"Kill him and you can’t let him break through, otherwise we will all die today …" Yuan looked at Ning Caichen with sharp eyes. He saw that Ning Caichen still has not made a complete breakthrough or is still in a breakthrough period. If you want to deal with Ning Caichen, now is the last chance.

"Dear friends, this is the last chance. Coson Ning will not die. Today, I’m afraid the four of us will also go to see Tongtian friends."
Popular Tiankou looks at Purdue and Guanghan Palace. His eyes are on the magic weapon in the hands of two people. At this time, with their strength, they are not qualified to deal with Ning Caichen. Only with the help of the magic weapon.
"Amitabha …"
Purdue put his hands together and made a Buddhist name. Finally, the Qibaomiao tree behind him suddenly shook and burst into dazzling and colorful divine light. At the same time, a splendid mountain hydrangea embroidered with the sun, moon and stars appeared in the hands of the palace master of Guanghan Palace. This is a mountain ball, and two powerful smells of magic in Guanghan Palace are flooding the stars. This is a mountain ball and Qibaomiao tree, which are all revived at this moment, and they are almost revived, but they can’t control it.
Seeing that Purdue and the Palace Master of Guanghan Palace are popular, it is also necessary to move great mana to help to fuel two magic weapons together. Yu Yuanzhe is on the alert that Zhang Liang was attacked twice by Zhang Liang, and he does not want to reproduce the third time.
"Dong …"
This piece of star collapsed directly. This time, it was not just the sword that killed the mountains and rivers and the seven treasures and wonderful trees. Two magic weapons were also sacrificed. Purdue and others were desperate because they knew that if they didn’t kill Ning Caichen at this time and wait for Ning Caichen to break through completely, it would be a disaster for them. Ning Caichen didn’t deal with Xiang Yu and Yu Ji at the beginning, but they could play hardball against Ning Caichen.
A series of blood splashes. It’s Ning Caichen’s blood red mixed with silver. This time, Ning Caichen was injured, killing the fairy sword, the ball of mountains and rivers, and the wonderful tree of seven treasures. The magic sword in the extreme way is as good as the recovery of the sword spirit as a statue of Xiang Yu at that level.
"Bang …"
Ning Caichen’s body was blown out by the earthquake, and his right hand directly burst, and his bloody mouth overflowed with blood donation. However, he still sat cross-legged because he had to survive at the most critical moment.
Popular days, drinking and killing all over the sky, wars are boiling directly, and the sword spirit controls the sword. It’s like a statue of a king. Every sword swings, there is a big star that collapses and several stars are directly smashed by the sword. On popular days, several people are also crazy, suggesting that the mountains and rivers and the seven treasures and wonderful trees encircle and kill Ning Caichen.
The popular celestial body has ignited a crimson flame, and he directly burns life to the extreme.
By the end of the war, all the boiling stars collapsed. Ning Caichen still kept the closing posture of the plate, but it was very difficult to meet with both hands. In a short time, he was already covered with blood, and several blood holes appeared. His left arm was cut off and his body was infected by blood. However, if you look closely at his body, his blood changes more and more red, less and less silver luster, more and more blood color, silver has been banned, and red is becoming more and more obvious.
Ning Caichen seems to have transformed his whole body, the most obvious of which is the change of blood from red to silver.
Popular days, Purdue two people have been completely crazy, even the Lord of Guanghan Palace is also murderous in his eyes at this moment.
"God, I feel like the world is about to burst!"
Several people in the land of China looked at the sky war, but they were shocked and couldn’t tell. It was just that some giants were so powerful that they were shocked to see that all the stars in their sight were shattered in the war, and the picture of stars falling and falling in the war was a bit scary.
"Master, is this the strongest in China?"
A snowy mountain on the grassland, Moon Ji was dressed in white next to Bixuan. Looking at the sky war, I couldn’t help asking Jixuan around me, but it didn’t taste in my heart. This is the strength of China. The stars will be destroyed. How powerful is this? She can’t imagine it.
"One hundred years ago, Ying Zheng was so strong. I didn’t expect that there would be a Xiang Yu and a Coson Ning one hundred years later …"
Bi Xuan’s mouth is full of loneliness and bitterness. He is bent on expanding the grassland nomads and wants to lead his people into China. But at this moment, his heart is bitter because he can’t see hope. Compared with the strong people in China, they are really weak.
"Are all the people in China so strong?"
Moon Ji muttered something to herself. Bixuan didn’t talk again this time.
Star Wars to boiling, this star was destroyed. Ning Caichen was covered in blood, but at this moment, his blood has completely turned into silver impurities!
Silver blood There are real dragon blood and Ying Zheng Xiang Yu blood in this world, but at this moment, Ning Caichen blood has completely become silver.
Ning Caichen’s blood is completely transformed into a silver moment, and an unparalleled powerful momentum radiates from him. The stars around him are directly twisted into a huge whirlpool, and an unprecedented strong vitality erupts from Ning Caichen’s body. You can see that his injuries are healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Some of the wounds that were chopped by the immortal sword have been delayed in healing. Because the immortal sword is too overbearing, the residual sword still has unimaginable destructive power. But at this moment, these wounds are all restored, that is, the left arm is broken and the speed is visible to the naked eye, and they are growing again.
"He broke through!"
Severe contraction of meta-pupil
Chapter 657 Three flowers
A drop of blood is crystal clear and silver, with bright and dazzling light. This is silver blood without impurities. Some falling stars are as bright as falling meteors, and some small stars fall. As a result, the stars collapse directly, just like the law bears silver blood.
It’s amazing that it’s just a drop of blood, but there is such a power to collapse the stars. No one can be calm. Everyone has seen that Ning Caichen’s blood has been completely transformed into silver. At this moment, Ning Caichen seems to have undergone earth-shaking changes. It’s a frightening heartbeat. The stars around Ning Caichen are distorted to form a terrible field. There are stars falling at this moment!
Yuan pupil severe contraction an unprecedented sense of crisis, Zhang Liang handsome face is this moment with a smile.
"Yuan, you lost!"
Zhang Liangkou with a faint smile, the sound is not very loud but resounds through the stars, but his face is stiff.
It seems that the roaring in the prevailing day is crazy, and a terrible momentum erupts from him. His body is also visible to the naked eye, and the speed has changed. At this moment, the original dry and rickety body has become straight, and the gray hair has changed into blue hair. In an instant, he has become a handsome young man in his twenties. This is the sublimation of his remaining life!
The Palace Master of Guanghan Palace and Purdue also made moves together. It is like another world smashing into Ning Caichen, just like a world forcing the seven treasures and wonderful trees to shine and the colorful gods to sweep to Ning Caichen!
"Touch …" "Snow …" "Wow!" "Wow!"
Ning Caichen’s right hand gently took a big handprint to cover the sky, but his eyes were still closed, like he didn’t wake up, but he could feel the crisis. The huge handprint was taken to meet them. The whole person was like a broken line kite flying backwards. You can see that his right hand was all gone, bursting into a blood fog, Purdue and Guanghan Palace. The main body trembled and coughed up a big mouth of blood. The ball of mountains and rivers and the wonderful tree of seven treasures were taken out by Ning Caichen with one hand!
This picture is shocking. Two magic weapons are directly shot by Ning Caichen.
The star was split out of a huge crack, and it was cut off by Zhu xianjian!
"Dang …"
Just like Jin Ge handed over to Ning Caichen, he patted the sword and the sword was shaken. You can see that the vague figure holding the sword was shaken back several steps, but there was also a series of silver blood falling. It was a long mouth in the palm of Ning Caichen’s hand.
The sword of the immortals has a peerless edge, claiming to be the first in the day to kill the sword, and it has been contaminated with true fairy blood. What’s worse, even if Ning Caichen doesn’t say that he hasn’t finished it yet, even if he is out of the face of the sword of the immortals, he may not be unscathed. It is impolitely said that the sword of the immortals is equivalent to a statue of Xiang Yu and Ying Zheng, who are strong at this level, and it is still very powerful.
The war continued, and the immortal sword ran through the star sword and awn, which was extremely popular. Purdue and Guanghan Palace were also trying their best to promote the popularity of the mountains and rivers and the seven treasures and wonderful trees. The life was sublimated and burned directly, but the significance was not great. Although Ning Caichen did not wake up, he seemed to have made a breakthrough and his resilience was amazing. Even if he left a wound, he could recover quickly.
How hard Purdue and others tried, even if the sword was punished, caused an effective blow to Ning Caichen. On the contrary, whether they were Purdue, the popular day or the palace master of Guanghan Palace was getting worse and worse. I’m afraid that Ning Caichen was not dead before they were dragged to death.
"Has Tianning made a breakthrough?"
Fang Shenzhou several people looked at Star Wars but were shocked and speechless.
"I’m afraid Zongmen will be finished!"
There is a strong man looking at the situation in the star to himself. At this moment, everyone can see that although Ning Caichen has not awakened, he has completely broken through to the level of Xiang Yu. Purdue and others have no way to slay Ning Caichen at one time, but their own situation is getting worse and worse. They can see that Ning Caichen is not unhurt. On the contrary, Ning Caichen is seriously injured, but in comparison, Ning Caichen’s vitality and resilience are too strong. Compared with Purdue and others, they are definitely dragged to death alive.
"Look at Ning Caichen’s head. What a flower is that!"
Suddenly, someone exclaimed, looking at the stars, I don’t know when a flower grew on Ning Caichen’s head!
It’s a gorgeous flower, and it’s also very big. Each petal is the size of a bath tub, but it gives people an unutterable feeling. This flower has three petals, each of which is a single color. One petal is crystal clear and black like obsidian. I don’t know why I can’t help but feel a kind of sadness when I see this petal, like a beautiful thing passing away. The other petal is white and black. It’s different. It’s holy and white. At first glance, people can’t help but feel happy. It seems that something beautiful is coming. The last petal is red and dazzling. The two petals are different. This petal gives people the feeling that it is dazzling. It seems that the world has lost its color in front of this petal. This petal is the most dazzling thing in the sky.
"Before! Sniff! "
The star was broken. That was Ning Caichen. At this moment, his eyes were bright as stars. Two beams of light shot out of his eyes, like two pop stars.
"If you spend three lives, this flower will be named three lives, three lives and three lives!"
Every word in Ning Caichen’s mouth echoed around the world, as if there was a peculiar magic. His words seemed to resonate with the world, giving off a ringing sound. At the same time, the three flowers on Ning Caichen’s head changed at this moment, and three petals trembled slightly and gave off a dazzling light!
"Three flowers and three lives!" Zhang Liang’s pupil contracted and looked at the petals on Ning Caichen’s head. Others may have heard some fog, but he did know some things about Sansheng Jing. Ning Caichen said to him that "Sansheng Flower and Sansheng are all successful …"

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