"Miss?" Windson couldn’t help a stay hand couldn’t help a loose!

"Look out!" Middle-aged man’s eyes were shocked. He didn’t think that windson would put his own young lady casually!
The fast-moving middle-aged man finally caught his eyes before landing, and I couldn’t help flashing a lucky color.
When people around you see this scene, their eyes can’t help but flash with joy. If Miss falls to the ground, they will be in trouble!
"Young lady? Is this your lady? Is she a woman? " Windson a face of shock asked fingers to the arms of middle-aged men honour the Lord.
See windson reaction middle-aged male eyes couldn’t help with a doubt is this person really don’t know miss identity?
However, I noticed that my arms were in a coma, and the middle-aged man’s eyes still showed a trace of caution and said, "Everything will wait until the young lady wakes up!" But now I can ask you to stay at Heisha Castle for a few days! "
Hear middle-aged male words with a irate look in Lin Feng’s eyes. I don’t have so much time to stay here and commit tomfoolery. Cold murder slowly spreads!
Feel the dignified color in the eyes of middle-aged men with murder in Lin Fengshen, and several strong people around them couldn’t help waiting for them to find that Lin Fengshen’s strength is not weak!
Looking at windson middle-aged man’s eyes flashed a tree and thought of this time, Miss Mu middle-aged man already knew that windson was not a weak man!
"Not the kui is to participate in’ hunting the Lord god’ the strong indeed as expected is very strong! "The male sighed with emotion.
"But you are a strong man when this is the Black Sand Castle, but you still have to obey my rules of the Black Sand Castle!" Cold murder from the eyes of middle-aged men said that the depths of the fundus is with a greedy look.
"oh? Rules? Hey! " Windson sneer at blue halo hands black sword wander with a stroke a crack with.
I noticed that there was a little fear in the middle-aged man’s eyes, and with a wave of his hand, several strong people around him forced Lin Feng to go!
Looking at Lin Fengping, who is close to the strong, his eyes are flashing with powerful murder and powerful wind elements, and he keeps gathering together, adding a bit of momentum!
"Stop it!" A weak sound let to windson near the strong body couldn’t help a stiff.
Lin Feng looked in the direction of the Lord. If Lin Feng didn’t listen wrong, it was the Lord’s tonic just now, although it was very weak.
"Miss, are you awake?" The middle-aged man said with a face of surprise, but Lin Feng did see a murder in the depths of the middle-aged man’s eyes!
Lord’s eyes slowly open and appear very weak, surrounded by Lin Fengqiang has receded, which makes the Lord’s eyes show a trace of satisfaction.
"When did our Black Sand Castle treat the benefactor like this?" Lord looked around the strong mouth light said
A cold sweat slipped from the middle-aged man’s forehead, but the middle-aged man felt a little cold in the castle of black sand.
"No, I dare not! I dare not! " Middle-aged man is a face of nervous said!
Lord looked at Lin Feng’s eyes and flashed a different color. He said softly to Lin Feng, "Hold me!"
Windson look startled!
The 365th family power?
The Lord in the Castle of Black Sand looks very pale, but his eyes really look very bright.
People around you were shocked to look at their eyes, miss. They didn’t expect that the Lord would have such a little girl side when he always had a cold face.
But what god chose is him! What’s good about him? Many men looked at windson eyes deeply puzzled and jealous.
Windson looked at his eyes, but he didn’t know what the Lord wanted to do. How could he hold the Lord at will after knowing that the Lord was a woman?
In Lin Feng’s eyes, whether the Lord is a man or a woman is a powerful and strong man. Even if the Lord looks very weak now, Lin Feng is still very alert to the strong man like the Lord. Lin Feng dare not have the slightest carelessness.
Besides, this is the Lord’s lair of Black Sand Castle, but there are many strong people who don’t believe that there is no magic circle in Black Sand Castle.
In this case, it is difficult for Lin Feng to escape from Heisha Castle. Of course, Lin Feng can do it if he wants to protect himself.
Lord looked at Lin Feng’s eyes without moving, and I couldn’t help flashing an irate look. I’m a female Lin Feng, but what still seems so unwilling?
Is his windson eyes is so unbearable? Thought of here, the Lord’s eyes flashed a cool color.
"If you want to leave the mainland forever, then come here!" The fretting sound of the Lord’s lips appears in Lin Feng’s ear.
Looking at the Lord windson eyes flashed a different color body couldn’t help flashing a murderous look.
But seeing the strong windson eyeing around knows that even if he moves, it will benefit him. Besides, he doesn’t know that if he leaves the mainland forever, the Lord can tell windson.
Thought of here, Linnaeus stepped forward and held the Lord in the arms of a middle-aged man.
Middle-aged men feel their arms. At the sight of a smiling Lord in windson’s arms, a hatred flashed through their eyes.
There is no movement around people, but middle-aged men seem to laugh at themselves from the bottom of their hearts.
The Lord noticed that the middle-aged man’s eyes flashed with hatred, but his smile became more and more prosperous. Then the Lord leaned on Lin Feng’s shoulder
Looking at his arms, Lord Lin Feng’s eyes gave me a hint of naise. I noticed that the eyes of people around me were envious, jealous and hateful, but Lin Feng had some headaches.
Although Lin Feng is not afraid of these people, Lin Feng is now located in the castle with black sand. If they do something small to Lin Feng, Lin Feng will feel very troublesome.
"Well, let’s go! Remember to send some drugs to repair the soul! " Respect for the Lord’s cold sound
"Yes!" They couldn’t help bowing their heads with respect.
"Where to?" Windson sounds so abrupt.
Lord looked up at windson’s eyes and gave me a strange look. He was so close to windson that he could feel the breath of windson.
Thought of here, the Lord’s face showed a blush, which made the hatred in the depths of the middle-aged man’s eyes even worse!
"Please come with me!" Middle-aged man is mouth way
Speaking, Zhongnan man turned around and stopped looking at Lin Feng and the Lord. He was worried that if he looked again, he would be angry!
Lord mouth peep out one silk smile motioned windson with windson eyes deeply nai color.
Now the Lord is still a man’s face. A man in Lin Feng’s eyes smiles at himself, which makes Lin Feng feel deeply cold at heart.
Seeing that the middle-aged man has gone far, Lin Feng hurriedly followed him to his arms, although holding the Lord, but for such a strong man as Lin Feng, it is impossible to make a difference.
Lin Feng and the Lord just left, and all of them really couldn’t help wondering what the Lord would choose Lin Feng.
In the spacious hall, everyone is chirping and noisy like a vegetable market!
"Let the Lord know that it will be bad luck!" A look of fear flashed through the waitress’s eyes when she said to the Lord.
They are directly quiet to face flashed filar silk panic color but see has gone far Lord and windson eyes couldn’t help with a lucky.
It’s not very clear for everyone to talk about windson in the hall, but even if windson knows, he won’t have any ideas.
Lin Feng’s image of the Lord as a man has almost been fixed, and it is a root method for a man to coquetry himself.
Even now windson already knows that the Lord is a woman, but windson still won’t have an idea. There has never been a love plan in windson’s own planning.
"Here we are!" The middle-aged man took Lin Feng and the Lord to the top floor of Heisha Castle and turned to the Lord and said
"Well, let’s go in!" Lord mouth way is not so pale.
"Is he going in?" Windson looked at the middle-aged man beside him and asked questions.
The middle-aged man’s face showed a respectful look and replied, "I have no interest in going in!"
Windson nodded and held the Lord did go in. Deep hatred flashed in the eyes of middle-aged men behind him.
Maybe the middle-aged man seems that if there is no forest air, then it is himself to go in with the Lord!
But windson appeared to take away his own opportunity, which made it difficult for middle-aged men to let go.
Looking at the huge room in front of him, Lin Feng gave me a surprised look. He didn’t expect that there would be such a room in the black sand castle.
And windson can see that this room has always been cleaned by a fixed person every day, which is very new. It is said that no one lives in this room at ordinary times. At this time, windson is a little curious about what the black sand castle is.
Why do people here call you miss Lord? Can it be said that the power of Heisha Castle is a family power?
Thought of here windson eyes couldn’t help peep out one silk surprised color is afraid to continue to want to go.
But windson believes that when his strength reaches a certain level, he will certainly know all the hidden things in this world.
And now windson strength is not enough, also have no ability to face all this.
"Well, how long do you want to hold? Let me go soon! " Lord, the cold sound played windson and held her for a long time without moving.

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