Hang Yu identified it.

This is the fourth-order skill "hydration body"!
The effect is very powerful. The temporary liquefaction of the body can not only repair the physical damage in an instant, but also have many special abilities against physical attacks.
Basha tried to turn into water solution and evacuate underground.
In this process, a part of the body is separated and dozens of water arrows are shot at the people like machine guns. Liang Dong quickly continues to stimulate innate skills and draw the attack that hits others.
Sister Liang Qiu also quickly began to work.
"Frost arrival!"
Liang Qiu is a first-class master. His innate skill power has long been a cloud of mud. A huge cold current covers the front, allowing Basha’s liquefied body to freeze instantly and be frozen into a hard ice sculpture on the spot.
Two of his agents also did it.
One of the skills to disperse the Basha!
Another skill to launch seal on Basha!
The fourth-order skill of Basha has been broken and changed back again. He hasn’t come to restore his mobility yet. Two figures are as fast as lightning, and they almost leap to the left and right and attack at the same time.
Hang Yu’s magic blood wakes up, and when it hits instantly, it is close to him, and his hands, axes and swords swing out at the same time.
Xu Tianhua is not as sharp as Hangyu’s speed, but the giant sword cuts a firm but gentle generate with destructive breath and flies directly to the eyes of Basha.
These two men are stronger!
Basha can tell that Hang Yu and Xu Tianhua are all third-order skills!
Xu Tianhua has innate skill bonus equipment. The attack power of the blue giant sword is called off the charts, and the shattering shock wave is the strongest in its kind. This sword is powerful enough to make Basha change color.
compare with
Hang Yu put more pressure on him.
At this critical juncture, a water-blue energy was quickly released from the body.
Angry and angry!
Pissing skills!
Property is water property.
The characteristic is that the power is very weak, but the scope is large, and the dispersing effect is very strong.
Xu Tianhua’s firm but gentle spirit was scattered by quarrelling, and Hangyu’s speed was too fast. Before being blown away by the airflow, the axe and sword had hit the poisonous curse. In the double arrival, the curse effect just appeared and was weakened by the residual quarrelling, but the poisoning left the body of Basha.
Basha can’t run away.
Hang Yu and Xu Tianhua pose for each other.
Four agents, Liang Dong and Liang Qiu, are responsible for the rear to assist in the containment.
Su Yunbing and Hang Xiaobai estimate that they will soon be able to destroy the two fishermen’s hands. When they come and join the fight here, there will really be no chance for Basha!
We must fight our way out!

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