Looking back, the body leaps up and the robe is displayed like a gray raptor gliding after two unlucky guys, beating them to pieces. Soon, they flew over Su Jiner and Xiao Liyan and stopped in front of them to escape. At this time, looking back, they looked very scary. Su Jiner and Xiao Liyan were scared to death.

Now also can desperately Xiao Liyan a charming drink a knife to cut to look back at the return to avoid the knife a palm Xiao Liyan stunned.
Su Jin ‘er’s flowers are pale, and people are in a hurry. Su Jin ‘er suddenly had an epiphany and took out the "Song of the Grass" and threw it back.
"Hero, give you a good thing. There is a treasure map, a beauty bathing map, and all kinds of food maps look at the sun …"
I don’t know whether it’s treasure, beauty coming out of the bath, or delicious food, but it’s a hobby to look back. The blood is like fog, and his eyes shine strangely in an instant. He took the Song of the Grass and turned to the sun to look up.
Qin Dingfang, when they saw this situation, they really didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. The terrorist who killed them and ran for their lives was cheated by Su Jiner.
They all fled at this moment.
Su Jiner is also desperate to escape and shout.
"Hero, I want to see a tea kung fu!"
Looking back, I watched a tea meal carefully, but I didn’t want to see anything. Instead, everyone fled and disappeared. He was so angry that he picked up the copybook and made a roar.
"It’s all hateful! I’m going to find you all. I’m going to cut you all apart! Feed the dog, feed the wolf and feed the tiger! "
His voice is like thunder rolling in the mountains, which makes those who flee in the mountains shudder and wish to put their wings and get out of this "looking mountain"
Chapter 14 Osmanthus fragrans tears
At this time, Qin Guangfa called for hope to return.
I fainted when I looked back, and Xiao Liyan returned.
At this time, the female in Tsing Yi was crying beside Qin Guang holding the dead dog. Her name was Mu Yishuang.
It’s very important for the flower dog to come back. He threw Xiao Liyan to the ground and shouted in pain.
"Flowers … flowers, you can’t die! Who will play for me when you die? Who’s playing with me? Who killed the flower? I’ll cut him to pieces. I’ll kill him! I want to kill … "
Looking back, he was excited and furious. He saw Qin Guang with a knife around him. Lin Yi was a stranger and a bloody knife, and he couldn’t help but hit Lin Yi.
He moves too fast, and it is impossible for Lin Yi to avoid this palm. Qin Guang wants to speak out to stop Lin Yi from being too late. This stone sparks and hopes to return, and his mind bursts with a choice whether to accept the palm or not. As a result, he did not accept this palm and hit Qin Guang’s back. Qin Guang immediately sprayed Lin Yi with blood in his mouth. The whole person was soft and prone to Lin Yi.
Lin Yi hold Qin Guang constantly call.
"Three yes … three yes you wake up …"
This mutation made MuYi double frightened to disgrace. She put the "flower" corpse in her arms and jumped up to block the return and cried
"Looking back, even if you are possessed, how can you be so cruel to the master! You are a hopeless demon. You can kill me! "
Looking back, look at his palm and then at Qin Guang, who doesn’t know how to live or die. He talks to himself with a disturbing and crazy look.
"The monk is dead? The good monk is dead. God, who can care about me? Double girl, didn’t you let me kill you? I’ll kill you, too. "
Say unexpectedly raised his hand.
"Stop it! Looking back, don’t you have to make mistakes! "
Suddenly, Qin Guang made a harsh but weak sound, and it was a miracle that Qin Guang was seriously injured and expected to return.
Looking back, he was in a trance. He said, "Monk, you asked me to kill and now you blame me …"
Qin Guanglinyi helped hard to turn around. He was now pale and bleeding at the corners of his mouth.
"I told you to kill the murderer Mu Yishuang and he must not kill you. Now I swear to God that I will never hurt them. If you break your oath, your body and mind will never go to hell!"
Hope to come back and see that Qin Guang is not dead. Convergence is much calmer.
He swore a poison oath according to Qin Guang’s words, and then he went to the side of the dead dog’s body and gently stroked its body and face, and the violent gas in his eyes disappeared. Who can believe that a man who was bloodthirsty and murderous just now is so gentle in the face of a dead dog?
Mu Yishuang hurried to Qin Guang’s side to see that Qin Guang was so badly injured that he was at a loss.
Looked at Lin Yi Qin Guang.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Third Master, I’m Big Head Lin of Beifu. My name is Lin Yi."
Qin Guang is no stranger to Big Head Lin. In those days, his house had a good impression on the honest and conscientious hostler. I didn’t expect that Lin Yi turned out to be Big Head Lin. When he left the house, his eldest brother told him that he would let the Qin family blood come to see him one day and agreed on the code word "Jun asked if he would return home before the due date". Did it turn out that it was Ma Guaner? Qin Guang overflow up a wry smile.
But what he thinks of Lin Yi is like Qin family!
Qin Guang’s eyes have gradually dissipated at the moment.
Mu Yishuang cried and said, "Master, how can I save you? !”
Qin Guang said to Mu Yishuang in a very weak voice, "Shuangwench … I will be able to save my life soon … I know that I will teach you as soon as possible … you must remember that there are still a few years to go, and you must never give up halfway …"
Mu Yishuang cried with tears and said, "I remember it all."
Qin Guang attached to her ear, two people heard the sound saying, "Keep looking back and being trapped … You must never let it out easily. Give him medicine according to the formula I taught you every day …"
Muyi nodded his head, and he was sobbing.
Seeing this situation, Lin Yi is also heartbroken and sad. Third Master will die. This is all to save him. Lin Yi’s tears are also falling.
Qin Guang said to Lin Yi again, "Everyone wants to win the Snow Sword, but the sword can be given to the Qin family … although you are a mansion … middleman, but since my eldest brother … asked you to find me, it must be meaningful to tell you something. If you can find the white ice behind the binocular bead curtain in the mountains, it is an act of god … if you don’t break the Snow Sword, you are doomed to not belong to your physical name …"
"And" finally, after Qin Dynasty, the speaker seemed to be very excited. "Did my eldest brother arrive before he died … Forgive me and my second brother …"
Lin Yi heard a shock in my heart. Didn’t anyone know what happened to the three brothers of Qin family? When the uncle died, he didn’t care about it. But Qin Guang was about to die. Lin Yi couldn’t bear to let him die with pain and regret
Lin Yi said to Qin Guang, "Uncle San Ye told me at that time that blood is thicker than water, and we will always be brothers, and there will be no enmity forever."

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