Wang Shu turned to look at the technical team and asked, "Is the signal still clear?"

"Clear" A technician nodded and replied, "Captain Qin is about ten kilometers away from us at present, and the signal source is very strong."
"Well" Wang Department nodded his head.
At the same time
Two black cars drove into the joint defense garrison office compound and stopped at the door of a dark warehouse.
After the car stalled for less than ten minutes, several uniformed defense personnel led a man to meet him at the warehouse gate.
After the first car door was opened, the co-pilot smiled and rushed to the defense personnel and held out his palm. "Trouble."
After a while, two cars pulled the man handed over by the defense personnel and quickly left.
Off-site off-road vehicle
"Didi Lingling! !”
Shortness of words rang Qin Yu immediately connected to the phone "hello? !”
"Money car?" Wu tianyin sound qi
""Qin Yu nodded "We are out"
"You run along the road three kilometers ahead and wait for my words!" Wu Tianyin hangs up the phone by throwing a sentence.
"What did he say?" Through the war at Qin Yu asked
"Let’s go on for three kilometers," Qin Yu replied with a frown.
"This is to see if there is anyone behind us." Li Zhan frowned. "I think you should talk to him about the terms."
Qin Yu turned his head and took a look at Li Zhan. "Now is not the time to talk more and do what he says first!"
Through the war nodded and didn’t say anything.
"Go on!" Qin Yu commanded 1
At the moment, the off-road vehicle has entered the deep part of the planned area, and the visibility around it is very low. There are no headlights on both sides of the road, and the road is slippery and difficult to walk. It took more than ten minutes for this three-kilometer road to check.
After the car stopped by the roadside, Qin Yu turned his head and looked around with the headlights. The mountains on the right side fluctuated and the snow on the left side looked around without even a ghost.
"Mom, the kidnappers in this broken place didn’t have a chance to resist if they wanted to commit some evil intentions." Ding Guozhen scolded his forehead with sweat.
"Ha-ha, calm down." After the war, I gently advised, "We have no enmity with them. It is unnecessary for people to send money back to them."
Ding Guozhen sparkling eyes didn’t say anything.
"Didi Lingling!"
The bell rang again.
"hello? !” Qin Yu connected his mobile phone.
"Look to the right and don’t see a path!" Wu tianyin asked
Qin Yu turned to look outside. "I can’t see clearly the light snow outside."
"Why is there no one in the sergeant? Send a blind man to pay?" Wu Tianyin asked with a smile.
Qin Yuwen frowned.
"I’m sure I can’t see you with something behind you," Wu Tianyin said bluntly. "Follow my route and don’t play with flowers."
"Brother, our car has come out so far. Are you also missing some sincerity?" Qin Yu asked
Wu tianyin was silent for about two seconds and suddenly shouted, "come and say a few words!" "
"Help me, help me!" Bruna sound qi
"There’s another one."
"Me, me!" The golden rain stopped ringing.
"Take the path and walk three kilometers to the right!" Wu Tianyin hangs up the phone by throwing a sentence.
Qin Yu was silent for a long time by car and immediately urged, "A fierce car takes a fork in the road!"
Cha Meng drove the car again and smoothed the path on the right.
At the moment, the off-road vehicle is some distance away from the Songjiang Estuary, and the radiation range of the walkie-talkie has long failed. Qin Yu can’t hold the mobile phone and shout "Call the command center!"
"Go ahead if you receive it!"
"Kidnappers are likely to let us into the mountains." Qin Yu looked up and frowned at the mountains on the right and said, "We are ready to approach!"
"Agree to Zhu An!" The speaker replied softly, "The signal is good. Keep talking!"
Qin Yu put the phone down and took out a cigarette from her pocket and took a bite.
In the back seat of the car, the right arm is on the left arm, and the fingers are uneasy. Gently blunt Qin Yu and say, "There is no way for the helicopter to support us, so there is no bargaining chip in the past."
"I know," Qin Yu looked back at each other. "Do you think this distance telescope can see us?"
"From where?" Historical war question
"The kidnappers must have left someone to see our car." Qin Yu pointed to the nearby mountains and said, "I am afraid that I have entered their sight and have been stared."
Li Zhan looked up at the mountain not far away. "I don’t think I can see this visibility with a telescope!"
Qin Yu licked his lips and suddenly shouted "Stop!"
"Huh?" Cha Meng hui tou
"Stop!" Qin Yu twist a head glanced at the surrounding situation shouted again.
Through war eyes staring at Qin Yu didn’t say anything.
The brakes sounded.
Ten minutes later.
The off-road vehicle drove to the foot of the mountain and saw a small wooden house.
"Didi Lingling!"
The bell rings.

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