
"Bull’s head and horse face?"
Zhu Guangyuan some angry face steep change look alike calm eyes narrowed cold drink a way
"Wait a minute"
Listen to the sound outside Lingqing reached out and stopped Zhu Guang.
Then I saw a man with a height of 1.6 meters, cool water and snow coming in.
"Director of water? !”
Almost trapped, the lazy handsome boy looked at the water and reflected the snow and cried
"Director of water? I don’t know what this means, Director of Water? "
Lingqing and she had once met before, and naturally asked at this time
"Please let Taoist Daoguang release them first?"
Water snow did not answer first, but glanced at the room and turned to Zhu Guang and said
See Lingqing nod Zhu Guangcai waved all ofuda back.
After that, the middle-aged housekeeper led everyone to a waiting room.
Then let a person decorate some tea snacks and return the door.
"Director of water can now tell me about the Secret Service who broke into my house and wanted to arrest me?
And what department is this quiet night department? "
Zhu guang is not too angry at this time, but there must be a saying about it
"You suddenly broke out a lot of evil breath here, and who are we who have learned evil methods and are going to practice them in reality?"
See water snow also look at their first attack in a population said
"In our Jingye Division, we specialize in dealing with some unscrupulous practitioners in reality."
When speaking of which, if you have any idea, look at them.
Obviously, the dark poke refers to two people practicing evil methods.
Lingqing and Zhu Guang looked at each other and looked at each other.
It’s really wrong to close it.
It is estimated that the breath leak is the moment before Lingqing started the symbol array and the French flag blocked it.
"I’m sorry I forgot about this."
Zhu guang also simply walked over and apologized immediately and then explained
"But it’s not an evil method, it’s just that it involves some ghost breath to look like an evil method."
Say will also be two dharma god will be released.
Looking at a dense yin qi and a panic in righteousness, the three of them don’t know what to do.
Let’s say it’s an evil method. That horse-faced god can smell like a fairy magic.
But don’t tell me, the bull’s-head god looks like a weird guy again, and it doesn’t look like an ordinary thing at all.
But this combination of cow’s head and horse’s face is still heard of people’s yin and yang, which is also in line with Taoist yin and yang theory
"So it’s our dream that Xu Sheng is here to say sorry to the Taoist priest."
Jing Ye Si three people glance at each other and finally the lazy young Xu Shengkou said that it was a matter of sex.
"Where is it that we are not ready? We are tired of making a trip in vain. It is said that we have wasted the manpower of the Ministry."
After that, everyone’s atmosphere has become a lot easier.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Incarnation ghost pawn
After a conversation, Ling Qing and his wife realized that there was a special department in the Secret Service Department.
Mingjing Yesi
Most of them are powerful and good at fighting, and they don’t contact with ordinary talents on weekdays 2.
Only when some evil laws are found to harm others and practice evil can they be suppressed.
Can’t help but fight and allow to act first.
Finally, Zhu Guang apologized and took out a few ofuda from his backpack to send them.
They are all symbols to ward off evil spirits and disasters, and to protect the body.
It is most important for them to deal with evil practitioners.
"I wonder if the director of water has found it here?"
When the misunderstanding before the breakthrough, Lingqing turned to the water and asked Snow
Besides sharing information, she and Jing Yesi are not affiliated with each other.
And really want to jointly deal with evil repair also didn’t do such refueling tactics.
"I heard that the Taoist priest invited Daoguang Taoist priest. I want to ask the Taoist priest, but there is a law?"
Water snow looked at a few people and said
Originally wanted to leave Xu Sheng three people heard not stopped again.

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